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  1. VoiceDrop

  2. Maintain personal contact with high profile clients • An effective productivity tool for making outbound calls to deliver personalised information to important clients • Especially where calls end up in the client’s voicemail • Enables each user to make calls significantly quicker • Enables many more calls to be made in a shorter period of time • Reduced time to market

  3. PSTN VoiceDrop Schematic Diagram External Recipient PABX DPNSS DPNSS DPNSS DPNSS User Extn. VoiceDrop Client Telephony Server 90 Channels Telephony Server 90 Channels Telephony Server 60 Channels Telephony Server 90 Channels VoiceDrop Server Local Area Network

  4. VoiceDrop Benefits Clients • Regular personalised updates • Consistent, quality message delivery User and Company • Time-saving & increased efficiency • Preservation of personal client contact • Open integration to CRM packages • ROI measured in weeks

  5. Feature Summary • User pre-records a series of messages at start of day • User click dials their daily client list • On detection of voicemail, user gives a personalised introduction then initiates the selected recording message • User drops out of the call and dials the next client • Server seamlessly delivers the message to the client

  6. VoiceDrop – What the User Can Do

  7. Logging into VoiceDrop Client The Contact number is the number that VoiceDrop will use to call you. It can be an internal extension number or, if you are working remotely, an external number such as your home or mobile. 1. Double click on the VoiceDrop icon. • You will be presented with the Login screen 2.Enter your Login Name, Password and Contact Number

  8. Logging into VoiceDrop Client Each message is shown along with an indication of its ‘recorded’ status, textual description and duration. Click on OK and you will be presented with the Outgoing Messages screen. This view displays the status of your 10 Outgoing Messages in the upper pane.

  9. Recording your Message VoiceDrop will call you using your Contact number that you entered when you logged in. A short message will play giving the options to record your message, leave the existing message unchanged or forward to the end of an existing recording - Make your recording, then, with the recording selected, click on Description to add a description to your recorded message. Click on an existing recording if you wish to record over it, or click on a <Not recorded> slot. Then click on the Record button.

  10. Calling the Contact Click on your chosen contact then click on the Call Contact button VoiceDrop will call you. As soon as you pickup, you will hear a prompt advising you that VoiceDrop is connecting you to this contact. You will then hear ringing tone.

  11. Leave your Personal Greeting and drop your recorded Message You will hear a prompt advising you that VoiceDrop is playing your message. You can now hang-up and start your next call. The bottom of the Outgoing Messages window will show you the progress of the playback. Ensure you have the correct message highlighted from the Outgoing Messages window. If you receive the Contact’s Voicemail, you can choose to click on the Drop Message button at any point after their greeting.

  12. Audit Trail Click on Audit for Today to view your list of activities. Typical entries will include logging in, logging out, recording outgoing messages, making calls and playing messages to your clients. Primarily You should use this view to check that all your messages were played back successfully.

  13. Audit Trail

  14. VoiceBlast

  15. VoiceBlast • Provide high profile clients with up-to-date invaluable information • Enables the user to quickly distribute recorded messages to selected groups of people • Immediate delivery at a selected date and time • Provides an audit trail, detailing the result of every call made, which is automatically emailed to the user

  16. VoiceBlast Benefits For the Company • Works across different time zones • Multiple language support • Comprehensive activity reports • In-house solution provides enhanced security and reduced call costs For the User • Prioritised voicemail delivery • Allows users to pre-select time and date of message delivery • Notification of message delivery • Makes contact by office extension and mobile telephone • Available 24x7

  17. VoiceBlast • Maintain key contacts • Provide high profile clients with up-to-date invaluable information • Contacts high profile clients to provide the latest information on market trading, price and alerts • Records and delivers messages individually or to large or small groups

  18. VoiceBoard

  19. VoiceBoard • Voice bulletin board for key staff and customers • Allows users to deposit recordings • Other users can call in to the system and listen to available information on selected topics

  20. VoiceBoard Benefits • Latest information available • Clients can access information of interest • Users dial into the IVR menu via an optional secure password & PIN to listen to pre-recorded messages • Works across different time zones • Provides a comprehensive information log and audit trail

  21. VoiceBoard • Voice bulletin board for key staff and customers • A record of important/useful information made available to staff/clients • Keeps staff up-to-date with useful snippets and briefings • Records information from multiple sources and makes it available for clients to retrieve on demand: • Press releases, morning conferences, daily shout briefings, equity research conferences, analyst updates, hoot ‘n’ holler broadcast • Captures recordings & stores them in a centralised archive e.g. to be vetted, edited and trimmed or categorised and published

  22. Summary • VoiceDrop • A productivity tool allowing controlled message leaving for individual calls • VoiceBlast • A productivity tool providing the ability to send a targeted message to many recipients simultaneously • VoiceBoard • A voice ‘bulletin-board” – proving telephone access to edited and compliance-checked recordings