cost of producing information l.
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Cost of Producing Information PowerPoint Presentation
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Cost of Producing Information

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Cost of Producing Information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cost of Producing Information. Chapter 1. Contents. This presentation covers the cost of: Hardware Software Consumables Personnel. Introduction. An infinite amount of time ago an unknown amount of mass collected together...

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Cost of Producing Information

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Presentation Transcript
  • This presentation covers the cost of:
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Consumables
    • Personnel
  • An infinite amount of time ago an unknown amount of mass collected together...
  • 13.73 Billion years ago the universe as we know it was created...give or take about 120 million years....
  • A few years later people emerged...
  • But unlike the universe and all that is within it which suddenly appeared (be it by one massive fluke or some greater power)...
  • Information doesn’t magically appear.
  • It is gathered, processed and re-emerges as new information...but at a cost.
  • Hardware can be used to collect, process, output and store information.
  • Although expensive to initially purchase, the cost is often spread:
    • Hardware can last a long time
    • Hardware can be used for multiple tasks
  • Further costs might include repair, maintenance and upgrading.
  • Some organisations take out maintenance contracts to lower the costs...
  • Some smaller companies may even rent hardware...if it breaks down they don’t have to worry about replacing it at a cost!
  • As more and more information is collected storage space becomes an issue and further upgrading my be required.
  • This means spending more money on upgrading current hardware and also later on when backup/archive storage facilities need updating.
  • Software is seldom free.
  • There are lots of free applications available however they may not have all of the functionality that custom software applications may have.
  • More often than not, site licences are required to help lower costs...for example Microsoft Windows can be purchased using a site licence...lots of schools will do this.
  • Training staff in how to use new software may also need to be considered.
  • Technical support may also cost extra.
    • This can come from either the software manufactures or in house teams.
  • Over time, software may not be able to carry out all of the tasks required of the user/company. Future upgrades will cost money.
  • Consumables are anything that get used up.
  • For example:
    • Paper
    • Printer Ink
    • Stationary items
  • Personnel are often the most expensive part of a company.
  • Different personnel may be required to do different jobs with information:
    • Some might collect, some might analyse and some might output information.
  • When new members of staff begin working they may need extra time to complete jobs as they get used to working with new systems.
  • This ‘bedding in’ time needs to be worked into the costs of the company.
  • On top of training costs, companies may need to cover the staff whilst they are away.
take note
Take note:
  • Fill in the following table, giving examples of what the hardware could be used for, the cost of the hardware and it’s estimated life.
take note14
Take note:
  • Investigate the cost of training courses for pieces of software such as:
    • Adobe PhotoShop
    • Adobe Flash
    • Microsoft Access
    • Visual .Net
take note15
Take note:
  • Imagine that you are producing a leaflet for a new vegetable delivery service.
  • Using the four costs discussed, list all the expenditure associated with producing a leaflet and give a cost to each item.
take note16
Take note:
  • Describe the hardware items required to collect and input data required for a fashion magazine.
  • Explain why an organisation might need to upgrade the software it uses to produce information.
  • Explain the personnel costs incurred by an organisation that produces a leaflet completely from scratch.