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Board of Regents Support Fund Fellowship

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Board of Regents Support Fund Fellowship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Board of Regents Support Fund Fellowship. Presented by: Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) Grants and Contracts Accounting (G&C). TOPICS COVERED. Application process Notification of award Budget Setup/Account numbers Awarding the stipend Awarding the tuition waiver

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board of regents support fund fellowship

Board of RegentsSupport Fund Fellowship

Presented by:

Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP)

Grants and Contracts Accounting (G&C)

topics covered
  • Application process
  • Notification of award
  • Budget Setup/Account numbers
  • Awarding the stipend
  • Awarding the tuition waiver
  • Viewing the account on nVision
  • Accounting questions
  • Exceptions
application process
  • Rebecca Drake notifies the appropriate departments when Board of Regents (BoR) sends out the RFP (request for proposals)
  • Assistance with the application
  • Routing Form:
  • Cost Share:
cost share

When applying for external funds to perform research or sponsored project the total cost of the project is considered to have at least two components: that portion which will be covered by an external private entity or public agency (federal, state or local); and that portion which is covered by the University (sometimes in conjunction with an external third party). The portion covered by the University (sometimes in conjunction with an external third party) is considered to be cost sharing or matching revenues.

cost share5
  • Tuition waivers by UNO are part of this grant’s (fellowship) cost share commitment.
  • The business manager or P.I. is responsible for ensuring correct general fund or restricted cost-sharing account numbers on routing forms.
  • P.I. is responsible for compiling the certifications for cost sharing.
  • If Support Funds are reduced, ORSP may reduce its cost share proportionately.
notification of award
  • Rebecca Drake notifies the Principal Investigator (P.I.) of the award by phone.
  • Rebecca will send out a notification to those P.I.’s not funded.
  • Awards announced in late Spring
  • Contract sent from BoR to ORSP in late May for review/revision. P.I.’s signature is needed on budget page of the contract as a statement of assurance.
  • Contract is then sent back to BoR
  • BoR sends executed contract back to ORSP within the first two weeks of June
budget setup account numbers
  • DeQuindra Rouzan, ORSP, sets up the budget after receiving the executed contract from BoR
  • Budget setup is sent to G&C to open an account for project based on final awarded amount.
  • G&C issues an account number for the award and then enters the budget in PeopleSoft
  • DeQuindra Rouzan sends out electronic email with the account number to the P.I.
budget setup account numbers8
  • G&C sends the new account to Financial Services who in turns issues a speed key (24 hour turnaround)
  • If there is restricted cost share associated with the account, a 142XX cost share account will be set up and a separate speed key issued for the account
  • A general fund 103XX cost share account would also have its own speed key
  • Once ORSP receives the speed key, DeQuindra sends speed key and budget setup to the P.I. via email
  • DeQuindra will also meet with the P.I. to review budget setup
awarding the stipend
  • Fellowship recipients are not G.A.’s
  • No paperwork goes to Graduate School
  • A GA receives a salary for work performed through payroll
  • Fellowship recipients receive a check cut by Accounts Payable
  • Purchase Req should indicate that when checks are ready the department should be called, not the student.
  • Department needs to cancel P.O. if student leaves.
  • P.I.’s will be sent a link to the ORSP packet which describes how to process a fellowship
  • Students should be issued a formal offer letter
awarding the stipend10
  • 9 months vs 12 months: Unless specified in the contract, 9 months is better for accounting purposes.
  • Amount of award; Look at budget set up
  • Purchase Req should include speed keys for prime account and any other account contributing to the stipend i.e. cost share, departmental
  • If more than one funding source pays for the stipend, i.e. prime and cost share, make sure the Purchase Req stipulates the exact percentage to be charged to be each account each time a check is to be cut
awarding the stipend11
  • Send Purchase Req to May Wang in G&C for review
  • May Wang will forward the Purchase Req to Purchasing
awarding the tuition waiver
  • BoRSF fellows are not GA’s
  • No code is entered in the system to hold schedules
  • The fellowship will cover instate tuition and non resident fees if applicable, for fall, spring, and summer semesters by the university. Students/Fellows are responsible for incidental fees.
  • Summer institute, intercession, and non traditional courses are not covered
awarding the tuition waiver13
  • Tuition is waived by an Award Request Form from Student Financial Aid or letter
  • Award Request Form is submitted directly to Student Financial Aid
  • Prior to submitting the form or letter to Student Financial Aid make sure the student is registered full time
  • Use prime account number on Award Request Form
  • Include student’s empl number on the form
  • Amount should be tuition amounts. Specify all semesters to be awarded.
  • Student Financial Aid: Scholarships – 280-3191 or 6686 Torri Spooner, Cherie Collet
viewing the account
  • Obtain Forms on Financial Services webpage
  • Obtain PeopleSoft access
  • Obtain nVision file/folder access
  • Prime account
  • Don’t forget to request cost share account access, if applicable
reporting requirements
Reporting Requirements
  • Reporting periods: October, January and May
  • Reports will be available online beginning October 1st
  • Departments will be responsible for submitting reports
  • Thirty days prior to the due date, DeQuindra will send out a reminder via email to the PI
accounting questions
  • General accounting questions i.e. “What’s my balance?” should be directed to May Wang in G&C – 280-5561
  • Student resigns from UNO
  • Student is put on probation
  • Student is about to graduate and doesn’t need to be full-time.
  • Can I switch out a recipient?
  • All exceptions must be submitted in a written request, for prior approval, to Kari Walsh, ORSP, 280-7489
  • Dr. Robert Cashner will review the exception.
  • If justified, Kari Walsh will forward the exception to BoR for approval.
  • P.I. will be notified by Kari Walsh if approved.
cost share accounts
  • Restricted cost share accounts will roll over to the next year.
  • Upon expiration of the fellowship, any monies left in the cost share account will be returned to the initiating department and the cost share account will be closed.
who do i call
Who Do I Call?
  • Rebecca Drake – 280-7149; Office of Research & Sponsored Programs; applications
  • DeQuindra Rouzan – 280-3992; Office of Research & Sponsored Programs; notification of speed key to P.I.; submits reports to BOR
  • Ana Barrera – 280-6835; Office of Research & Sponsored Programs; main contact for the award
  • David Papania – 280-6213; Grants and Contracts Accounting; sets up the account; notification of account number to P.I., main contact for the financial portion of the award; cost share certifications
  • May Wang – 280-5561; Grants and Contracts Accounting; monitors account transactions
  • Kari Walsh – 280-7489; Office of Research & Sponsored Programs; exception requests & award modifications
workshop handouts
  • Sample Routing Form
  • Sample Budget Setup
  • Sample Offer Letter
  • Award Request Form
  • Exception for Tuition Exemptions
  • PeopleSoft Account Request Form
  • nVision file/folder Access form
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • This presentation can be found online at:
  • The P.I. has changed. What do I do?: DeQuindra will have a new form to change P.I.