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Creating an Information Agenda for Sustained Competitive Advantage PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating an Information Agenda for Sustained Competitive Advantage

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Creating an Information Agenda for Sustained Competitive Advantage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating an Information Agenda for Sustained Competitive Advantage
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  1. Creating an Information Agenda for Sustained Competitive Advantage IRISLink February 3rd 2009 Ken Bisconti IBM Software Group, Information Management Vice President ECM Products & Strategy

  2. Our Environment is Changing DramaticallyOrganizations Must Take a Different Approach • Globally Integrated Enterprises • 75% of CEOs plan to actively enter new markets1 • Adaptive Enterprises • Eight out of ten CEOs see significant change ahead1 • Risk Adjusted Enterprises • 87% of risk goes beyond financial – strategic, operational, geopolitical, environmental and legal2 12008 IBM Global CEO Survey 22008 IBM CFO Survey

  3. Strategic Business Imperatives Are Driving InvestmentsThese Vary by Industry… …deliver better visibility into financial risk …enable more dynamic demand planning Banking Retail …increase customer profitability Insurance …drive manufacturing efficiencies Manufacturing …address risk & compliance requirements Healthcare …improve customer experience …enable more agile government services Telco Government

  4. Focus on Business Optimization is AcceleratingCreating an Information Agenda now is critical for sustained competitive advantage Business Optimization Growth is 2 Times Faster than Business Automation Growth Information Agenda 11.1% CGR $117B 5.1% CGR $594B IT Spending Estimate* 2008 Application Agenda Includes Hardware, Software and Services. Does not include Networking, Printer, or Standalone Printer or PC Markets. CGRs 2006 – 20011. Opportunity estimates based on analysis done by the IBM Market Intelligence Department. IBM Market Intelligence data is provided for illustrative purposes and is not intended to be a guarantee of market opportunity.

  5. Information On Demand: Unlocking Business ValueImpacting every product line… delivering great client value… Impacting every product line… So, what is the next step? So, what is the next step? 4 Cognos® software InfoSphere™ software 3 2 FileNet® software 1 DB2® software Informix® software A leader in every category… Clients and Business Partners agree… • Business Performance Solutions • ETL Tools • BPM for Document Processes • ECM Suites… Since the IOD Initiative Launch 3 Years Ago… Over 10,000 New Clients Over 2,000 New Business Partners 20% CAGR Revenue Growth* Forrester • Corporate Performance Mgmt. • Business Intelligence Platforms • Data Warehouse DBMS • Data Quality Tools • Data Integration Tools • Customer Data Integration • Enterprise Content Mgmt.… Gartner and many other firms… *IBM Information Management Software Revenue for 12 months ending in June 2006 to 12 months ending in June 2008

  6. A Multitude of Information ProjectsEach successful in its own right; but limited speed and flexibility… • Large Global Bank • 5 data warehouse projects in 5 years • Large customer call center deployment • Reengineered CIF System • Millions invested • “I still can’t sleep at night; • I don’t have a real time and accurate view into my risk posture” - Chief Risk Officer • “I still can’t tell you who our most profitable customers are, let alone serve them well across my channels” - Chief Information Officer • Multi-channel Apparel Retailer • 3 brick & mortar and 1 web channel • Multiple customer loyalty systems • Multiple call centers • 1 credit card

  7. Perfect Invoicing Agile Government Risk Insight Citizen Centricity Bridging the GapBecoming an Information-Based Enterprise Unlocking Business Value Transform information into a trusted asset … Desired State Flexibility & Speed Information Based Enterprise Current State Information Intensive Projects 7

  8. Bridging the Gap Becoming an Information Based Enterprise Adaptive Business Performance Real-time Single View of the Truth Information as a Competitive Differentiator Information in Context Information to Enable Innovation Basic Information Interaction Focus on Data And Reporting Information to Manage the Business Flexible Information Architecture Data to Run the Business Information as a Strategic Asset Business Value Maturity of Information Use

  9. Information MaturityNew York State Department of Taxation Extracting intelligence from consolidated information 2007- 2008Information to Enable Business Flexibility Entity Analytics for Fraud Detection Improve citizen and business satisfactionand response time Decrease filing errors and increase turnaround 2006End users interact directly with relevant tax data with XML data using Workplace Forms Enhance Citizen Services Business Value Data Consolidation 2004-2006Consolidate multiple tax Data stores and reporting Records Management Reduce administrative coststhrough efficiencies Information Management Evolution 9

