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Crystal Healing Guide – Kabeeragate

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Crystal Healing Guide – Kabeeragate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A crystal\'s appearance depends upon the natural characteristics of its type and the conditions in which it grows

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Amazonite is a peaceful blue-green stone with gentle white lines. It is a stone of female strength, named after the mythical Amazon warrior women.

Use amazonite to encourage cleanliness in your home or when you need a sudden burst of luck.

Amazonite is useful for working women who are facing difficulty and prejudice because of their gender, and to reduce stress while multi-tasking.

This stone is useful when you need help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Amethyst is a form of quartz crystal, made purple by manganese being present during its formation.

Amethyst is one of the most popular healing stones. Its purple color uses the combined powers of red and blue, warm and cool, for extremely effective healing.

Amethyst is also a stone of faithful love. It was often exchanged between lovers to strengthen a relationship and is the stone of Saint Valentine.


Angelite is a gentle light blue stone filled with heavenly power.

It brings angelic connection and protection. This stone helps in communicating with guardian angels and brings their gentle and non-aggressive protection to all areas of your life.

It is a helpful stone for those who must be diplomatic as it helps with finding the right words to say at the right time.

Angelite is particularly comforting for those with chronic or terminal illness. It reminds those in times of need that there is always someone there for them.


Aquamarine brings the sea’s positive energies into your life.

It is a protective stone for all those who work in and around water and for travelers.

Aquamarine brings justice and harmony for as long as the waters of the earth flow. It brings quiet courage and deflects pettiness and undue complaints.

Aquamarine calms those who are perpetually angry or who suffer from mood swings or panic attacks.


Aventurine is a green stone that is filled with nature’s power.

Aventurine is a helpful stone for those who spend much of their day on the computer. It is helpful for children and adults who write and are learning computer skills.

It focuses the energy of Mother Earth for increased fertility, relief from depression, and ease of anxiety.

It is also a stone of good luck, particularly in gambling and is especially effective when combined with amazonite.


Axinite is a brown, black, and bronze stone with a hypnotic texture.

It is the stone of friendship and therefore good to have around when you’ve moved someplace new and need to meet new people. It also helps to build up trust in new relationships, whether they be friendly, romantic, or professional.

Use axinite to heighten your psychic abilities and explore the astral realms. It brings ancient wisdom to those who seek it.

banded agate
Banded Agate

Banded agate derives its name from the multicolored bands that manifest on it.

Agates are powerful protective stones and bring one closer to the earth.

Banded agates ground those who have two commitments and have trouble juggling them.

They also guard against materialistic and greedy feelings.

black onyx
Black Onyx

Black onyx is a powerful protective stone that works by absorbing negative energies.

It is useful for teenagers to deter undesirable influences and protects against those who play mind games.

Black onyx, when kept around regularly, will increase one’s positive outlook on life, thereby increasing energy levels and will to succeed.

black tourmaline
Black tourmaline

A popular protective stone, black tourmaline works by deflecting negative energy away from its keeper.

It is a useful stone to give children who are afraid of the dark or monsters.

Black tourmaline is useful for realigning the chakras and is powerful for grounding.

It is an excellent stone for those who have their head in the clouds too often or are feeling dissociated.


Bloodstone is also called heliotrope, which means the turning of the sun. It is a stone of the sun and is believed to transfer the sun’s energies towards healing.

Bloodstone eases misunderstandings and is helpful in parenting issues.

It removes toxicity from ones life and is useful for children or teenagers who are being bullied. Bloodstone also detoxes the body and helps with diets.

It is a useful stone for any blood related injury or disorder.

blue chalcedony
Blue chalcedony

Blue chalcedony is an excellent calming stone for meditation.

It soothes the overactive mind and encourages introspection and introversion.

Blue chalcedony is excellent for keeping the peace and encouraging stillness in hectic environments.

This stone is useful to bring when you must go into chaotic situations such as a stressful commute, a music festival, or shopping with children.

blue lace agate
Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate is a stone of communication and gentleness. It is useful for those who have trouble articulating their emotional needs.

It relieves soreness of the throat and muscles, and relieves swelling.

