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Distance Education Council PowerPoint Presentation
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Distance Education Council

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Distance Education Council - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The world is moving towards furniture less classrooms. Educational tools and methods are becoming sharp, modern, and flexible with changing times.

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Distance Education Council

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Distance Education Council

The world is moving towards furniture less classrooms. Educational tools and methods are becoming sharp, modern, and flexible with changing times. Online education and distance learning courses are the newest thing in education. They have numerous reasons owing to their popularity and increasing demand. They are popular among the students as well as the working class. The students can work while they earn by opting for correspondence courses and the working professionals can simultaneously upgrade and enhance their knowledge and skills.


Distance Education Council

It is a competitive world out there. Each one of us needs to be at the top of our game at all times to beat the competition. The world of information is changing and evolving every minute and we constantly need to hone our skills to survive the rising competition. By opting for online courses we can revise our knowledge, gain new skills and hence apply for better jobs and higher positions at work. One can opt for more than one specialization at the same time or go for advanced levels depending on one’s interests and requirements.


Distance Education Council

Distance education covers short term as well as long term courses. Various universities and institutes offer various certificate courses like diploma in elementary education, online diploma programsas well under graduate, post graduate and doctorate courses. The course period varies from a few weeks to years, depending on the course. For those interested in higher education can also go for post graduate courses in the subject of their choice. The students can also go for specialized post graduate diplomas in fields like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Information Technology, etc.

Distance education as the name itself suggests that the students are not required to attend regular classes and can study from anywhere and at any time. They are not required to take a break from work or miss work and can study in the evenings or weekends. Online learning uses modern tools like eLearning modules, online simulators, online classrooms, and web links, etc. for teaching and studying. The students can submit assignments either through the post or online and can also sit for exams online.


Distance Education Council

Correspondence programs, online courses and distance education are also the best way to continue education for those who had to leave their studies due to any reason. When going for distance education or online courses it is very important to choose the institute/university wisely. It is important to opt for a recognized university/institute so that your course/degree has a value in the market. Choose a course best suited to your career and your field of interest.

Ksouoel is a collaboration between Karnataka State open University,(India) and the Mother Teresa Education Foundation, (India).The programmes offered by KSOU are recognized by Distance Education Council, India. Ksouoel offers a wide array of courses ranging from free online certificate coursespost graduate programs. There are various courses like Banking, Hardware and Software courses, Insurance, Hotel Management, IT courses, Language Courses, Tourism, Fashion/Jewelry/Footwear Designing, etc. For a complete list of courses, course details, admission procedure and other information, visit


Distance Education Council

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