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Barbara A. Marinak, PhD Mount St. Mary’s University PowerPoint Presentation
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Barbara A. Marinak, PhD Mount St. Mary’s University

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Barbara A. Marinak, PhD Mount St. Mary’s University
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Barbara A. Marinak, PhD Mount St. Mary’s University

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  1. Motivating Methods *** Classroom Practices That Support Student Engagement Barbara A. Marinak, PhD Mount St. Mary’s University

  2. The SouthpawJudith Viorst Dear Richard, Don’t invite me to you birthday party because I’m not coming. And give back the Disneyland sweatshirt I said you could wear. If I'm not good enough to play on your team, I’m not good enough to be friends with. Your former friend, Janet P.S. I hope when you go to the dentist he finds 20 cavities.

  3. Dear Janet, Here is your stupid Disneyland sweatshirt, if that’s how you’re going to be. I want my comic books back-finished or not. No girl has ever played on the Mapes Street baseball team, and as long as I'm captain, no girl ever will. Your former friend, Richard P.S. I hope when you go for your checkup you need a tetanus shot.

  4. Dear Richard, I’m changing my goldfish's name from Richard to Stanley. Don't count on my vote for class president next year. Just because I’m a member of the ballet club doesn't mean I’m not a terrific ballplayer. Your former friend, Janet P.S. I see you lost your first game 28-0.

  5. Dear Janet, I’m not saving any more seats for you on the bus. For all I care, you can stand the whole way to school. Why don’t you just forget about baseball and learn something nice- like knitting! Your former friend, Richard P.S. Wait until Wednesday.

  6. Dear Richard, My father said I could call someone to go with us for a ride and hot-fudge sundaes. In case you didn’t notice, I didn’t call you. Your former friend, Janet P.S. I see you lost your second game, 34-0.

  7. Dear Janet, Remember when I took the laces out of my black and white sneakers and gave them to you? I want them back. Your former friend, Richard P.S. Wait until Friday.

  8. Dear Richard, Congratulations on your unbroken record. Eight straight losses-wow! I understand you’re the laughing stock of New Jersey. Your former friend, Janet P.S. Why don’t you and your team forget about baseball and learn something nice like knitting maybe?

  9. Dear Janet, Here’s the silver horseback riding trophy that you gave me. I don’t think I want to keep it anymore. Your former friend, Richard P.S. I didn’t think you’d be the kind to kick a man when he’s down.

  10. Dear Richard, I wasn't kicking exactly. I was kicking back. Your former friend, Janet P.S. In case you were wondering, my batting average is .345.

  11. Dear Janet, Alfie is having his tonsils out tomorrow. We might be able to let you catch next week. Richard

  12. Dear Richard, I pitch. Janet

  13. Dear Janet, Joel is moving to Kansas and Danny sprained his wrist. How about a permanent place in the outfield? Richard

  14. Dear Richard, I pitch. Janet

  15. Dear Janet, Ronnie caught the chicken pox and Leo broke his toe and Elwood has these stupid violin lessons. I’ll give you first base, and that’s my final offer. Richard

  16. Dear Richard, Susan Reilly plays first base, Marilyn Jackson catches, Ethel Kahn plays center field, I pitch. It’s a package deal. Janet P.S. Sorry about your 12-game losing streak.

  17. Dear Janet, Please! Not Marilyn Jackson. Richard

  18. Dear Richard, Nobody ever said I was unreasonable. How about Lizzie Martindale instead? Janet

  19. Dear Janet, At least could you call your goldfish Richard again? Your friend, Richard

  20. Today • Consider motivation assessments • Briefly summarize research findings related to nurturing intrinsic reading motivation and facilitating engagement • Discuss methods for engaging reading instruction

  21. Assessments • Me and My Reading Profile (K-2) • Motivation to Read Profile-Revised (3-6) • Adolescent Motivation to Read Profile (6-12) • Reader Self-Perception Scale 2 (7-10)

  22. Regarding the RPs • MMRP, MRP-R and the AMRP ae based on expectancy value theory (Eccles, 1983). • Assess self-concept about reading and value of reading. • MMPR also identified a third motivation construct for very young readers…literacy outloud.

  23. Literacy Outloud in K-2 Practice Pausing • Because young children are often exuberant during reading instruction-- it is important to practice pausing. • Despite possessing the best intentions, young children often “jump in” to help others. • Not affording wait can make reading aloud stressful and uncomfortable.

  24. Literacy Outloud in K-2 Use Alternatives to Round Robin Reading • Reader’s Theater • Guiding Questions

  25. Guiding Questions • Questions • Read • Tag • Discuss • Read to Support

  26. Literacy Outloud in K-2 • The most important aspect of supporting literacy outloud is not pushing children beyond their comfort or capacity.

  27. Nurturing Intrinsic Reading Motivation…For All! • Choice • Challenge • Collaboration • Authenticity

  28. Choice • Choice has been identified as a powerful force for nurturing motivation. • Studies indicate that motivation increases when students believe they have some autonomy or control over their own learning. (Jang, Reeve, & Deci, 2010; Rettig & Hendricks, 2000; Skinner & Belmont, 1993).

  29. Challenge • Studies have found that the most motivated students are those who are engaged in challenging tasks. • These are tasks that allow them to collaborate, make new discoveries, and reorganize their thinking. (Optiz & Ford, 2013; Turner & Paris, 1995)

  30. Challenge • Reduce frontloading/pausing • Increase searching, reading, and representing • Challenge ≠ length • Challenge = text complexity

  31. Collaboration • It is important to support a wide variety of collaborative efforts. • When control is shared, students begin to take responsibility for critical literacy decisions. (Optiz & Ford, 2013; Turner & Paris, 1995)

  32. Authenticity • Authentic reading, writing and discussion experiences are like those that are encountered in the day-to-day lives of people, as opposed to school-like activities such as completing worksheets or answering teacher-posed questions. (Gambrell, 2012)

  33. Authenticity • According to Purcell-Gates (2002), reading, writing, and discussion should involve meaningful, purposeful and functional experiences that motivate and engage students.

  34. Effective and Engaging Methods • Honor All Print • Your Life in Books • Text Impression • +2 • Teacher’s Reading Log

  35. Honor All Print

  36. Your Life in Books • Your Life in Books promotes wide reading by encouraging children to connect books with important events and people in their lives. • Your Life in Books is a reminder of the important role reading plays in their lives. • Prominently displaying this special collection celebrates each child’s individual accomplishment.

  37. Dr. M’s Life in Books • Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel was one of the first books my mother shared with me. I loved it because they were building a house down the street at the time. I could enjoy Mike and his steam shovel and then go watch the real thing in action!

  38. Dr. M’s Life in Books • Harriet the Spy is the first chapter book I remember reading. I loved it. I read and reread it. I began “people watching” and keeping a journal about what I saw. • I read Nicholas and Alexandra the summer before I began high school. It was a romantic epic that I could not put down. What a great love story! After reading Nicholas and Alexandra, I read other books about Russian history. I still reread this book every summer. It is not summer until I read Nicholas and Alexandra.

  39. Text Impression Antarctic

  40. Text Impression Antarctic African

  41. Text Impression Antarctic African one

  42. Text Impression Antarctic African one rookery

  43. Text Impression Antarctic African one rookery herd

  44. Group on land is a waddle or colony • Nesting group is a rookery • A group of babies is a crèche • A group in the water is a raft

  45. Text Impression Antarctic African one rookery herd kindergarten

  46. Learn More!! +2

  47. Fortune’s Bones

  48. +2 •

  49. Winter’s Tail