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My Family

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My Family. by Vickie Dale Norris Eubanks Stowe. This is me . This picture is still pretty much what I look like today. My hair is a little grayer and shorter, and a few more wrinkles . Born: October 30, 1947. This is my dad, Victor Norris.

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my family

My Family


Vickie Dale Norris Eubanks Stowe

this is me
This is me

This picture is still pretty much what I look like today. My hair is a little grayer and shorter, and a few more wrinkles .

Born: October 30, 1947

this is my dad victor norris
This is my dad, Victor Norris

Below Dad walks with me beside a cotton field ready to be harvested.

Above Dad is propped on an old automobile, probably not his though, maybe his brother Millard’s.


Born February 16 or 22, 1919 There is some discrepancy between Dad and Mother concerning his date of birth.

Dad worked with Southern Life Insurance Co. and retired from there. Before that he managed Spur Oil Co. In New Bern, NC.

In his later years he had problems with his lungs, and they told him it was cancer.

my mother verona bertha pollard norris
My Mother Verona Bertha Pollard Norris

Mother and DadDy were married April 1, 1939.

I was the 4th and last child. I was also the only child born in a hospital. The rest were born at home.


Me, Daddy, and Mom

Mother and me

Born: October 6, 1921

my siblings
My Siblings

My Brother Victor Wayne with 3rd wife carmen and baby christopherwayne.

Wayne with 2nd wife Ann

Born: August 30, 1939

verona faye norris
Verona Faye Norris

This is faye as a toddler. Isn’t she cute?

Faye at the annual hen party we had for a while. Can you guess the theme for this year? We had a great clam bake that year. So good. Sure do miss those hen parties.

Born: December 8, 1941 one day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

vernon leroy norris
Vernon Leroy Norris

I really believe vernon loved me and took care of me when I was just a toddler.

This is vernon much like he is today with his wife maxine

Born: April 23, 1943

half brother kevin franklin norris
Half-Brother Kevin Franklin Norris

This is my father’s child born to his second marriage to Patsy Merritt Sullivan.

Born: March 17, 1973

alvester norris paternal grandfather
Alvester NorrisPaternal Grandfather

Born: October 7, 1876

Died: May 26, 1954

Granddaddy Norris died when I

Was about 7 years old.

paternal grandmother nancy ora dixon
Paternal GrandmotherNancy Ora Dixon

Alvester Norris

Nancy Ora Dixon

I never knew my grandmother

She died before I was born.

Born: October 17, 1882

Died: May 18, 1938

maternal grandparents
Maternal Grandparents

Cirby Leonard Pollard

LilieEmlie Florence Capps

great grandparents

Sara Byrd & Farris Pollard

Gideon Capps & Zadie Byrd

great grandparents1
Larkin Norris married Isabel Moore and had a child named Corinna. He then Married Lenora Woodall who was the Mother of Alvester Norris.Great-Grandparents

I do not know if the woman in the photo is Isabel or Lenora. The child could be Corinna if it is Isabel. Larkin was the only one identified on the photo.


More Great-grandparents

The parents of Larkin Norris were Henry Norris and Betsy. I do not know Betsy’s maiden name. Henry and Betsy had 2 children, Lucian and Larkin.

Lenora Woodall’s parents were Abner Woodall and Sarah Lee.

Nancy Ora Dixon’s parents were John Dixon and Pensia Suggs. They had four

other children, Emma, Effia, Willis, and Della. Emma and Della married Alvester

Norris’ brothers, Bryant Allen and Charlie Avender Norris.

Sarah Byrd’s parents were James Byrd and Rebecca Thomas.

Gideon Capp’s parents were Joseph J. Capps, and Elizabeth E. Barber.

Joseph Capp’s parents were Littleton Capps and Zilphia Price

great great grandfather john w pollard
Great-great GrandfatherJohn W. Pollard

John W. Pollard and Harriet Harper were the parents of Farris Pollard. John Pollard’s parents were Etheldred Pollard and Lucinda Smith. Harriet Harper’s parents were Banister Harper and Patsy Barber.


Marvin Earl Eubanks, son of Floyd Eubanks and Rosa Bell Williams.

Born: December 10, 1945

Died: June 22, 1994

Married to Marvin Earl Eubanks

February 15, 1964

marvin earl s pride joy
Marvin Earl’s Pride & Joy

Marvin loved flying, and built the plane in the forefront from a kit. He also owned the plane in the background. The plane in front was the one he crashed on Father’s Day, not long after this picture was taken. He tried to fly out of a field near our home, and didn’t have enough room to get the altitude he needed. The plane burst into flames upon crashing, and he was burned over 95% of his body. He survived for three days at the Chapel Hill Burn Center.

children of marvin eubanks vickie norris
Children of Marvin Eubanks& Vickie Norris

Ginny Elaine Eubanks

Born: July 18, 1969

Richard Earl Eubanks

Born: February 19, 1966

richard earl eubanks
Richard Earl Eubanks

From baby to teenager to young man to soldier and then a Dad and Granddad too. Seems impossible that time has whisked by and my baby boy is a fine man. I am so proud of all he has become even with all the trials of life he has endured.

ginny elaine webber
Ginny Elaine Webber

No mother or dad could be prouder than we are of my baby girl, who now is a mother and grandmother too. Beautiful inside and out.


Stephanie Ann Eubanks, Shawn Marie Eubanks,

Brian Rhodes Henries, BrandantThomasDaughety, & Michael Elisha Webber

great grandchildren

Left: Born to Stephanie Ann Eubanks and Charles Inabnitt , Caleb Lee Eubanks on April 25, 2005

Right: Born to Stephanie Ann Eubanks and Charles Inabnitt, Landon Ray Inabnitt on March 9, 2007

great grandchildren1
Great Grandchildren

Born to Brian Henries and Chelsie Brann, Levi Rhodes Henries on May 2, 2011.

my second marriage
My Second Marriage

I met Gerald Blair Stowe through Emma Jane Lyford who rented from me. He is about 6-1/2 years younger than me. We married on November 3, 2003.

Above: Gerald in Oriental in front of the marina.

Left: Cutting the wedding cake made by my daughter Ginny.

gerald s children
Gerald’s Children
  • Left to Right:
  • Kaitlyn Stowe
  • Melissa Stowe
  • Gerald
  • Joshua Stowe
gerald s parents
Gerald’s Parents

Rhenel Blair Stowe

Rachel Lucille Mayo



Born: December 10, 1918