  10. Unified Information Management Strategy What’s needed…? Information Agenda for Government 2. Enterprise content management layer… 1. Data management layer… 3. Information integration layer… 4. Business intelligence & performance management layer… Build Slide – View in Presentation Mode …to optimize content, process and compliance management …to establish, govern and deliver trusted information …to manage data over its lifetime A unified enterprise information infrastructure… …to unlock the business value of information …to optimize business performance 10

  11. Strategic Imperatives Business Objectives Core Management Processes Information Agenda Guide for Government Improve organizational performance, shared services Gain control of data across siloed systems Establish business controls, auditing and records verification Achieve enterprise view of the citizen for Social Services across all channels Securing data and identification (identity resolution, biometrics, fraud elimination) 11

  12. Information Agenda Guide for Government Click on Image to Link to larger picture Built from extensive IT project experience with IBM customers worldwide 12

  13. Information Agenda Guide for Government Manage Costs & Reduce Operating Expenses Click on Image to Return to Presentation Example

  14. Becoming an Information Based Enterprise... Establish an information-driven strategy & objectives to enable business priorities… Discover & design trusted information with unified tools and expertise to sustain competitive advantage over time… Accelerate information-intensive projects aligned with the strategy to speed both short-term & long-term return on investments… Deploy open and agile technology and leverage existing information assets for speed and flexibility…

  15. 1 Self-Assessment Health Check 2 Roadmap Workshop Quick Value, Near-term 3 Solution Pilot Workshop Comprehensive, Long-term Information on Demand Assessments & WorkshopsAccelerate the Development of Your Information Agenda Roadmap Identifies your level of maturity in leveraging information as a strategic asset Short term roadmap with distinct set of actionable projects that move you towards enterprise information infrastructure Business case and high level plan for the first project to deliver business value now and in the long-term 15

  16. Information Maturity Heath Check Information on Demand Self Assessment Free! Contact Take the Information On Demand self-assessment now to check your company’s information maturity level and receive recommendations for improvement…… 16

  17. 17

  18. Banking, Financial Markets & Insurance Guides Banking Information Agenda Guide Insurance Information Agenda Guide Industrial & Manufacturing Guides Automobile Aerospace Electronics Industrial Products Chemical & Petroleum* Retail Guide Consumer Products Guide Travel & Transportation Guide* Energy & Utilities Guide* Healthcare & Life Sciences Guides Payer Provider Pharma Comm. Service Provider Guide Media & Entertainment Guide* Government Guides Federal State & Local Government Information Agenda Guides & WorkshopsIndustry tailored sessions to guide future state design, identification of key information requirements and gap analysis Communications Industry Wheel • Workshops & Guides… • Workbook and Roadmap Templates • Information Governance Best Practices • Led by Subject Matter Experts across IBM * available in October 2008; Other guides available now

