economic geography n.
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Economic Geography

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Economic Geography. Farming Manufacturing Service Technology. Economic Geography. Economic Geography is the study of how people earn their living

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economic geography

Economic Geography

Farming Manufacturing

Service Technology

economic geography1
Economic Geography
  • Economic Geography is the study of how people earn their living
  • How livelihood systems vary by region
  • How economic activities are spatially interrelated and linked
factors determining economic geography
Factors Determining Economic Geography

1. Physical Environment:

  • What can be grown in a region
  • What minerals in the region

2. Cultural Considerations:

Culturally base food preference

factors determining economic geography1
Factors Determining Economic Geography

3. Technological Developments:

Technology changed how a region produces goods.

4. Political Decisions:

What governments think is important to grow or produce.

5. Economic Factors:

Demand for goods

categories of economic activities
Categories of Economic Activities
  • PrimaryEconomic Activities: People that harvest or extract something from the Earth
  • Secondary Economic Activities: The manufacturing or processing of materials
  • Tertiary Economic Activities: Providing a service to or for someone else
  • Quaternary Economic Activities: People working in activities that take more education and skills than in a tertiary activity.
primary economic activity
Primary Economic Activity
  • Working directly with the Earth. Examples are Farming, mining, herding, hunting and gathering and forestry

Commercial Farming: Large farms run for profit growing mostly one or two crops

Subsistence Farming: growing just enough food to survive, not to sell

grazing livestock

Subsistence raising of livestock

Commercial raising of livestock

mining and forestry
Mining and Forestry

Mining: Working directly with the Earth Resources

Forestry: Cutting down of trees for wood

secondary economic activities
Secondary Economic Activities

Manufacturing: Creating a product

Steel Processing: Using natural resources to create a product steel

tertiary economic activity
Tertiary Economic Activity

Store clerk: Providing a service

not producing a product

Office workers: Provide

a service in a business

quaternary economic activity
Quaternary Economic Activity

Computer Technician: A person with a degree in computers providing a service

Lawyers providing legal service

developed countries

Developed countries:

Developed Countries have

Good educational systems

Access to good health care service

Manufacturing, service, technological industries in country

Most people live in cities

Few people work in agriculture

Access to modern telecommunication networks

Population growth rates low

developing countries
Developing Countries:

Developing Countries have

  • Good educational system, but not available to all people
  • Countries becoming more industrialized, but with lower wages
  • More people involved in agriculture
  • Access to good health care for most people
  • Most people live in cities
  • Access to modern telecommunication network for most people.
  • A slowing down population growth rate
less developed countries
Less Developed Countries

Less Developed Countries have

  • Poor access to good health care
  • Limited access to good education
  • Little if any industry found in the country
  • Most people involved in agriculture
  • Limited access to modern telecommunication network
  • High population growth rate
economic geography questions
Economic Geography Questions
  • What is the definition of economic geography?
  • What do geographers study when studying economic geography?
  • Describe the factors determining economic geography?
  • Describe the 4 categories of Economic Activity and give an example of each
  • Describe the 3 categories of Economic development? Give an example of a country that fits into each category
economic geography questions1
Economic Geography Questions

6. What is the difference between subsistence farming and commercial farming?