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YESTERDAY. TODAY. Penn Travel Websites. One integrated TEM website. What is TEM?. Integrated Travel & Expense Management system with three components: Concur Travel Tool for travel booking, approval, and fulfillment Concur Expense Management for expense report submission and approval

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Penn Travel Websites

One integrated TEM website


What is TEM?

Integrated Travel & Expense Management system with three components:

Concur Travel Tool for travel booking, approval, and fulfillment

Concur Expense Management for expense report submission and approval

Concur Pay for travel payment/reimbursement

All T&E expenses for faculty, staff and students will be processed electronically through the TEM System. Reimbursement will be handled by Concur via direct payment to credit card provider and direct deposit to employee (or Paycard).

Guest Travel: Air travel can be booked using the Concur Travel Tool for guests such as consultants, speakers, visiting faculty, and faculty or admissions recruits, with the expense being charged directly to the university. Reimbursement for their other travel expenses incurred by guests will continue to be a manual process, as it is today.


EXECUTIVE EDUCATION approval for travel is changing!

  • The following changes will be in effect Monday, July 22, 2013 for approvals within Concur Expense:
    • Your profile has been pre-loaded with your supervisor as the first approver on all expenses (fulfilling the Default Reviewer role); this person will always need to route your expense reimbursement to the next approver in the flow
    • The HLA (or supplemental approver) is the next person in the flow and will need to be selected by the Default Reviewer; this approver (generally) should be the director of the program tied to the expense; can also be your manager’s supervisor or Kim (in cases where expenses are not tied to a program)!
    • Finance to the Rescue!
    • Sam/Gloria can help route the report should you get “stuck” on next steps

Executive Education Approval Hierarchy Flow



Supplemental Approver (HLA)






Traveler or Delegate



Enter Report

User Added Approver School Level HLAMaureen McGinness for Old C5 Check boxes



Will need to assign SUPPLEMENTAL APPROVER (or to appropriate person) when necessary



Submit (or Approve)Report


Cost Object Approver



How should I Book Travel?

  • Multiple Methods
  • Best Practices
travel tips and booking
Travel Tips and Booking
  • Use Concur on-line or World Travel to book your air, hotel, rental car to automatically get Penn negotiated rates.
  • Book airfare with Concur on-line or World Travel to have it automatically charged to a central university account (BTA) – it does not go on an expense report.
    • Concierge Service is not “built in” with ProTravel and Premier Travel
  • Use the Penn Travel Card for hotel, rental car, trains, meals . . . to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and simplify payment. Transaction feeds into Concur, drag onto an expense report, and upon approval of the expense report, I will pay the credit card on your behalf. (Yes – you still need receipts)
  • Activate eReceipts in your Concur profile (available as an option on the first day)
  • Always carry your ID, passport, visa, and reservation documents on your person, not in your checked baggage (put a folded copy in your luggage)
  • If you are traveling internationally, register with GAR and check if you need a “visa” or shots.
  • Keep World Travel’s 24/7 phone number handy while traveling (Sam has the cards!)


  • Our negotiated rates with airlines, hotels, rental cars are pre-loaded into their booking system – no need for codes
  • Airfare is charged to Penn directly , not to an individual’s T&E or personal credit card
  • Low price guarantee
  • Option of direct agent booking or using the Concur online booking tool which is fully supported by World Travel
  • QC process on every ticket booked
  • Management of outstanding tickets available for rebooking
  • Where are my Travelers? Duty of Care
  • Access to data for future negotiation of better rates with the airlines, hotels, rental car agencies and other travel vendors

International Travel


Credit Card Acceptance


Currency exchange rates

Global registry

International SOS


New Bank of America VISA Credit Card

    • Chip-n-pin technology for international travel
    • Full integration into electronic expense reporting
    • Penn branded
    • Sarah Grady or Maureen McGinness should be selected as the “Approver” for all Bank of America applications, not Business Administrator.
amex card changes
AMEX Card Changes
  • While we strongly encourage users to convert to the BOA Travel Card, the American Express card will still be active for users but MUST have charges imported into Concur so that they can be paid directly by the University on behalf of the user.
  • American Express cardholders who wish to keep their cards for special reasons may do so by notifying the Travel Card Administration at CardAdm@exchange.upenn.eduto have card transactions integrated with Concur.
  • A waiver form must be signed to authorize Penn to import charges from AMEX, pay the card on traveler’s behalf, and utilize payroll deduction for payment of card balances that are more than 120 days past due.
one place one log in
One Place . . . One Log In

