american red cross nurse assistant training n.
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American Red Cross CNA Training PowerPoint Presentation
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American Red Cross CNA Training

American Red Cross CNA Training

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American Red Cross CNA Training

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  1. American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training Skills and Requirements by Kacie Knyvett

  2. Why Red Cross? Most popular and trusted social organization in healthcare sector Believes in pure service and strive to give the best care Sole aim is - offer training to people so that they can serve the residents in better possible ways Excellent and comprehensive training course Red cross CNA classes are offered at many chapters countrywide Higher employment rate

  3. You Learned.. The Art of Caregiving Working in Long-Term Care Protecting People’s Rights Understanding People Communicating with People The Language of Caregiving Controlling the Spread of Germs Keeping People Safe Measuring Life Signs Positioning and Transferring People Providing Care for the Person’s Surroundings Assisting People with Personal Care

  4. You Learned..(cont.) Admitting, Transferring and Discharging Healthful Eating Elimination Providing Restorative Care to Help with Rehabilitation Providing Care for People with Specific Illnesses Providing Care for People with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis Providing Care for People Who Have Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Providing End-of-Life Care Life Skills Training Managing Your Time

  5. Pre-requirements Minimum 18 years old Should not have any felony convictions within last 7 years Should not have any communicable diseases Female students can't be pregnant

  6. Requirements to be Succeed Have to be very punctual Cannot miss more than six hours of courses Have to fully take part in classroom and skill sessions Have to perform well in knowledge evaluations Need to score 80% or higher in final test

  7. Cost and Reference The cost for entire Red Cross CNA course is between $700 to $2000 which is varies with your choice of location These programs teach you the way to provide quality care to patients You can get more at