It also lowers the volume of loud children, yelling relatives, howling dogs, and screeching cats.

botswana agate
Botswana agate

Botswana agate is also known as the sunset stone because of its color. It captures the energies of the setting sun and brings closure, fertility, or warmth to its holder.

It can ease feelings of loneliness, and is useful to have if you are looking for a like-minded romantic partner.

It is a good stone for sensitive people to have and can ease the pain of teasing for teenagers.

It protects against fire and is an excellent stone to use when trying to quit smoking.


Carnelian is a beautiful red or orange stone that often has inclusions of tourmaline.

It is the stone of creatives, as it protects from injury related to building or tools, and enhances creative energy.

Carnelian also increases self-worth and confidence and is useful for shy individuals or those dreading giving a speech or performing.

cat s eye

Cat’s eye is a protective stone against the evil eye and can also be used to determine the motives of others. If you need a little extra push to stand up to friends that pressure you, this is the stone to have.

It is a stone of independence and resourcefulness.

Cat’s eye also said to attract wealth in its many forms.


Citrine is an excellent crystal for those just getting interested in crystals.

It is a bringer of good luck and prosperity and has several health benefits. These include relief from skin problems, allergies, chemical imbalance, and nausea.

It protects against negativity and those who would break your heart, and brings sunshine and happiness into your life.

clear quartz
Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a powerful, energetic stone full of possibilities.

It holds a vast amount of benefits for the body and mind, bringing clarity, energy, healing, pain relief, and was once considered a holder of life itself.

Use clear quartz to further amplify the power in your life and to send you soaring towards your goals.

It is also an excellent success-attracting charm.


Emeralds are the stones of Egypt’s fertile Nile River.

They are a symbol of eternal life and love.

Keeping an emerald hidden near your heart will bring love, and it is said that speaking the name of a lost love to an emerald will bring them back to you.

It is a stone of achievement and is excellent to keep on a desk or in an office.

fancy jasper
Fancy jasper

Jasper is considered a stone of sexual energy in many cultures. It is also considered a warrior’s stone.

In India, jasper is thought to have powerful healing abilities.

Jasper is one of the traditional biblical stones and is mentioned many times in its pages.

Jasper helps to balance the body’s energies and relieve emotional stress.


Garnet is a traditional protective stone from the middle ages, often worn by those going to battle.

Garnet helps you to let go of bottled up anger and sends it safely out of your energy field.

It brings enduring passion, whether for a hobby, person, or cause.

For healing purposes, garnet is useful for blood-related ailments and organs. It also boosts immunity.

green moss agate
Green moss agate

Green moss agate is an excellent stone for those living in cities and that are feeling out of touch with nature.

It is a commonly used charm for gardeners to bring fertility and health to their gardens.

It is also a helpful stone to have around when doing complicated mathematics or paperwork related to finances.

It is said to bring new friendships with like-minded people, and can call new or lost loves to you.


Hematite is a magnetic stone that will draw success towards you and absorb negativity.

It shows red when powdered or scratched against a hard surface, and represented the blood of Mother Earth to ancient cultures.

It is said to help with ailments relating to the blood and can be a pain reliever.

This stone gives its user quiet strength and the ability to not give in to pressure.


Kyanite is a stone of memory and focus. It can be used to recall small details. If you feel lost in life, or like you aren’t on the right track, kyanite can reorient you.

It is said that kyanite also helps with bone, cell, and tissue regeneration.

It brings tranquility for those who are dealing with excessive amounts of guilt or are unnecessarily beating themselves up over something.

leopardskin jasper
Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin jasper is an intricately patterned stone with gentle healing energies.

This stone is helpful in re-harmonizing the internal self and deflecting chaos from outside.

Leopardskin jasper is particularly adept at detecting the kinds of energies needed in its holder’s life and bringing those energies as needed.

Wear this stone as a bracelet or necklace to help with problem skin.

milky quartz
Milky qUARTZ

Milky quartz gets its pure white color from microscopic gas or liquid bubbles trapped within in during its formation. It is a stone closely related to winter and snow.

It has similar energizing and manifesting properties to quartz, but slower-acting and longer lasting.

It is useful for healing related to bones and for feminine energy enhancement.

