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Athens Area Homeless Shelter- A Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Athens Area Homeless Shelter- A Marketing Plan

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Athens Area Homeless Shelter- A Marketing Plan
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Athens Area Homeless Shelter- A Marketing Plan

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  1. Athens Area Homeless Shelter- A Marketing Plan A Presentation Submitted To Dr. Gerald Merwin In Partial Fulfillment of PADM 7040 By Justin M. Vollmer Valdosta State University Valdosta, GA October 19, 2005

  2. Athens Area Homeless Shelter- Current Mission • Mission Statement • “The Athens Area Homeless Shelter (AAHS) provides a cooperative approach to the homeless individuals and fosters public awareness of the homelessness in the community. AAHS’ Almost Home Transitional Program provides long-term residential support for single women and families with children who are homeless and who wish to make life changes to regain self-sufficiency and independence. The Job TREC program provides case management and support to all homeless in Clarke County by offering personalized job training.” Source:

  3. Athens Area Homeless Shelter • Goals • Provide short and long term shelter of families and single women • Provide employment and education supportive services • Provide assistance to homeless families with child care • Educate the community that homelessness is a result of several complex factors • Advocate for the homeless

  4. Athens Area Homeless Shelter • Who is served? • Single women and families in need of transitional housing, job placement, training, and counseling. • Particularly serving individuals in Athens area (Northeast Georgia).

  5. Organization-level competition • Many nonprofits feel that they are attempting to reach the same social goals. • There are hundreds of nonprofit organizations in the Athens, Ga region that offer homeless aid. • AAHS must “….understand who their competitors are and what strengths and weaknesses each has” (Andreasen and Kotler, p. 78).

  6. Strengths of AAHS • Large number of Volunteers • Many community service organizations from the University of Georgia • i.e. fraternities and sororities • Full time staff • Administrative Staff • Board of Directors • IT staff • Night and weekend staff

  7. Weakness of AAHS • Working against publics ignorance of the extent of the homeless problem • Limited number or beds (21 total) and size of facility. • Budget is inflexible – AAHS relies on 40% of budget from donations

  8. Future opportunities for AAHS • The biggest opportunity for AAHS is differentiation, or offering something few others can offer. • By offering many homeless aid programs, such as Job TREC, Nancy Travis House, etc., AAHS is able to cope with competition and compete for volunteers, funding, etc.

  9. Core Marketing Strategy -Athens Area Homeless Shelter • AAHS’s Marketing Strategy will reflect its weaknesses including: • Inflexible budget – will work to increase donations and lower overhead costs • Begin a community education campaign to reveal the homeless problem in Athens and surrounding areas.

  10. Core Marketing Strategy(Cont.) • AAHS Marketing Strategy will focus on the three elements as provided by Andreasen and Kotler on page 82. • Selection of specific target markets • Determine competitive position • Marketing Mix

  11. Selection of Specific Target Markets • Selection of Specific Target Markets • Target markets will include the homeless, donors, and volunteers. • Determine Competitive position • Use differentiation of services to remain competitive and helpful to the homeless • Marketing Mix • Use of various and original marketing methods Source: Andreasen and Kotler, p. 82

  12. Increase Donations • Create Social Alliances • Cause-Related Marketing • Sales-Related Fundraising • This type of marketing will be directed towards local businesses and corporations looking to increase their sales by contributing to AAHS. • Ideal Program- • 5-10% of sales from business go toward donations at AAHS

  13. Increase donations • More Fundraising events • Benefits are two-fold • Increase funds • Advertise AAHS and goals • Fundraising events can influence target audiences for donations by segmenting the audience by having various and different events appealing to different audiences.

  14. Educating the public • Updating and renovating existing web-site to include educational items and statistics concerning homeless

  15. Additional Marketing Strategies • Begin a “Branding” Campaign • “Out of the Rain and Towards the Sun…” • Mission and goals would not have to be changed using this “Brand” • Indicates a supporting and starting place organization. • Conveys meaning and emotion (Andreasen and Kotler, p. 175) • Important to keep branding continual and maintained.