islamic dresses modesty or cruelty n.
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styles of Evening Dresses PowerPoint Presentation
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styles of Evening Dresses

styles of Evening Dresses

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styles of Evening Dresses

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  1. Islamic Dresses-Modesty Or Cruelty

  2. Muslims have no good reputation and image because of their fundamentalist and extremist behavior. Same kind of attitude they show about dressing and other related stuffs. So a lot of people are tired and sick of Islamic society values and tradition because they think that these are Islamic stuffs but Arabic rules and laws of living. That is why western people are not ready to accept Islamic values especially their typical dresses those kill a person’s beauty and Things are really different in these two societies so we can never compare them in anyway because huge differences. You can never change their rites and values but can bend them but they do not it themselves so when you talk with them about the topic. No one is ready to hear anything against Islamic value because they think that this thing will make God angry so He will punish them. Muslim people are not ready to accept opinions and suggestions of western people because think that they want to ruin and destroy their religion values. But truth is truth so no one can neglect and they need to accept it otherwise it will be wrong for entire world.

  3. Muslims women and girls are really sick and tired of Islamic traditions and values because it bounds them to not show their beauty and attractiveness. It is sin in Islam to seduce a person with whom you have no official relationship. That means that a man can not seduce a woman who is not his official wife and same like this a woman can not seduce another man who is not her official husband. It is fact that you can never change your destiny but you can change your destination. So do what you want to do but always be focused and accurate because otherwise you will lose your right path. Never break the laws but bend them so same things Muslims men and women have been doing. They are changing their changing their traditions and laws slowly because they can not do it at once. Their souls are bounded and limited so they are not ready to accept any other thing except their own traditions and society values that really sucks to all advance and modern people of the world. People should change their minds and thoughts otherwise they will destroy and ruin this modern world that is not good thing for anyone.

  4. Muslims countries and nations have been changing their traditions and society values. Turkey is most awesome example of those Islamic countries those are sick and tired of Arabic culture and society values. Things are really different and unique in these two sides of the world because you know that Muslims are a huge part of this world’s population so it is really harder to dominate them physically and mentally. They are not sure about their responsibilities and rights so this why they are forcing people to wear disgusting outfits. They promote party dresses uk and clothes those could cover men and women’s bodies as much as they can because otherwise they will consider it immodesty and sin. Further if you want to know about Muslim cultures and dresses then you can search over the internet. There is wide range informative data is available about Islamic attires that will help you to know about them very much accurately. Every Muslim country and nation has a different kinds of specific attires those are being used their unique identification among other nations. That is why they do not want any compromise about it. Very less Muslim people are ready to talk about modern and western dresses.