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David Redman, Director Facilities and Administrative Services Division

David Redman, Director Facilities and Administrative Services Division. HQ Renovation All Hands. April 4, 2012. Agenda. Welcome— David Redman, Director, Facilities and Administrative Services Division HQ Relocation Reminders Move Information Key Dates

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David Redman, Director Facilities and Administrative Services Division

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  1. David Redman, Director Facilities and Administrative Services Division HQ Renovation All Hands April 4, 2012

  2. Agenda • Welcome— David Redman, Director, Facilities and Administrative Services Division • HQ Relocation Reminders • Move Information • Key Dates • Evacuation Plan • Paul Raudenbush, Chief, Headquarters Security • Information Security • Classified and SBU Information • Safe Relocation • Arnold Rotruck, Paxton Van Lines • Packing Guidelines

  3. Organization POCs • Office of Communications • Patrice Williams, Sharon Lord (Alternate) • Office of Procurement • Laverne Randolph, Susie Marucci (Alternate) • Office of Protective Services • Mark Dodd, Lakeesha Matthews-Williams (Alternate) • Office of Safety and Mission Assurance • Bill Loewy

  4. Move Information • 2nd Floor Moves • April 25th Communications, and OSMA Move to the 2nd Floor • April 30th Procurement • 4th Floor Move • May 3rd OPS • Moving crates / labels will be delivered two weeks prior to move • April 11th • Employees are strongly encouraged to take personal items home • Organization file cabinets MUST be emptied by April 16th • Proper labels must be applied

  5. Move Information • File Pedestals • Employees MUST be packed & ready to move by COB the day before scheduled move • April 24th – Communications, OSMA • April 27th - Procurement • May 2nd - OPS • ITCD will pack computer equipment • Employees to complete Paxton label sheet and place on desk for IT to apply • System Furniture Keys • 5 drawer file cabinets should be locked and key provided to move POC • File pedestals do not have to be emptied and will be moved by Paxton movers. Pedestals should be locked and keys remain with employee

  6. Move Information • Office keys • Office Protective Services, keys will remain with employees • Office of Communications, Procurement and OSMA employees with NASA issued keys must place keys in key collection envelope and complete a key card to receive new key. Key card and collection envelope should be returned to your POC. • *Facilities will update workstation/office numbers for individuals related to renovation moves only. If employees move after their relocation, it is the employees responsibility to update their information.

  7. Move Guide • Provided to POCs, March 27th

  8. Key Dates • April 11th Delivery of moving crates • April 24th Packing completed for Communications, OSMA • April 25th Office Move/Telework Day - Communications, OSMA • April 27th Packing completed for Procurement • April 30th Office Move/Telework Day – Procurement • May 2nd Packing/Re-labeling completed for OPS • May 3rd Office Move/Telework Day – OPS * IT will be fully restored at completion of move. Employees should follow ITCD’s leave behind to map printers.

  9. 2nd Floor Location

  10. 4th Floor Location

  11. Evacuation Procedures • HQ Evacuation procedures remain as they have been, despite renovation work and personnel relocations. • If you are moved to a new area of the building for the renovation, look for the emergency exits and signs and familiarize yourself with your new staging area before an evacuation, so you know where you should report if the alarm sounds. • Verify your evacuation routes and staging area, regardless of where you are in the building. • If an alarm sounds listen, then act quickly

  12. Evacuation Procedures • If you need assistance evacuating, report to the galley area on whatever floor you are on. • Once out of the building, do not return until the “all-clear” is given. • Follow directions given by the ICP, Emergency Management, Security, and Building Monitors.

  13. Evacuation Staging Areas

  14. HQ Renovation Update • New Galley Areas • 3 per floor • Keurig Coffee Maker • Microwave (2) • Refrigerator (2) • Ice Maker • Seating Area

  15. HQ Renovation Update • New task lighting • Existing overhead task lighting will no longer be provided • New fixtures will be provided as part of the renovation • New fixtures required to meet US Green Building Council’s LEED Energy & Atmosphere Prerequisite 2

  16. HQ Renovation Update • New sound masking and PA systems • Sound masking provided throughout the building • Zone controlled and adjustable • Sound masking will be utilized as the PA system • GS 15 Employees • 1 row of overheads • (1) 2 drawer Lateral File Cabinet

  17. HQ Renovation Facilities Points of Contact • Project Manager • Brian Smith: brian.s.smith-1@nasa.gov • Assistant Project Manager • Regina Reilly: regina.reilly@nasa.gov • Assistant Project Manager • John Ferri: john.a.ferri@nasa.gov Please visit our website for more information: http://fasd.hq.nasa.gov/bldg_renovate.html

  18. Information Security • Classified Information • Sensitive But Unclassified Information • Identifiable markings to indicate sensitive information • SBU Cover Sheet • Burn Bags • Securing Burn Bags • Storage and Pick Up Locations • Safe Relocation Protect Information that Warrants it!

  19. Packing Guidelines • Packing with the Pax Box System • Build and stack • Legal/Letter/Hanging Files • Stack and pack • Label Placement and Removal

  20. Questions

  21. Back Up Slides

  22. Typical Floor Layout

  23. Design Advantages • HVAC wall units will be used properly and help balance the building HVAC system • Reduced “hot” and “cold” spots • Improved air circulation/quality • Increased natural lighting has been proven to increase productivity • Reduce overall energy usage

  24. LEED Certification • Piedmont is required to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification • Construction Interiors • Goal is Silver • Requires a partnership between landlord and NASA

  25. LEED Certification • NASA can receive LEED points toward certification through the following actions: • Reuse of existing furniture • Provide a thermally comfortable environment that supports the productivity and well-being of occupants • Achieve increasing levels of energy conservation for HVAC beyond the prerequisite standard to reduce environmental impacts associated with excessive energy use

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