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using e portfolio for staff development n.
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Using E-portfolio for Staff Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Using E-portfolio for Staff Development

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Using E-portfolio for Staff Development
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Using E-portfolio for Staff Development

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  1. Using E-portfolio for Staff Development

  2. What is an ePortfolio? • An ePortfolio is essentially an online collection of reflections and digital artefacts (such as digital images and documents) that learners can use to demonstrate their development over time to various audiences. • Richard Wyles eCDF ePortfolio Project

  3. Key Concepts • Use for life long learning • Learner/User are the owners on the content • Individual content of items can be combined together for presentations • Content items are reusable • Personal reflection on content items can be made • Transferable

  4. Artefacts: These are any digital images and documents that are uploaded by the student/staff member to their file repository. Can be word doc, PowerPoint, video, spreadsheets etc • Views: Are collection of artefacts, blogs or other text information collected together for display by the user. The view determines how the information is laid out and organised. Can be displayed to general public, to group, or via a secret URL to selected people • Group: A group of users who have access to a common forum, files and contribute to group view etc. Can be created by any user of the system. There are three types, Public, Invitation Only, Controlled.

  5. How does this relate to Staff Development

  6. Why Use them • Enable staff to maintain their own record of Professional Development. • Enable staff to have one location for a number of activities • Portable • Use existing documentation – does have to converted to another format • Enable staff to become familiar with the concepts and use of e-portfolio before/when using it will students.

  7. How can we use e-portfolios • Profession Development • Recognition of Prior Learning • Profession Development Programme • Evidence of reflection of PD • Evidence of Skills development • Evidence of reflection of teaching evaluation • SAEER • Evidence of Self Assessment • Evidence of reflection and development regarding Self Assessment • Evidence of reflection on the 7 SAEER questions • Evidence of contribution to Business Unit (BU) and organisational SAEER questions

  8. How can we use e-portfolios • Research Profiles • Research Outputs • Research Groups • Research Interests etc • Academic Profiles • Evidence of ; • Qualifications • Professional Experience • Teaching Experience • Professional Qualifications

  9. Mahara/MyPortfolio • Mahara an open source e-portfolio system developed as part of eCDF project which involved Massey University, the Auckland University of Technology, the Open Polytechnic and Victoria University of Wellington. • Additional development was undertaken by the Flexible Learning Network and Catalyst IT. This was funded by the Ministry of Education and the application of Mellon Foundation funds from the Open Polytechnic’s winning a 2007 Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration. • The open source software was the commercialised by Flexible Learning Network and Catalyst IT and is available as a hosted service call myPortfolio

  10. Issues • Currently there as some issues with Mahara/myPortfolio • A portfolio can not be transferred or exported out of the system- Should be resolved late 2009 • Institutions has not control over the content • Any objectionable material can only be located thru students, or general public self reporting • It is possible for students to create a “secret” view which will be only accessible to those who receive the web address • myPortfolio is unable to restrict search results to one institution All students, groups etc are shown in search results • System requirement – Large file storage space is required • Groups: Unable to “bulk” add students to a controlled group • Each user has to be added to a group by going to their individual profile

  11. Recommended Reading • e-Assessment Guide to effective practice The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), the Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (DCELLS), the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessments (CCEA) and the Scottish Qualifications Authority(SQA) A Review Of The Literature On Portfolios And Electronic Portfolios Philippa Butler, eCDF ePortfolio Project Massey University College of Education Palmerston North, New Zealand • IMS ePortfolio best practice and implementation guide IMS Global Learning Consortium Inc • E-portfolios – Definitions and directions paper British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta)