Junkcar -Buy


If you've got a wrecked car, van or truck sitting around collecting nothing but rust and complaints - It's an eyesore and it's dangerous. Some vehicles aren't worth the time or money to fix. This is your chance to get rid of it and get paid the most money for it too. No matter what condition it's in, no matter how ugly and no matter if it runs or not - every vehicle, make, model or condition gets top dollar from us and you'll never pay any extra fees or hidden towing charges - We tow it for free and pay you the most cash possible, every time. Why donate it or give it away - or WORSE, pay to have it towed away? Call us at 855-845-9227 - And we'll arrive at a convenient time to pay you cash right now and tow away that unwanted or wrecked car, van or truck. We make selling your junk car the easiest way to get cash today... Get an instant phone quote from us....Why even think about posting that clunker for sale in the paper or on craigslist? We're ready to buy your junk car right now.


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