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Director Research

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Director Research

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  1. Director Research Matt Cooper

  2. Gus Van Sant Gus Van Sant is an American Film director that has had multiple hits with films such as Good Will Hunting and Milk. I chose to research Van Sant because some of his films are focused on the genre that our group will be focusing on which is the teen drama/drama films. The films that are specific to our group are the films Elephant, Finding Forrester and Paranoid Park. Each of these films are similar and are specific to our genre as they all portray the teen drama genre. They do this by having a teenager as the main character. Van Sant is a good director to focus on as the films i have mentioned that he has created are all specific to the teen drama genre and focus on how the teenager or teenagers react to a bad situation or how they cope with bad circumstances. We will try to follow in Van Sant’s footsteps and emulate how he has portrayed the teen drama.

  3. Sam Mendes Sam Mendes is a British Stage and Film Director. While most recently Mendes has been focusing on Action films such as Skyfall, his first film was that of American Beauty which links in to our genre of drama or teen drama. The film American Beauty centrals around a character who isn't happy with there life and has trials and tribulations. This type of film is what our group is focusing on as our film is hoping to central around the one character and how the character’s trials and tribulations affect the story. Also the somewhat of a dark tone in the film is also what our group would want in our film . I and the group will take American Beauty into account when we create our film.

  4. Noel Clarke Noel Clarke is a British director, actor and writer. He is known for films such as Adulthood and 4,3,2,1. Clarkes film Kidulthood is the film that links to our project the most. The film is about youths in London and the troubles that they get themselves into such as drugs(which will be heavily involved in our project) as it has the dark and bleak tone of a gritty drama that our group is looking to recreate as well as having the teenagers in it to create the teen drama. We will take this film into account when we create our film as our film will hope to incorporate some of the ideals in Kidulthood.