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Healing Crystal Moonstone Meaning and Uses

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Healing Crystal Moonstone Meaning and Uses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Healing Crystal Moonstone Meaning and Uses - Moonstone opens the heart to nurturing qualities as well as assisting in the acceptance of love.

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Meaning and uses of


Moonstones; the psychic stones


Best known as the psychic's gemstone, moonstones go far beyond just improving psychic abilities. A type of feldspar, the most common variety of moonstone is usually a dreamy, milky sort of white. 


You can find other forms in a wide range of colors including black, blue, yellow, rose pink and even a mixture of colors, but white is the predominate color and is what people tend to mean when they speak of moonstones.


The main characteristic that makes them such a popular choice is the luminous sheen that flashes through the stones. Known as the schiller effect, the colors of light that dance through the stone can be white, pink, yellow or blue. The colors are similar to those seen within opals and make you think of the moon reflecting off glass.


The most commonly known Moonstone meaning is that it is perhaps the strongest gemstone available to help bring out psychic abilities. I have heard stories of someone touching a stone for the first time and having instant visions that change their lives.


Moonstones help to heighten your intuition and increase your ability to perceive the minute energy fluxes that happen around us on a constant basis and are perfect for anyone that uses any form of divining tool like Tarot Cards, Scrying Mirror, Crystal Ball or Rune Stones.


Another popular Moonstone meaning is that it helps in wish fulfillment. This tends to work best on things that are needed versus things that are just wanted. Too often we want things that really are not good for us and moonstones help us understand why we should not have what we want.


Hold a moonstone in your right hand and breathe upon the stone the wish you need fulfilled. Then leave the stone outside on the night of the full moon so it can communicate directly with the moon in all her glory. Leave the stone there until the next full moon. Whisper your wish out your window each night until the next full moon when you will bring the gemstone inside and keep it near you so your wish will come true.


Moonstone jewelry, especially rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are sought after by Pagan peoples to wear during psychic or tarot card readings. All types of jewelry make great gifts for anyone who works as a psychic or would like to increase their abilities.

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