Concur Travel

Online Booking Tool

Air, Car, Hotel

Fulfilled by

World Travel

Concur Expense

Electronic Expense Reporting


Status Checks

  • TEM powered by Concur

Concur Travel + Expense

A fully integrated solution

Concur Pay

Reimbursement to direct deposit account or pay card


Key Features & Benefits

  • Single Sign-on: PennKey authentication
  • Electronic submission, review, approval, and payment of expense reports
  • Delegates
  • Business rules and daily currency exchange rates built in
  • Easy access to report status information
  • Integration with Penn-sponsored travel card
    • Transaction feed
    • Payment
  • Receipts submitted as scanned images or photos, or by fax
  • Mobile application available
    • Online booking of travel
    • Expense report creation and mobile device receipt images
    • Approval of expense reports
  • Assigned during initial setup, or by the user to perform tasks on their behalf – such as creating an expense report.
  • Cannot Submit an expense report for someone else.
  • The person who Submits the expense report (hits the button) is the person who will receive the reimbursement.
  • Delegate
    • Logs in normally using PennKey authentication
    • Selects a name from the drop down “You are administering for:____”
    • Starts an expense report by completing the report header
    • Enters the first expense transaction. IMPORTANT: Look at top right corner.
      • If there is a “Submit” button you are not acting as a delegate.
      • If there is a “Notify”, you are acting as a delegate. Proceed with the expense report.
setting expense delegates in your concur profile
Setting Expense Delegates in Your Concur Profile
  • The email notifications occur – for Expense Delegates (not related to approvers):
  • Upon extraction for payment (this occurs when all approvals have been completed)
  • Upon payment
  • If an expense report is rejected by an default reviewer or any approver.
  • If Penn Travel Card transactions have been sitting in an unsubmitted state for over 30/60/90 days  (This is a reminder to put them on an expense report and submit them, so that they can be approved and then paid on their behalf)
  • The email notifications occur – for Expense Delegates (related to approvers):
  • When an expense report has entered the approvers queue, waiting to be approved
  • Note:  a person must be an approver somewhere in the system in order to be able to be selected as a delegate approver for someone else
  • Which one is a detailed receipt?
    • The one on the far right!
    • For a hotel
      • Hotel night is listed
      • Tax is listed
      • Internet is listed
      • Individual meals are listed
      • The movie rental is listed
  • Why are both meal receipts needed?
    • Detailed shows # meals vs. # people
    • Detailed will show alcohol
    • Credit card receipt shows tip
  • Per Diems – generally not allowable
    • only in extreme cases where receipts are not available
    • Remember to use the photo/picture receipt option and

the option to have e-receipts active!

  • What if I don’t have a receipt?
    • Lost Receipt Affidavit
      • Cannot be done by Delegate
    • Plus full expense explanation in expense

line item comment field

sales tax
Sales Tax
  • The Penn Travel Card or personal funds should only be used for expenses incurred while traveling or entertaining on behalf of the University. It is important to utilize the appropriate purchasing methods and to use a purchase order or the P-card whenever possible to ensure the University is not being charged sales tax unnecessarily.
  • All purchases made using the Penn Travel Card or personal funds will be charged sales tax. If an individual purchases commodities with personal funds or the Penn Travel Card that the University would be able to purchase through the appropriate purchasing method tax-free, they will be responsible for paying the sales tax portion of the purchase themselves. In these cases, the tax portion of the expense should be marked with the "Non-Reimbursable" Concur Expense Type and the traveler should remit this portion of the payment directly to Bank of America.
  • With the exemption of essential items purchased while traveling on University business (e.g. a traveler purchasing a laptop battery if theirs dies), tax should NOT be reimbursed on the following Concur Expense Types:
    • Allowable Dues/Memberships
    • Books
    • Computer Software and Accessories
    • Dues
    • Duplicating
    • Meeting Room Rentals
    • Miscellaneous
    • Office Supplies
    • Research Supplies
    • Subscriptions

Travel Advances:

  • CHANGE: Immediate cash through the cashier – GONE
  • All Travel Advances requested through Concur Expense
  • Upon return from trip, file an expense report and apply the advance to it.

Flow of Expense Reimbursement:

Create.…Submit….Approve….Payment Prepared….Payment Received



How will non-employees be reimbursed for travel expenses?

  • Once live in Concur, the Wharton T&E website will be redesigned to accommodate non-employee travel expenses!
  • The process will remain the same for preparing and approving forms as you have done in the past.
  • Non-Employee travelers will have to provide a signed cover sheet (Wharton-provided or the travelers owned signed summary)
  • Step 3 (payee approval) will appear as a verification that the preparer is attaching a signed signature document:
  • Coming in August: Access to functionality for accommodating reimbursements for faculty, staff and students will be deactivated
helpful hints announcements
Helpful Hints & Announcements
  • BOA card activation code = First four digits of your Penn ID + your zip code (i.e. 100719454)
  • There are default credit limits on the BOA card. If a traveler needs their limit increased, they can email CardAdm@exchange.upenn.eduwith appropriate justification and approval from F&A.
  • There is a form in development to give Unique Advantage personnel the ability to prepare travel reimbursements on behalf of others.
  • If using more than one “Travel Type” on a given expense reimbursement, use the farthest type at the header line (i.e. if both internal and domestic, use international at the header line)
    • Can adjust the “Travel Type” on the individual expense lines to allocate the expense to the appropriate object codes.
next steps
Next Steps
  • Try it out!
  • Ask questions??