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How to stitch kurtis at home

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How to stitch kurtis at home

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  1. Introduction There are many types of outfits for girls but one outfit which can be find in any girl’s wardrobe is Kurti. The reasons behind this are that Kurti is suitable for any type of occasion and there are a wide range of Kurtis like formal Kurtis, long cotton Kurtis etc. Therefore, many girls would like to learn stitching then follow the simple steps in PPT and learn the process of stitching a Kurtis.

  2. Cloth material • Scissors • Marking chalk • Inch tape • Newspaper

  3. Length of Kurti • Circumference- Waist, bust, armhole • Length- slit, neckline, shoulder bust • Width- shoulder, neckline

  4. Stitching a unstitched kurtior semi-stitched kurti is very simple you just need to follow some easy steps. The steps are so simple that you can also try this with a few skills.

  5. STEP-1 Use the final measurements and create a demo kurti pattern on a newspaper, first with the chalk and then cut it with the scissor. Double fold the newspaper (and so does the material) and then cut it. This way, half of the kurti from one side will be folded and the cutting of the newspaper and the fabric will be acute. Do it the same for the back side. This is shown in the figure.

  6. STEP-2 Now keep your fabric on a table or elsewhere, but keep it neatly. Double fold the fabric and put the newspaper cutting on it. Now draw an outline with chalk and cut it through the outline with the scissor.

  7. STEP-3 If you are making a kurti with sleeves, then you need to take measurement of and cut the sleeves. For sleeves, you need the measurement of the circumference of the upper arm, lower arm and the wrist, according to your preference. Make the arms on the newspaper first and then on the fabric as you have done for the kurti.

  8. STEP-4 Now come to the neckline. Take the first paper on which you have drawn the front side of the kurti and mark the neckline on that paper using the measurements that you have taken for the neckline. Make sure you have taken the measurements that include the allowances for folding. Now use the paper cutting and cut the fabric of front side of kurti. If you are a beginner, then draw simple necklines like square neckline.

  9. STEP-5 Once you have given the neckline for the front side, you need to draw the back neck as well. Bring the back side paper cutting of the kurti and draw back neckline with its help and then follow the above procedure.

  10. STEP-6 Now you have both the sides of the kurti ready with you. Now comes the stitching time. Take both the sides in hand and stitch it through the shoulder first. Join both the shoulders from the reverse side. Now take a strip of cloth that is about the same length that of the back neckline. Stitch this stripe on the back neckline of the kurti.

  11. STEP-7 Then start sewing the shoulder from left to right. Now line up the bias edge with the shoulder before the neckline starts and sew it down. Then rotate the strip so that it is lined with the neckline and sew it on. At the end of the neckline rotate the fabric at 30 degrees and sew the new bias along the shoulder. Make sure that you have done the double stitching for the durability.

  12. STEP-8 Now fold the slits and give the finishing touch to your long cotton kurti. Your kurti is ready now and also you have learnt the stitching of kurti at home. Hope you have had a good experience and that the kurti that you have made is fabulous.

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