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Tuxedo Advisor PowerPoint Presentation
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Tuxedo Advisor

Tuxedo Advisor

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Tuxedo Advisor

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  1. Tuxedo Advisor

  2. Tuxedo Advisor The Tuxedo advisor contains the following Tuxedo Performance Advisor Tuxedo Runtime Monitor Tuxedo Runtime Action Tuxedo Configuration (RM)

  3. Tuxedo Performance questions Questions: How do you group services into servers? based on ???? How do you set the MIN/MAX instances of a Tuxedo Server? How can I reduce the number of servers/instances? How would you know which service to improve so you will have the biggest effect on your performance. How can I decrease the system resources without effecting the performance

  4. Tuxedo Performance Advisor recommends Advise where should a Tuxedo Service be located based on historical performance information. Group services based on their response times, service usage/frequency. “Common Profile” Provide the MIN/MAX instances of a Tuxedo Server based on usage statistics. Which service do I need to better in order to increase my overall system performance.

  5. Tuxedo Service Performance User experience is based on the following parameters: Client code Network Tuxedo Server Queue (MSSQ or SSSQ) Service runtime

  6. Current Service distribution Service X Service X Service Y Service X Server Queue Service Y Service X – 0.30 sec Server A Service Y – 2 sec

  7. Performance Service distribution Server Queue Service X1 Service X2 Server A Service X[1..3] – 0.30 sec Service X1 Service X3 Server B Service Y2 Service Y[1..3] – 2 sec Service Y1 Service Y1 Service Y2

  8. Tuxedo Performance Advisor Report

  9. Sample Report

  10. Tuxedo Server Instance How do you calculate the server MIN/MAX instances? Based on statistical data: Service performance. Number of request. When do you need to calculate the server MIN/MAX instances? When service performance has changed. When service usage changes. When adding a new service to the server.

  11. Tuxedo current MIN/MAX

  12. Tuxedo new MIN/MAX

  13. Tuxedo Runtime Monitor Show services that are currently suspected in causing bottlenecks in the system Monitoring Servers and instances List all running servers For each server show the number of live instances Monitor server instance queue The number of request waiting for execution. Monitor number of clients that are connect to the domain Monitor system CPU&Memory

  14. Tuxedo Runtime Action Start/Stop Tuxedo Server/Group/Instance Restart Tuxedo Server instances one by one Dynamic Actions: Change service priority Advertise/Un advertise a service Suspend/Resume a server/service/interface Change service/interface transaction timeout

  15. Domain configuration information Display the main parameters of a Tuxedo domain environment. General information: Maximum number of servers for this domain. Maximum number of services for this domain. Maximum number of objects Maximum number of Queues Show network connection ports (XXXADDR) Show which Tuxedo capabilities are used by the domain: Security, CORBA, Events, Domain Connections, Network architecture, XA transactions

  16. Domain configuration information (Cont.) Show Application Server main parameters Minimum & Maximum instances, auto restart, enable statistics, Queue type, Server type, Server request queue Name For multithreaded servers: Initial & Maximum number of concurrently dispatched threads, Size of the stack created for each dispatch thread. Advise about recommended changes to the domain configuration in regarding to performance.

  17. Thank You! Thank you.