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There are numerous reasons to consider hormone replacement therapy and are having its long term effects. Call us at Juvia Med Spa today at 817-427-3700 for more information or schedule a free consultation.

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Reduced risk of osteoporosis
Reduced Risk of Osteoporosis

One of the most beneficial long-term effects of hormone therapy is a significantly reduced risk for osteoporosis. This is an especially important factor for women, as women are more likely to lose bone mass as they age. With hormone therapy, that bone loss is greatly reduced (or reversed entirely), and the risk of osteoporosis goes down by a lot.

Reduced instances of cardiovascular disease
Reduced Instances of Cardiovascular Disease

Patients who take hormone replacements over a longer period of time are also at a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease.

Looking younger for years to come
Looking Younger for Years to Come

Hormone therapy has also been linked with increased collagen production. When your body produces more collagen, your skin will be suppler, and it will heal and return to its normal shape more easily after being stretched or injured. Thus, you’ll see fewer lines and wrinkles, and less sagging skin with hormone therapy.

Reduced menopausal symptoms
Reduced Menopausal Symptoms

By taking hormone replacements, women can avoid most (if not all) of the symptoms of menopause as they continue to feel young and vibrant for years to come.

Reduction in certain cancer risks
Reduction in Certain Cancer Risks

Conclusive research is still needed, but there is a correlation between the use of hormone replacement therapy and reduction in risk for certain types of cancer. One of the most common cancers with a potentially reduced risk when patients use hormone replacement therapy is colorectal cancer.


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