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Camp McDowell 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Camp McDowell 2014

Camp McDowell 2014

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Camp McDowell 2014

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  1. Camp McDowell 2014

  2. Where is Camp? Camp McDowell is smack in the middle of Winston County- about one hour and fifteen minutes away from Decatur.

  3. How will students be kept safe? That’s easy! JUST FOLLOW THE RULES! There are only a few and they make sense– just good, common sense.

  4. Rule #1 Don’t throw rocks!

  5. Rule # 2 Always go with a buddy!

  6. Rule # 3 You have a cabin, meal time, and field group chaperones. Know who they are. Ask permission from them before you do anything!

  7. Rule #4 WALK down the big hill.

  8. Special Note about Safety! Camp McDowell has a rainy weather plan. Classes are held even in the rain! If lightning or inclement weather prevent outdoor activities, teachers have an assigned place to go and will carry on with class indoors. In the event of storms Camp has a plan for sheltering the students.

  9. Where will we sleep? Students are assigned to a cabin. Each cabin holds from 11-17 beds with an attached bathroom.

  10. What will we eat? Meals are fairly kid-friendly. Typically, breakfast consists of a country type meal or something with syrup. Lunch can be pizza, sandwiches, corn dogs, or burrito. Dinner is usually chicken strips, pizza, BBQ, or a pasta type dish. Drink options are water or kool aid. Dinner might also include a dessert. Alternatives include cereal at breakfast, salads, and vegetable/pasta dishes. ADULTS: You also have the option of tea or coffee. The coffee is ready very early in the morning. Feel free to go get a cup and return to your cabins! Meals are served “family style”.

  11. Will we learn anything? Really….are you kidding? You will have TWENTY FOUR hours of classes! And, I might add, the coolest classes ever!

  12. Class #1 Canoeing Wall Climbing

  13. Class #2 Native Americans

  14. Class #3 Down to Earth

  15. Class #4 Ponds and Streams

  16. Night Classes Of course, we will enjoy Stars, Sparks, and Stories around the camp fire. Our second night class is called Feathers in Focus.

  17. Are there really only a few rules? NO!

  18. Sadly, there are a few more that we expect to be followed…..

  19. RESPECT • There is not a cute picture for this page. • Respect is what it is. • Dr. Poovey and your teachers expect you to honor: • each other • your adult chaperones • your teachers at camp • and the environment you are so privileged to see at Camp McDowell.

  20. Cabin Rules Your cabin mom or dad will set a “lights out” time. (10:00 is suggested) Lights out is one of those teacher phrases that means GO TO SLEEP. Also, please honor each other’s personal space. We DO NOT visit other cabins.

  21. Meal Rules At your first meal you will find a table and that will be your table forever. If your parent is attending camp you will sit at the table with that parent. Meals are served by YOU. This means you dip it, fork it, spoon it. Take what you plan to EAT. Cut things in half if you are not sure. Try just one bite if you are double not sure. Everybody cleans up! You will take turns being the HOPPER.

  22. Class RULES Camp McDowell has the most awesome teachers ever! It is atrociously awful when students walk around, move, dig in the dirt, spray bug spray, or any of the other nine million things kids do while teaching is going on. It’s all about respect. Be Still, Listen, Answer Questions, Engage Appropriately. Most importantly, KNOW WHERE YOUR GROUP MEETS.

  23. OKAY, that’s really all of the RULES! HOWEVER, before you do it, say, it, throw it, pick it up, move it, or any other thing you can possibly imagine…… THINK- THINK – THINK- If for one second you have doubts, then ASK an ADULT!

  24. Zero Tolerance… • Flashlight tag or any games in the dark • BULLYING • Disrespect of adults • Lights out means GO TO SLEEP

  25. What should we pack? You were already given a copy of the packing list , but here are some helpful things to think about:

  26. PACKING!!! 1. Limit yourself to one suitcase or duffel bag and a rolled up sleeping bag. These must be loaded onto the bus. YOUwill carry your luggage from the bus to the cabin. 2. Your name should be on everything you bring! 3. Bring OLD socks, shoes, clothes, and towels. It is possible that items will be stained beyond repair!

  27. THINGS TO BRING: Make sure you have the following items! Water bottle Rain gear Sleeping bag/pillow Sunscreen Insect repellent BACKPACK Flashlight

  28. OPTIONAL ITEMS: ___Hat ___alarm clock ___cup for bathroom ___camera ___Swim suit ___Beach towel ___T-shirt money ($12-20) ___ Water shoes ___Sandals (bathroom use only)

  29. NOT ALLOWED: Electronic games or toys Radios Food Gum Candy Crocs, sandals, or shoes with wheels Shoes with Toes in them cannot be used for trail walking

  30. Suggestions for packing in your BACKPACK: • Flashlight • Extra socks • Rain gear, water shoes, sunscreen, bug repellent • Water bottle • Pencils • Germ X, tissue, wet wipes

  31. Cell Phones Students bringing cell phones will be responsible for proper use of the phones. It is expected that phones will be turned off during the day.

  32. What About Medicine? • Send prescription medicine in original containers with dosage labeled- in a large zip lock bag. • Over the counter medicine such as Tylenol or allergy medicine may be entrusted with cabin/field group chaperones. • Only the nurse administers prescription medicines. • Unless you have a parent accompanying you, please give Prescription medicines to Mrs. Davis. Parents may keep medicines to administer as needed.

  33. May chaperones drive their own cars? Yes! You may drive your vehicle right to the front of your cabin, unload, and then drive it to the designated parking area. It will also be very helpful if you will load some extra gear in your cars! Chaperones may also ride the bus if space allows.

  34. Monday, May 5– Report to school at normal time. Bring your gear to the sidewalk outside the drama room. Report to classrooms until buses arrive! You will be assigned a bus!

  35. LOADING THE BUS • Chaperones, please, carry gear for us- if possible. You may drive to the cabins to unload and save us a lot of work. • Kids, when it is time to load the buses, EACH OF YOU is responsible for getting your belongings on the bus. This means you carry it, lift it, and then remove it upon arrival at camp. • Once at camp, you transport your things from the bus to your cabin. (This is when you will learn if you packed lightly!)

  36. Friday, May 9– We return to Decatur between 2:00 and 2:30. Someone should be at school to get you at that time! Do NOT plan on riding the bus home from school as there is always the chance we may not return in time!

  37. QUESTIONS?????