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Ubi ubi ubicomp comp. Thu Mar 8 Evaluation. Issues for Personalizing Shared Pervasive Devices. by Jonathan Trevor et al. “shared” devices. Same for everyone. “shared” devices. Home TVs Stereos Kitchen appliances Workplace Copiers Fax Machines Projectors. “shared” devices.

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Ubi ubi ubicomp comp

Ubi ubi ubicomp comp

Thu Mar 8 Evaluation

Shared devices
“shared” devices

Same for everyone

Shared devices1
“shared” devices


  • TVs

  • Stereos

  • Kitchen appliances


  • Copiers

  • Fax Machines

  • Projectors

Shared devices2
“shared” devices

  • World Wide Web?

Shared devices3
“shared” devices

  • Personalization/targeting on the web = “unshared” device?

Shared devices4
“shared” devices

Web personalization

  • Friendlier?

  • More efficient?

  • Profitable!

Shared devices5
“shared” devices


  • Internet

Shared devices6
“shared” devices

Other domains?

Authors hope
Authors’ hope

  • Personalize “shared” devices

Contributions of this paper
Contributions of this paper

  • Comparative prototypes

  • Novel personalization system proposal

  • Lessons learned


  • Emacs

  • “teleporting”

  • iCrafter iRoom

  • BMW 7 Series


  • http://mybrew.topcities.com

Personal ubiquitous systems
Personal Ubiquitous Systems

  • Ubicomp vs. “Shared” devices

Personal ubiquitous systems1
Personal Ubiquitous Systems

  • Embedded Design Approach

    • Integrate personalization with an already existing interface/device

  • Portable Design Approach

    • Personal interface for mobile devices

  • Which one?

    • Comparative evaluation time!

Personal ubiquitous systems2
Personal Ubiquitous Systems

  • Embedded Design Approach

    • Integrate personalization with an already existing interface/device

  • Portable Design Approach

    • Personal interface for mobile devices

  • Is that all?

Comparative evaluation
Comparative Evaluation

  • Design with alternative

  • Vary deployment situations

  • Compare and contrast

Personal interaction points pips
Personal Interaction Points (PIPs)

  • System for shared pervasive devices

  • “smart” access

  • Information cloud

Testing testing
Testing testing

  • Podium PC

  • Brainstorming plasma

  • MFD

Personalization design
Personalization Design

  • Idetifying users

  • Learning and remembering

  • Creating personalized UI

Embedded vs portable
Embedded vs. Portable

  • Direct access w/ peripherals


  • “Remote control”


  • A success!

  • PIPcidents

    • Usability decreases with portability

    • Lazy people prefer to be lazy

    • Availability increases with portability

    • May be untrustworthy

    • Portable = private


  • Usability and availabilty

    • Varied based on design

  • Utility and privacy

    • Varied based on design and situation

Back to the future comparative prototyping
Back to the future:comparative prototyping

  • Designing for use

  • Designing for evaluation

Everyday encounters with context aware computing in a campus environment
Everyday Encounters with Context-Aware Computing in a Campus Environment

  • by Louise Barkhuus and Paul Dourish

Ubicomp motivation
Ubicomp motivation Environment

  • Expand computers beyond desktop confines

  • But it’s dangerous out there!

Ubicomp motivation1
Ubicomp motivation Environment

  • Expand ubicomp beyond academic confines

  • Time for the real world, ubi!

If you don t know now you know
If you don’t know, now you know Environment

Institutional analysis

‘meso-level’ approach



Ethnomethodology –----------Marxist analysis

Taking it to the real world
Taking it to the real world! Environment

  • “Given that many ubiquitous computing technologies are developed, deployed, and evaluated in university settings, our particular institutional concern is with student life on a university campus and how these institutional arrangements manifest themselves for students day-to-day.”

Taking it to the real world1
Taking it to the real world! Environment

  • “There are many reasons to expect that campus environments are ideal for the development, deployment, and testing of ubiquitous computing technologies. Clearly, many technologies are developed in university research, and campus environments are therefore convenient.”

Ubicomp in practice
Ubicomp “in practice” Environment

  • Active Campus

  • diet monitor

  • Aware campus

To be used ubiquitously
To be used ubiquitously Environment

  • Active Campus

    • Active class

      • Support classroom teaching

        • Questions

        • Polls

        • Ratings

Adoption Environment

  • Why teens?