by lars robert pedersen n.
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Mandatory Polar Code PowerPoint Presentation
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Mandatory Polar Code

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Mandatory Polar Code - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tripartite. By Lars Robert Pedersen. Mandatory Polar Code. Mandatory Polar Code a safety issue. Adventure turism has incresed and so has the number of accidents: Explorer – November 2007 Fram - December 2007 Clelia II – December 2009 Clipper Adventurer – August 2010

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by lars robert pedersen


ByLars Robert Pedersen

Mandatory Polar Code

mandatory polar code a safety issue
Mandatory Polar Code a safety issue
  • Adventure turism has incresed and so has the number of accidents:
  • Explorer – November 2007
  • Fram - December 2007
  • Clelia II – December 2009
  • Clipper Adventurer – August 2010
  • Trade will increase in the artic area (mining, oil etc.)
  • Decresing ice cap will open the North East and the North West Passage in forseable future

Concensus at IMO

  • to develop a risk-based Polar Code with functional requirements supported by prescriptive provisions;
  • the Code should contain both mandatory and recommendatory parts and that, apart from common requirements, there should also be separate requirements for Arctic and Antarctic;
  • the Code would apply in polar waters only and ships not trading in polar regions would not need to comply with its requirements;
  • the Code should be made mandatory under SOLAS and/or MARPOL
mandatory requirements under solas additional requirements to solas
Mandatory requirements under SOLAS/Additional requirements to SOLAS
  • Protection against discharge from hull damage
    • Fuel oils
    • Damage control
    • Noxious liquid substances
    • Packaged dangerous goods
    • Sewage
    • Garbage
    • Air pollution
  • Mandatory provisions under the Search and Rescue Convention/Additional requirements to SAR Convention
  • Other mandatory provisions
    • Mandatory provisions under the Oil Pollution, Preparedness, Response and Cooperation Convention (OPRC Convention) and Protocol on Preparedness, Response and Cooperation to Pollution Incidents by Hazardous and Noxious Substances (OPRC-HNS Protocol)
  • Manuals
  • Operational procedures
  • Demonstration of compliance

Mandatory provisions under MARPOL/Additional requirements to MARPOL

Design/Structure/Structural Design and Arrangement Details

Ice classification rules where appropriate

Subdivision and stability

Machinery installations

Electrical installations

Fire protection. detection and extinction

Life saving appliances and arrangements/Life Saving and Safety Equipment

Radiocommunication/ Communications, Navigation and Search and Rescue

Safety of navigation/Ship operational control/Safety Procedures and Training

ice class
Ice class
  • A Class notation given to

ships which fulfill certain

specific criteria:

  • Design of hull
  • Propulsion a.o.
hull design requirements
Hull design requirements:
  • Ice belt
  • Scantlings of shell plates
  • Ordinary frames
  • Intermediate ice frames
  • Ice stringers (single deck ships)
  • Weldings
  • Stern frame
  • Rudder
umiak i
“Umiak I”
  • Class notation::
    • DNV, +1A1, Bulk Carrier, ESP-ES (D), BC-A, Holds Nos 1 and 4 or No 3 may be empty, ECO, dk(+), ha(+), ib(+),
  • Ice Class:
    • DNV ICE-15 DAT (-30)
summing up
Summing up
  • Much work ahead – little time available
  • Caution when making recommendations mandatory
  • Solutions should be practicable
  • Role of Tripartite in the development of the mandatory polar code?