Use this crystal to help tackle unpleasant but unavoidable tasks. Like winter, these are inevitable but like spring, relief and completion will come soon.


Moonstone is the soothing stone of night. It is useful for those who have trouble sleeping or deal with nightmares.

This stone draws down the moon’s power to bring balance and is considered the ultimate fertility stone.

Like a mother, moonstone helps its user to gracefully and kindly but firmly solve problems.

rainbow moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is a crystal that is particularly in sync with all that is feminine.

It assists with emotional healing by combining the gentle energy of the moon with the optimistic beauty of the rainbow.

Rainbow moonstone also enhances lucid dreaming when placed under a pillow.

red goldstone

Red goldstone is a man-made stone that is made up of quartz glass and particles of copper, gypsum, and feldspar. Because of this, goldstone is a power stone that combines many different properties.

Use goldstone to reorient you, either literally while traveling or when lost, or when you are feeling lost in life and need to find direction.

This stone brings positive self-esteem and increases self-worth and helps us to appreciate the many wonders of the world.

red jasper
RED Jasper

Red jasper is a helpful stone for those dealing with bullying because it gives its holder quiet strength and emotional stability.

It is also traditionally a stone of courage and is useful for those involved in competitive fields.

Red jasper also stimulates passion and can be exchanged between lovers.

This is a perfect lucky stone for all of those involved in film, theater, and other dramatic fields.


Rhodonite is a useful stone for balancing masculine and feminine energies. In FengShui, it is used to balance yin and yang in the home.

Rhodonite is a healing stone as it restores balance to the body.

This stone is especially helpful after a breakup as it gently encourages self-love and valuing ones own company.

rose quartz

Rose quartz is the love stone.

It encourages love in all its forms- self-love, love for everyone around you, a loving aura, or attracting romance.

Rose quartz is also a calming stone and is useful for jumpy individuals or those who are particularly fearful.

Rose quartz is also a gentle reminder to take care of yourself in stressful times.

rutilated quartz
Rutilated QUARTZ

Rutilated quartz is a beautiful stone with golden strands that were once called angel hair but are actually oxide crystal needles.

It is a useful stone when trying to communicate with angels.

It is one of the best stones for bringing out hidden talent and is great for keeping on a desk to get you noticed at work.

Rutilated quartz encourages those who use it to remain positive and is good to hold onto during a long job search.


Like the snake shedding its skin, serpentine encourages growth and change for the better.

It is a stone for starting over after things have gone sour or grown stagnant.

It is also considered a protective amulet for health.

Serpentine also increases self-confidence and helps its user trust their own judgment.

smoky quartz
Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a traditional good luck charm. It is also used to ward off evil.

It reduces stress and anger, and is good to keep around when working a chaotic job that requires diplomacy.

Smoky quartz is good for those who have trouble with every day life- it reminds us that there is still life to be lived and that it is worth it to carry on.

When dealing with tragic situations, smoky quartz can be used to absorb sorrows.

snowflake obsidian
Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian is a stone of bringing together opposites- it represents fire and ice through the volcanic obsidian and snowflake inclusions.

It will bring unity and grounding and is excellent for releasing pent up aggression or anger.

It is said to be good for the strengthening of bones.


Sodalite balances the powers of the mind and emotions and is a good stone to encourage level-headedness.

Its balancing properties make it a good stone for writers, either for bringing luck or for maximizing positive output influenced by both mind and heart.

The serenity sodalite brings makes it a good stone for those who have trouble sleeping.

tiger s eye
Tiger’s eYE

Tiger’s eye is a bringer of courage, strength, and mystery.

It is a protective stone that reflects back the negative energy sent towards its holder.

It is helpful for overcoming fear of performing and as such is useful for shy people who are in higher-up positions in the workplace.

Tiger’s eye increases willpower and the desire to succeed, making it an excellent stone for bringing prosperity through many channels.


Unakite is the stone of working towards a better tomorrow.

It helps in making responsible decisions and is useful when trying to choose between many different options.

It can aid in conception and fertility, and can help new parents bond with a child.

In healing, unakite can relieve the source of a problem rather than the symptom, even when the source is unknown.


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