tom peters the leadership 50 leading in totally screwed up times london 02october2002 n.
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Tom Peters’ The Leadership 50 Leading in Totally Screwed-Up Times London/02October2002 PowerPoint Presentation
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Tom Peters’ The Leadership 50 Leading in Totally Screwed-Up Times London/02October2002

Tom Peters’ The Leadership 50 Leading in Totally Screwed-Up Times London/02October2002

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Tom Peters’ The Leadership 50 Leading in Totally Screwed-Up Times London/02October2002

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  1. Tom Peters’ The Leadership50Leading in Totally Screwed-Up TimesLondon/02October2002

  2. “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”—General Eric Shinseki, Chief of Staff, U. S. Army

  3. The Leadership50

  4. The Basic Premise.

  5. 1. Leadership Is a …Mutual Discovery Process.

  6. Leaders-Teachers Do Not “Transform People”!Instead leaders-mentors-teachers (1) provide a contextwhich is marked by (2)access to a luxuriant portfolio of meaningful opportunities(projects) which (3) allow people to fully(and safely, mostly—caveat: “they” don’t engage unless they’re “mad about something”)express their innate curiosity and (4) engage in a vigorous discovery voyage(alone and in small teams, assisted by an extensive self-constructed network) by which those people (5) go to-create places they(and their mentors-teachers-leaders)had never dreamed existed—and then the leaders-mentors-teachers (6)applaud like hell, stage “photo-ops,” and ring the church bells 100 times to commemorate the bravery of their “followers’ ” explorations!

  7. 1A.Leaders … Cede Control.

  8. “I don’t know.”

  9. 1B. Leaders Try … Not to Screw Things Up

  10. “Ninety percent of what we call ‘management’ consists of making it difficult for people to get things done.” – P.D.

  11. The Leadership Types.

  12. 2.Great Leaders on Snorting Steeds Are Important – butGreat Talent Developers(Type I Leadership)are the Bedrock of Organizations that Perform Over the Long Haul.

  13. 25/8/53*(*Damn it!)

  14. Whoops: Jack didn’t have a vision!

  15. 3. But Then Again, There Are Times When This “Cult of Personality” (Type II Leadership) Stuff Actually Works!

  16. “A leader is a dealer in hope.”Napoleon (+TP’s writing room pics)

  17. 4. Find the “Businesspeople”!(Type III Leadership)

  18. I.P.M. (Inspired Profit Mechanic)

  19. 4A. All Organizations Need the Golden Leadership Triangle.

  20. The Golden Leadership Triangle: (1) Creator-Visionary … (2) Talent Fanatic-Mentor-V.C. … (3) Inspired Profit Mechanic.

  21. 5. Leadership Mantra #1: IT ALL DEPENDS!

  22. Renaissance Men are … a snare, a myth, a delusion!

  23. 5A.The Leader Is Rarely/Never the Best Performer.

  24. 33 Division Titles. 26 League Pennants. 14 World Series: Earl Weaver—0. Tom Kelly—0. Jim Leyland—0. Walter Alston—1AB. Tony LaRussa—132 games, 6 seasons. Tommy Lasorda—P, 26 games. Sparky Anderson—1 season.

  25. The Leadership Dance.

  26. 6. Leaders …SHOWUP!

  27. Rudy!

  28. 6A.Leaders …LOVE the MESS!

  29. “I’m not happy unless I’m uncomfortable.”—Jay Chiat

  30. “If things seem under control, you’re just not going fast enough.”Mario Andretti

  31. 7. LeadersDO!

  32. The Kotler Doctrine:1965-1980: R.A.F.(Ready.Aim.Fire.)1980-1995: R.F.A.(Ready.Fire!Aim.)1995-????: F.F.F.(Fire!Fire!Fire!)

  33. 7A. LeadersRe-do.

  34. “If Microsoft is good at anything, it’s avoiding the trap of worrying about criticism. Microsoft fails constantly. They’re eviscerated in public for lousy products. Yet they persist, through version after version, until they get something good enough. Then they leverage the power they’ve gained in other markets to enforce their standard.”Seth Godin, Zooming

  35. “If it works, it’s obsolete.”—Marshall McLuhan

  36. 8.BUT … Leaders KnowWhen to Wait.

  37. Tex Schramm: The “too hard” box!

  38. 9.Leaders …DELIVER!

  39. “Leaders don’t ‘want to’ win. Leaders ‘need to’ win.”#49

  40. “It is no use saying ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.”—WSC

  41. “When assessing candidates, the first thing I looked for was energy and enthusiasm for execution. Does she talk about the thrill of getting things done, the obstacles overcome, the role her people played—or does she keep wandering back to strategy or philosophy?”—Larry Bossidy, Honeywell/AlliedSignal, in Execution

  42. 9A. Leaders Are … Optimists.

  43. Hackneyed but none the less true:LEADERS SEE CUPS AS “HALF FULL.”

  44. Half-full Cups:“[Ronald Reagan] radiated an almost transcendent happiness.”Lou Cannon, George (08.2000)

  45. 10.BUT … Leaders Are Realists/Leaders Win Through LOGISTICS!

  46. The “Gus [Pagonis] Imperative”!

  47. 11. LeadersFOCUS!

  48. “ToDon’t”List

  49. 11A.Leaders … SetCLEARDESIGNSPECS.

  50. Danger: S.I.O. (Strategic Initiative Overload)