  19. Information AcceleratorsIndustry specific assets to speed deployment • Banking & Financial Markets • Risk Adjusted Profitability • Branch Performance • Retail Banking Customer Segment Performance • Corporate Banking Customer Segment Performance • Relationship Pricing for Commercial Banking • Customer Service • New Account Opening • Silo Optimization • Lending • Mortgage Loan Processing • New Account Opening • Financial Markets Data Assessment (GBS) • Banking Risk Analytics • Risk Management Cockpit (GBS) • Risk Adjusted Profitability (GBS) • Banking Data Integration (GBS) • Customer Data Management (GBS) • Anti-Money Laundering (GBS) • Derivatives Confirmation • Fraud and Abuse (GBS) • Customer Care & Insight Solution (GBS) • Banking Industry Models • IBM Banking Customer Care & Insight Framework • Financial Consolidation • Budget and Control • Government (Fed. & Central) • Program Objective Memorandum • Case Management • Death Registry • Defense • Agency Management • Government Program Management • Crime Information Warehouse (GBS) • Maximo for Government • Healthcare Healthcare Providers • Master Patient Index • Enterprise Health Analytics • Content Connector Health Plans • Health Information management • Health Plan Industry Models • Enterprise Information Management • Customer Care and Insight for Health Plans • Risk, Fraud, and Compliance for Health Plans • Cross-Industry/Functional • Expense Planning & Control • Workforce Planning • Strategic Financial Planning • Sales Planning & Forecasting • Sales Compensation Planning • Initiative Planning • Strategic Long-Range Planning • Allocations Planning • Risk Analysis • Strategic Finance • Capital Expenditure Planning • Discretionary Capital Expenditure Mgmt. • Workforce Resource Management • Close, Consolidate & Report • Management & Financial Reporting • Bill of Lading/Manifests • Customer Service • Container Billing • Claims/Case Management • Data Conversion for Maximo (GBS) • E-discovery Manager • Compliance Warehouse Legal Discovery • Workforce Performance Application • Aggregate Spend Management (GBS) • Accelerating Time-to-value… • 140+ Industry-specific Assets • 50+ Performance Management • 45+ Enterprise Content Management • 45+ InfoSphere • 6 IBM Industry Models • 30 Information Intensive Applications • 10+ GBS Analytical Assets • Government (State & Local) • Municipal Performance Management • Court Management • Fraud Investigation • Real ID Act • Retirement and Pensions • Unemployment • Workers Compensation • Life Sciences • Clinical Trial Management • Clinical Trial Enrollment Forecasting • Sales Quota Allocation • Samples Optimization • RFID Information Center / e-pedigree • Maximo for Life Science • Pharmaceutical Track & Trace (GBS) • Education • Enrollment & Tuition Planning • Position Planning for Higher Education • Energy & Utilities • Asset Plant Lifecycle Mgmt. • Central Engineering • Rate Case • Aging Workforce • Embargo • Violations • Intelligent Utility Network • Maximo for Nuclear Power • Maximo for Utilities • Maximo for Oil & Gas • Industrial & Manufacturing • Sales & Operation Planning • Sales & Operation Planning Executive Review • Trade Promotion Management • Asset Management • EE Drawing Manager • Project Management • Plant Lifecycle Management • Customer Service • New Product Introduction • Automotive Quality Insight • Insurance • Product Profitability • Claims Management • Claims Submission Automation • Insurance Industry Models • Insurance Self Service • New Business Processing • Insurance Scorecard • Chemical & Petroleum • Upstream Oil & Gas Planning • Retail & Distribution • Store Operations (P&L) • Store Development • Strategic Promotion Planning • Financial Merchandise Planning • Financial Workbench & Scorecard • Customer Service • Vendor Management • e-Commerce Integration • Supplier MDM • PIM for e-Commerce • Retail New Product Introduction • RFID Information Center/e-pedigree • Retail BI Solution (GBS) • Retail Data Warehouse Model • Communications • Customer Service • Customer Billing • Compliance • Telecommunications Data Warehouse (GBS) • Telco Data Warehouse Model • Simple Order (GBS) • Netcool Impact • Transportation • Bill of Lading/Manifests • Customer Service • Container Billing • Claims/Case Management • Maximo for Transportation

  20. A virtual or fixed team within an organization IT & line-of-business professionals Focused on building expertise across the technology, process & skills required to deliver business solutions Provides many services to the business… Business analysis, information governance, best-practice repositories, and support & education Information On Demand Competency CentersServices to help you build information centers of excellence Enable organizations to establish their own competency center to empower and support their information agenda …Everything organizations need to design, establish & run a competency center… • Services • Expertise matching your Information Agenda. Covering people, process & technology • Today: IOD CC Foundation Services. Integrated services across information lifetime. • On-line Community • Dedicated to sharing best practices. • Today: Now spanning warehousing, data integration, and BI&PM • Research & Solutions • Primary and secondary research, best practices, how-to guides, white papers, books • Today: Expanded to span integration topics

  21. Market Leaders are Focused on Leveraging Trusted Information for Competitive Advantage Understanding 3 million members & 630,000 providers Improved provider satisfaction to over 90% Improved sales responsiveness for #1 market share Understanding needs of 20 million customers Reduced time to spot new trends from 7 weeks to 7 seconds 10,000 branches serving 125+ million customers 50 brands worldwide Growth in 12 Asian countries Increased daily deliveries by 100% Moving from policy-based to customer-centric after mergers Improved customer satisfaction and drove cross-selling 21

  22. You Can Take The Lead Start with your current project and lead the journey Creating an Information Agenda helps transform information into a trusted strategic asset that can be rapidly leveraged across applications, processes and decisions for sustained competitive advantage. • Expanded Value • Foundational Tools help convert your information into a trusted strategic asset • IBM Information Agenda Guides and Workshops guide future state design, identification of key information requirements and gap analysis • Information Accelerators Industry specific assets to accelerate your business value roadmaps • IBM Information On Demand Competency Centers help you build information centers of excellence • Strong Eco-systems • Over 35,000 people, cross-company, IOD-focused… • Over 2,000 New Business Partners have joined since 2005…