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Richard Mkandawire

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Richard Mkandawire
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Richard Mkandawire

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  1. The NEPAD Agriculture UnitBriefing Note35th NEPAD Steering Committee Meeting21st to 23rd August, 2008; Midrand, South Africa Richard Mkandawire

  2. Introduction Key highlights  Coordinating responses to rising food prices  The ‘CAADP Multi-Donor Trust Fund’  The 5th Anniversary of CAADP  Early Actions: (i) Scaling up CA adoptions (ii) SLM GEF financing

  3. Key Highlights - 1 AU/NEPAD support to countries on responding to rising food prices 1. High prices provide challenges and opportunities for CAADP 2. Overwhelming global response - AU/NEPAD and development partners (DPs) have mobilised financing (Short and long term) 3. Collective agreementto align responses to the CAADP framework ( May 2008 AU/NEPAD workshop)

  4. Key Highlights – Rising Food Prices … NEPAD is coordinating multi-partner Support to countries and RECs: Mobilise expertise to support country programme preparation • Ensure quality and alignment to CAADP and national priorities • Facilitating RECs to engage to strengthen political ownership Deepen bilateral & multilateral support and coordination within countries in alignment with CAADP agenda Facilitation of quality assurance of entire process including alignment of emergency responses to CAADP and country development Goals Brokering and leveraging additional financing and expertise Missions undertaken/lined up for: Kenya, Gambia, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia

  5. Key Highlights – Rising Food Prices … Examples of Options/Interventions identified …. • Short Term • Humanitarian assistance for the most vulnerable • Subsidised inputs, e.g. Seed and fertilizer • Cash and food based safety nets e.g., cash or food for work • Assisting livestock keepers with restocking and feed • Medium-long term • Investing in sustainable soil and water management measures • Irrigation expansion • Promotion of regional markets • Policy reforms creating enabling environment for enhanced investment in agriculture

  6. Key Highlights – Rising Food Prices … WFP (US 530 Million) Resource mobilization World Bank (US 1.2 Billion) Others AfDB (US 733Mn, 2.2 Bn) FAO (US 17 Million)

  7. Key Highlights – Rising Food Prices … • Resource mobilization • Bilateral development partners • US, UK, Norway, Japan and France contributing a sum of US$200 millionin humanitarian assistance for Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Somalia, Mauritania, Uganda, and Sudan

  8. Key Highlights – Rising Food Prices … • The Steering Committee is called upon to note that: • The rising food prices present challenges and opportunities calling for enhanced agriculture productivity - Aligning with the NEPAD CAADP framework will ensure that responses to the rising food prices take into account the CAADP growth agenda - Increased Investment in agriculture is more needed now than ever before! We call upon the NEPAD SC to support even further inter-sectoral collaboration as e.g. Energy, Infrastructure, Governance etc…

  9. Key Highlights - 2 CAADP Multi-Donor Trust Fund • AU/NEPAD have in consultation with DPs facilitated the set-up a CAADP Trust Fund to help finance CAADP implementation • The Fund will: • Strengthen alignment and harmonization in development assistance along an African agenda - the CAADP • Target specific gaps in CAADP financing-e.g. project preparation, mobilization of expertise, south to south learning , etc • Facilitate partnerships and coalition building & peer review at national and RECs level. • Complement and leverage additional resources for investment in support of CAADP • at the REC and country levels

  10. CAADP Trust Fund • The Fund with an initial commitment of US$50 million will be launched in October 2008 • Governance of the Fund • The Fund will be governed by a small oversight committee comprised of reps from the: the AU, World Bank, partners contributing to the fund and reps from the African CAADP Centres of Excellence • NEPAD/AU will provide the overall leadership

  11. CAADP Partnership Platform Donor Advisory Committee • MDTF Steering Committee • Six members ( • NEPAD as secretariat World Bank TTL NEPAD Executing / recipient Agencies AUC NEPAD Secretariat Pillar Institutions Others RECs Countries and Regional Institutions involved in CAADP implementation embracing and building capacities for “the business unusual” characteristics (i.e. CAADP principles and values) in pursuing increased and sustainable agriculture development CAADP Trust Fund - Governance

  12. Key Highlight - 3 The 5th CAADP Anniversary • African leaders endorsed CAADP in 2003 - achieving at least 10% target budget exp by 2008 • Need to take-stock and build on the achievements and experiences - attainment of 10% target - embracing the NEPAD-CAADP principles and values (partnerships, ownership, governance etc) • Commission a review process

  13. 5th Anniversary of CAADP • Objectives of the review • Review of the performance of CAADP after 5 years to assess key milestones • To define way forward in broadening Global and African support to enhancing agricultural growth • To recognise the shortfalls and achievements accomplished by African Governments stimulating agricultural growth • The review will be presented at a high level Forum in October which is intended to mark the 5th Anniversary of CAADP • A major focus of the Forum will be on stimulating the establishment of a Public-Private Partnership platform to advance agri-business

  14. 5th Anniversary of CAADP • Steering Committee is requested to note that: • 2008is the 5th Anniversary of CAADP • Join the high-level event expected to take place in October / November, 2008 • Proactively follow-up with national governments on commitments made in 2003 in Maputo onaccelerating agricultural growth and food security in Africa, including commitments towards increasing national agricultural expenditures • The Time for CAADP is now!

  15. THANK YOU!Richard Mkandawireemail: richardM@nepad.orgTel: +27 11 313 3338