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psalms. Innovation in worship. DO YOU KNOW. P = penitence or repentance or confession S = supplication or making requests to God A = adoration or praising God L = lamentation or crying before God M = meditation or thinking or getting confused? S = submission is yielding to God’s plans

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Innovation in worship

do you know
  • P = penitence or repentance or confession
  • S = supplication or making requests to God
  • A = adoration or praising God
  • L = lamentation or crying before God
  • M = meditation or thinking or getting confused?
  • S = submission is yielding to God’s plans
  • Are these components of prayer or worship ?

david vs moses
David vs Moses
  • Both were shepherd boys
  • One gave up throne to become slave driver
  • Other gained throne to enslave other nations
  • One set up tabernacle in the wilderness
  • Other set up temple in the promised land
  • Moses gave laws of God
  • David showed the love of God
  • Moses showed an awesome God
  • David showed and adorable God
  • Which is worship?

tabernacle and temple
Tabernacle and temple
  • There were three compartments in the tabernacle and the temple
  • In the outer court there was noise of bleating lambs and crying animals
  • Only the priests were serving in the tabernacle
  • In the temple there were courtyards where people could gather
  • It was a place of rejoicing and festivity
  • There were musicians and loud singing could be heard

far off. People came to temple on festive days they were singing in higher octaves as they climbed the steps (18?)

david vs music
David vs Music
  • David was a shepherd boy but he did not waste his time
  • He was playing his harp and composing poems and music
  • He made work place his worship place
  • Did David think that his worship will raise him to the throne?
  • Was David’s composition full of praises only?

david a musician
David a Musician
  • Harp = stringed instrument
  • Cymbals = metal plates hit against one another
  • Drums = smaller drums than what we use
  • Flute = bamboo or metallic?
  • Horns = of Rams and of silver
  • Kinnor = like violin?
  • Tambourin = gingling metal plates set in a wooden ring
  • Bells = not generally mentioned

musicals of david
Musicals of David

music and moods
Music and moods
  • In modern times we use
  • Guitar and jass for pop music
  • Piano and organ violin for classical music
  • Accordion and drums for public and folk lore singing
  • Do we get any idea of what kind of worship David organized in the temple worship from the type of instruments and tunes used?
  • When we read the psalms we find they were written in desperate and difficult situation more than in praise adoration and rejoicing
  • How do we call them then praise and worship?
  • Some or teachings some are prayers and some are soliloquies or mediation

compare with indian music
Compare with Indian music
  • Veena and violin for classical music and classical dance
  • Natheswaram and drums for temple music

and joyful occasions

  • Bisnoy -melancholy for sad moments

music and moods1
Music and moods
  • In the western music we have not many as in the oriental
  • We have
  • classical
  • Country
  • Pop music
  • Which indicate how they influence the listeners moods and feelings
  • In the oriental there are distinct tunes and instruments for set type of music.
  • E.g worship, entertainment, fun and dance, sober and solemn, celebration and festivals etc.
  • It is good to list some instruments and tunes used by David

was david a musician
Was David a musician?
  • Kinnor –8 stringed lyre- Shemminoth tune-
  • Alamoth- cymbals of brass- youth and virgins-Ps 46
  • Nebel – harp- moderate size-higher pitch than shemminoth
  • Nebelazor- ten stringed nebel
  • Sebeka, kithros –large size lyre 0r harp fixed to stand
  • Gittith, Gittim – exlatation and harvest and vintage songs-ps 8,84
  • Neginoth – 8 stringed instrument and shemminith was a tune played pleading for refuge Ps 5,6,54,12
  • Shushan,shoshanim -6 stringed rejoicing, desperate times, testimony and exalting God-Ps 45,64, 80.
  • Muthlaben- exaltation Ps 9
  • Higgaion – meditation
  • Magaloth, leanoth –teaching –Maskeel -Ps 53,88 Tune migtham
  • Shigayon- -althashgeth –challenge Ps 75-avenge -57-59times- 22,
  • Agilathshagar- desparate Ps 22
  • Jonath Elam Rikogim – desparate Ps 56

cymbals and kinnor 10 string harp
Cymbals and Kinnor ( 10 string harp)


the choir formation
The choir formation
  • Asaph,ethan and heman – had cymbals of brass
  • Zechariah and team- nebels and alamoth –harp
  • Mathithiah and team- kinnor and harps
  • They were in groups
  • Ist group of singers – Sharim
  • 2nd Damsels playing with timbrels- alamoth
  • 3rd group – neginim playing kinnors
  • The word selah meant singers should pause after full power of singing and bend in obeisance before God

how did they look like
How did they look like?
  • We must understand musical instruments made and used 3000 years ago were crude and simple no better than toys made by village kids these days. They were small and portable some times taken in processions on festive days.
  • There were not many wind instruments like our organ except flute and shofar – horn of ram or made of silver
  • Stringed instruments and cymbals- metal discs- were simple and affordable.

psalms vs worship
Psalms vs worship
  • Have you ever read the psalms?-
  • How varied are the contents and feelings expressed?
  • The small prints above each Psalm gives a background or the reason for the psalm
  • Ps 3 was written when David was chased by his own son Absalom
  • Ps - was written in a fit of rage against his enemy
  • Ps 57– was written when he was chased by his father in law and was without refuge
  • Most of the psalms were written in his adverse situations pouring his heart to God
  • When he sat on the throne or when he organized temple worship these were included the devotion
  • How can we call this worship or what do we learn about worship?


