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Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God. Summary. Life with Nanny. Janie and Nanny moved away from the white family and purchased land and lived in their own house. Janie kisses Johnny Taylor, which makes Nanny realize that Janie needs protection in the form of a respectable husband.

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life with nanny
Life with Nanny
  • Janie and Nanny moved away from the white family and purchased land and lived in their own house.
  • Janie kisses Johnny Taylor, which makes Nanny realize that Janie needs protection in the form of a respectable husband.
  • Janie is told about the life of her mom and her grandmother. Nanny has chosen Janie to marry Logan Killicksbecause of his protection and security of his age. But Janie protests.
life with logan killicks
Life with Logan Killicks
  • Janie marries Logan and has a large wedding. They ride back to his lonely house. Love has not come in marriage as Janie thought it would.
  • Janie went to Nanny for advice, but Nanny does not give her the advice she seeks. Nanny talks of security, Janie speaks of love.
  • Nanny died soon after this encounter with Janie.
life with logan killicks continued
Life with Logan Killicks continued…
  • Cutting up potatoes, Joe comes walking down the road and introduces himself to Janie. Joe and Janie meet each other every night and he tells her how special she is.
  • Janie and Logan get into an argument, and after that, he demands that she start working in the field with him.
  • Janie ends up running away with Joe.
life with joe starks
Life with Joe Starks
  • Joe has a lot of money and they move into a small town and buy up all the property and build a store. He soon becomes mayor.
  • Joe later becomes jealous that other men might admire Janie’s hair. Powerless, Janie decides to follow his demand of hiding her hair under headrags.
life with joe starks continued
Life with Joe Starks continued…
  • Joe begins to verbally abuse Janie over her mistakes. Janie becomes compliant with Joe, but inwardly is saving her emotions.
  • Joe is drastically aging and moves out of the bedroom as his sickness worsens.
  • Joe dies unrepentant of the life that he lived with Janie. Janie mourns on the outside, but is inwardly at peace.
life with tea cake
Life with Tea Cake
  • Janie burns all headrags and proudly expresses her freedom.
  • Janie meets Tea Cake and he teachers her how to play the game of checkers and makes her laugh. They quickly begin to fall in love. At first, Janie is unsure she can trust him; he is afraid that he will lose her.
  • Janie and Tea Cakeconfront each other about their age difference.
life with tea cake continued
Life with Tea Cake continued…
  • Townspeople begin talking about them, saying Tea Cakeis just after the money.
  • Janie and Tea Cakeleave town to get married.
  • They move away to Tea Cake’shome land, where he is familiar. He also teaches Janie how to shoot guns.
life with tea cake continued1
Life with Tea Cake continued…
  • Their home becomes the place where everyone in town gathers at night. He plays good music, she talks with the porch sitters.
  • A hurricane hits the town. Tea Cakesaves Janie, but in his effort is bit by a rabid dog. They find refuge elsewhere for a while. Janie and Tea Cakemove back into town after the storm has settled.
life with tea cake continued2
Life with Tea Cake continued…
  • Tea Cake’swound becomes infected. He cannot drink water. They try to get a doctor, but it’s too late.
  • Tea Cake becomes deranged and threatens Janie by aiming a gun at her, threatening to shoot. Janie defends herself with a rifle, shooting TeaCake. He dies in her arms
  • Janie is sent to trial for killing Tea Cake, but is freed. She gives Tea Cakea glorious funeral. She does not mourn for him.