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YBA GUEST. Dan Gray September 2014. INTRODUCTION. My name is Dan Gray and I am 32 years old. I work for Deutsche Bank DB is one of the largest banks in the world providing financial solutions to corporations and high-net-worth individuals & families

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yba guest


Dan Gray

September 2014

  • My name is Dan Gray and I am 32 years old.
  • I work for Deutsche Bank
  • DB is one of the largest banks in the world providing financial solutions to corporations and high-net-worth individuals & families
  • My role at Deutsche Bank is a Private Banker
  • I am responsible for developing relationships and managing the finances of high-net-worth individuals and families in the Los Angeles area.
the early years
The Early Years…

I was born in Thousand Oaks, CA and raised in the small town of Ojai.

The is me at 1…

…and this is me at 7…

…and at 13

more early years
More Early Years…

A little about my family…

This is on my 30th birthday with my Mom, Brother, and Sister

This is my whole family – Dad, Mom, Brother, and Sister

high school
  • I attended both Camarillo & Agoura Hills High School in Ventura County north of Los Angeles
high school1
  • As a HS student I was involved in student government, and many sports like hockey and football.
  • As a HS student I was outgoing and loved adventures!

My first truck!

Practicing for Skydiving

Senior year

high school2

Things I enjoyed in HS

Things I did not enjoy in HS

  • Some classes
    • PE
    • Math
    • Political Science
    • Economics
  • Sports
    • Hockey
    • Skateboarding
    • Surfing
  • In-School Activities
    • Student Government
    • Acting class
  • Out of school activities
    • Film production
    • Working at restaurants
  • Some classes & teachers
    • Chemistry
    • History
    • English
  • Detention
    • I thought I was the class clown
      • (The teachers disagreed)
  • Bullies
    • I never liked hanging with the kids
    • that gave other classmates a hard time
high school3

Activities/Athletics in HS

Jobs I worked while in HS

I’ve been working since I was 15 flipping pizzas and folding delivery boxes. I was able to help my father during the summers working on movie sets. During school, I worked at night as a waiter in nice restaurants. I liked getting tips and meeting interesting people. (and eating good food for free!)

I was a very active guy in HS. I would usually meet friends after school to play sports or go surfing. I would then have to go work as a waiter at a local restaurant since my family did not have much money, and I wanted a nice car and plenty of cash for fast food stops. Spending time with my family and friends has always been important to me.

high school4

Fondest memories from HS

Obstacles/Adversity you had to overcome in HS

  • Most of my friends had nicer clothes and cars, so at first I felt like I wasn’t good enough
  • I never liked the people that would make fun of other kids to make themselves feel better
  • I had a difficult time finding the balance between school work and play
  • Making good friends that I still have
  • Playing sports and participating in school activities
  • Earning my own money, which helped me feel independent
  • Having fun with class presentations
  • I attended college at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA

Me with my grandma and some

Fraternity brothers


Activities/Athletics in College

Jobs I worked while in College

Fraternity (social chair)



Study abroad

Investment Club

I worked as a waiter for the first two years of college

I spent the summers volunteering with charity organizations

During my senior year, I got a paid internship working for BofA


Favorite classes

Least favorite classes

Business law



World religions




Fondest memories

Obstacles or adversity that you had to overcome

Making new friends

Social events with the Fraternity (Sororities)

Living in London

Charity events

Traveling in Europe

Snowboarding with friends

My mother got sick with cancer while I was in college. She’s OK now, but it was difficult for a few years

Making the decision to pursue finance


DB’s headquarters

In Germany

My team at work


My first Job

My worst Job

  • My worst job was working on a farm cleaning up animals…..
  • I’ve always loved animals but cleaning their pens is no fun!
  • My first job was flipping pizza. I came home everyday smelling like tomato sauce and gained 15 lbs in one summer!

Some challenges I had to overcome in my career

Working at a large company can be rewarding, but it has plenty of challenges as well. To be successful at a corporation, you need to be good at working with teams. You have to learn how to trust and delegate tasks and sometimes swallow your pride for the betterment of the team. You have to follow the rules and have the confidence to speak up when someone is doing something you know is wrong.

academic exercise
  • We will now spend several minutes discussing the day’s academic module and how it is relevant in the ‘real world’