To get an answer for all these read author’s book on

Effortless prayer

But to get a quick answer read on….

what is worship
What is worship?
  • What do people man by Praise and worship?
  • Each culture have their own meaning for this
  • In Philippines people sing and dance
  • In African countries people stand in a circle and beat drums and enjoy singing beautifully for hours
  • In western countries people stand still and solemnly sing or pray

worship ancient
Worship- ancient
  • Why did people go to the tabernacle?
  • Only to sing praises?
  • Were the sacrifices made only for thanksgiving?
  • Did not people go to God with petitions?
  • Did not people go to God with angry feelings ?
  • Or with worries and problems and sickness?
  • And David even shouted to God for not hearing his cries?
  • Was not God awesome?
  • What did worship mean to them?
  • Hearing session in a King’s throne room.
  • Did answer their feelings ?

god s album of praises
God’s album of praises
  • Was not David ashamed to think of all these later when he became a king
  • Or did he want his people to know that he also suffered in life like them and that
  • They also run to God for refuge when everything fails
  • Did God accept these cries as devotion/
  • Not only God rewarded David but recorded all these into His album of praises
  • And returned it back to earth to be sung in worship all these 3000years

david s worship vs us
David’s worship vs us
  • Imagine a shepherd clad in dirty clothes and unwashed face, holding a crude instrument from which he struck a few notes and raised his voice towards heaven when there were no one to listen except the sheep, which were busy grazing But unseen angels joined the chorus and lifted the music to the throne room of God almighty.
  • There were no TV camera, no gorgeous clothing

No accompaniments to music and no one to buy his CDs or albums

That is why David still reigns as worship leader all over the world not only for the Jewish nation because his attention was focused on exalting God and God alone

  • Have you ever seen street singers doing better performance than the professionals?
  • Think what could be the reason
  • If you have answer write to us
  • drnjpaul

some musical instruments of david
Some musical instruments of David

can you import some tunes of david
Can you import some tunes of David?
  • I have heard harp being played in a very big hotel.
  • How marvellous it sounds
  • I have seen cello and double bass being played
  • They are so big instruments modern singers don’t want to carry them any more
  • Key board can produce some music like them but it is not as good as the original



Universal truth

shepherd looks up
Shepherd looks up
  • If you see a picture of a shepherd you will find him sitting on a rock or a mountain slope or perched on the branch of a tree from where he could get a full view of the entire flock
  • Shepherds go in a group but stay far off from each other so that the sheep get a good area of land for grazing
  • So what do the shepherd do all day long?
  • Some of them sing to themselves others throw stones and play and some try to get a short nap.
  • At night also they cannot get good sleep as they have to be watchful against thieves and foxes and wild animals
  • David was one who did not look down or around but looked up into the sky

something great up there
Something great up there
  • Three thousand years ago when no telescopes and even glass was not discovered David always aw something wondrous up in the sky
  • He described the sun as a bridegroom who gets out of his tent and the stars
  • Was david a cosmologist I wonder
  • He talks of the tilting angle of the globe
  • Of the volcanoes sliding into the see and causing the Tsunamis
  • Or the islands vanishing or displaced of its position

something greater
Something greater
  • But he was wondering at One who sets all these in motion or make them happen
  • He is great but not terrifying
  • He is great but kind and good
  • He cares like a shepherd

psalms and

Psalms and


horns of righteousness
Horns of righteousness
  • do you praise God for when you go to church/
  • For blessings received or answers to prayers or for deliverance health and happiness?
  • David was grazing the sheep and there was nothing more to hope for in life except that his flock should multiply or they should be safe from sickness or the predators or the thieves. His life and needs were very simple
  • But his heart was so big that he had more and many reasons to thank God
  • He would blow his Shofar- rams horn – and shout in the valley till the echo rebounced-God my righteousness

what is righteousness
What is righteousness?
  • What is the color of righteousness white or transparency?-you understand what I mean.
  • If there is a small dot or stain in a large white sheet you can easily spot it
  • You call it soiled or stained. the big clean area does not count. In textile and garment factories they call it reject or seconds. It is sold for a very less price. Just a small spot. But it cuts the value.
  • Jesus said a little yeast spoils the whole bulk of flour

trumpets and transparency
Trumpets and transparency
  • David shouted more than the trumpets 32:11
  • His friends must have asked him what
  • Look at me ‘I am transparent’-
  • Whose guilt God will not count 32:1
  • Whom God delivers from all his troubles 32: 10
  • I fall down and rise up 34: 19
  • THOSE WHO hate me use will be found guilty34:21
  • Neither me nor my children be forsaken 37:21
  • I will inherit the earth 37: 25
  • Looks as if David walked out of a court and the judgment announced in his favor
  • Have you ever been in situation like David?
  • Is God your righteousness?

god s court room
God’s court room
  • David knew about God’s court room before ever thought of his own when he became a king
  • Did he ever realize that in God’s court room things were sorted easily than in his own
  • There were no lawyers needed. No witnesses called. No sessions cancelled or postponed
  • Best of all it was open 24x7x 365x E
  • No holidays or vacation.
  • petitions were received direct It was faster than Email
  • It was a chat session and at no cost

righteousness defined
Righteousness defined
  • Sun of righteousness will rise on them
  • The righteous shall shine like sun
  • Why sun is for comparison?
  • What is color of sunlight
  • Is it source of heat or light
  • Is it helpful or dangerous
  • sun will melt ice but harden the clay

for more info
for more info
  • Read authors book on
  • Effortless prayer through Psalms