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Cloudin. Shanghai Cloudin Network Technology Co.,Ltd. Company Profile. Catalog. Overview. Ⅰ. Milestones. Solution. Case. Customer Evaluation. Cooperation. Ⅲ. Ⅱ. Ⅳ. Ⅴ. Ⅵ. Ⅰ 、 Overview. Overview.

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Shanghai Cloudin Network Technology Co.,Ltd.






Customer Evaluation




Shanghai Cloudin Network Technology Co.,Ltd. , was established on June 1, 2011 in Shanghai.

We are 80 entrepreneurs to move forward step by step, along with his own dreams.

We are committed to provide professional mobile internet solutions for your business to open up new markets in the field of mobile Internet, occupies a new business opportunities for Chinese enterprises.

We are a technology-driven company, with a professional development team as well as superb technical strength.

We have experienced the formative years of the Internet in China and the outbreak period, with the first batch of the core of the network marketing team, we are proficient in Baidu, well aware of the Google algorithm, has a wealth of experience from the traditional Internet to mobile Internet.

We have accumulated eight years of experience in the financial industry, has different partners and customers in the stocks, gold, foreign exchange, fund and wealth management.



  • June 11, reached a strategic partnership with
  • August, 11, entered into a collaboration with ACFX
  • October 11, signed a cooperation agreement with Singapore ISC
  • November 11, to participate in the Ninth Money Fair
  • December 11, entered into a collaboration with FxPro
  • On March 12, reached a strategic partnership with
  • June 12, entered into a collaboration with, to promote its mobile application.
  • July 12, entered into a collaboration with
  • August 12, entered into a collaboration with
  • November 12 , to participate in the Tenth Money Fair
  • November 12, to Apple Shanghai signed a Joint Venture Agreement

Financial Apps Solutions


Enterprise Apps Solutions

Taobao Shop Apps Solutions

E-commerce Apps Solutions

Restaurant Menu Apps Solutions






Financial Apps Solutions

  • Apps for portal websites: focused on the financial portal companies, relying on the portal to maintain the company's customers, we will tailor a mobile application with the portal of your site, mainly apps for iPad / iPhone / Android / Windows Phone 8.
  • Apps for Marketing: mainly relying on stocks, gold, foreign exchange and other customers for the business development company, through the development of mobile phone applications to open a new channel of the door, to bring you more targeted customers through mobile phone applications, compared to traditional Internet, mobile Internet customers higher quality, more effective.
  • Apps for professional market: major push for real-time quotes of stocks, gold, foreign exchange, fund application, this application is available to the user to view real-time stock quotes, real-time gold prices, foreign exchange real-time quotes.。

Professional mobile Internet application solutions for the financial industry enterprises, including domestic and foreign stocks, funds, foreign exchange,gold, and other companies, with years of accumulated experience in the financial industry, we have a unique advantage in the financial sector to develop a market.



Rhinewm APP

a. iPad

b. iPhone

c. Android

2. YZForex APP

a. iPad

b. iPhone

c. Android

3. Amoney APP

a. iPad

b. iPhone

c. Android

4. FxPro APP

a. iPhone

b. Android



"Very creative team, the young generation of a dynamic and energetic, the first time with Cloudin too successful cooperation, hope to redouble our efforts!"

---- Shanghai Rhinewm Wealth Management Co.,Ltd.: Wang Wei(Chairman)

"Cloudin to let us get to a lot of customers from the mobile terminal, very valuable."

---- ‘s CEO: Dai Qingmin

Cloudin’s CEO is a very smart and talented young man, support Cloudin to support the younger generation, do not forget to help me to APP upgrade, upgrade, and then upgrade his busy! "

----’s CEO: Wang Peili

"Cloudin to help FxPro has been a rapid development in the Chinese market, especially in network marketing do excellent the APP effect is also good, and get a lot of high-quality customers!"

---- FxPro China, located in Sunny



If your company did not understand the APPs, Cloudin will help you, guide you, and tell you how to take advantage of the mobile Internet for more business opportunities for you.

If your company is planning to develop APPs, you can immediately contact us, we will give you the APPs suggestions, provide professional advice, along with development, together grow.

If your company has developed a APPs, you can contact us, we will bring more users to the APP, we will provide you with a professional mobile application marketing program to promote your APP to bring you more of the target user.

The company of friends or friends of your side is a demand for the development of mobile applications, you can also help the referral, the cloud will provide you with a generous commission.