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Afterschool & STEM: Where do things stand?. Overview. State of STEM in Afterschool National Policies and Initiatives Funding Research. Setting the Stage: America After 3pm. 8.4 million kids participate in afterschool programs

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Afterschool stem where do things stand

Afterschool & STEM: Where do things stand?


  • State of STEM in Afterschool

  • National Policies and Initiatives

  • Funding

  • Research

Setting the stage america after 3pm
Setting the Stage: America After 3pm

  • 8.4 million kids participatein afterschool programs

  • 15.1 million kids on their ownafter school

  • Impact on the economy

  • Study includes Summer and Rural/Urban data

Change the equation lost opportunity
Change the Equation: Lost Opportunity

Participation needs to go up!

Stem in afterschool
STEM in Afterschool

  • 4 hours per week is the time spent most commonly spent on STEM in a typical (non-STEM-focused) program.

Policy matters funding resources for afterschool stem

Policy matters: Funding & Resources for Afterschool stem


21 st century community learning centers
21st Century Community Learning Centers

Blueprint for reform president s esea proposal
Blueprint for Reform: President’s ESEA Proposal

  • Prioritizes funding of longer school day through 21st CCLC funds

  • Discusses importance of community partners, but CBO involvement not required

  • 21st CCLC turned into 2 national competitive grant programs

  • Instructional time, school turnaround emphasized

Elementary and secondary education act reauthorization in congress
Elementary and Secondary Education Act:Reauthorization in Congress

  • House Education and the Workforce Committee:

    • Using piecemeal approach

  • Senate Health, Education, Pensions & Labor Committee:

    • Passed bi-partisan ESEA reauthorization bill in October 2011

    • Unclear if or when bill will move forward to full Senate

Afterschool for america s children act s 1370 and hr 3821
Afterschool for America’s Children Act S 1370 and HR 3821

  • Senators Boxer (D-CA), Murkowski (R-AK) and Murray (D-WA)

    • 5 co-sponsors total

  • Representatives Kildee (D-MI), DeLauro (D-CT), Lowey (D-NY)

    • 16 co-sponsors total

Stem ed investments at the federal level
STEM Ed Investments at the Federal Level

Total of $3 billion in STEM education investments across federal science mission agencies.

Source: The Federal STEM Education Portfolio, December 2011

The Office of Science Technology Policy is working on a strategic plan to better coordinate investments.

Opportunities for informal science education
Opportunities for Informal Science Education

  • Informal STEM Educators

    • 58 investments, $425 million

  • Informal STEM Education Leaders/ Program Developers

    • 20 investments, $230 million

  • Education Researchers

    • 16 investments, $324 million

Source: The Federal STEM Education Portfolio, December 2011

Stem in 21cclc

  • The purpose of the STEM in 21st CCLC initiative is to leverage the reach of the 21st CCLC programs by incorporating STEM activities into funded programs to enhance learning opportunities for students and better prepare them for the workforce of tomorrow. 

  • The initiative provides technical assistance and support in STEM to State Education Agencies (SEAs) and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to assist 21st CCLC programs in  preparing students with the skills and motivation needed to enter STEM-based careers.

Stem in 21cclc current activities
STEM in 21CCLC: Current Activities

  • Technical Working Group committees have been formed to assist with the identification and creation of technical assistance (TA) content for the grantees (SEAs) and sub-grantees (LEAs, or program leaders).

  • The purpose of the TWG committees is to assist with the review and identification of materials that will aide SEAs and program leaders in (1) developing, advancing, and increasing the reach of high quality STEM programming; (2) conducting outreach to build awareness of the value of STEM in OST and of the assets OST brings to the table as a partner for informal STEM learning; and (3) engaging in sustained STEM program quality review and improvement through a strategic planning process.

Other opportunities
Other Opportunities

  • Many STEM education bills introduced as part of ESEA reauthorization, some related to afterschool.

    • Afterschool Alliance Policy Recommendations

    • States – NGA released brief to Governors on informal science education

  • WiA, COMPETES & Higher Ed Act reauthorization coming up next year.

  • Next Generation Science Standards

  • 100k in 10

Private investments
Private Investments

Many more other funders…

Mott noyce foundations collaborating on afterschool stem
Mott & Noyce Foundations:Collaborating on Afterschool STEM

  • Based on common goal of increasing and improving quality STEM education

  • Growing number of state networks supporting afterschool and STEM programs

Afterschool stem where do things stand

State Networks: Afterschool & STEM

No Network State Network

Systems Building:CA, NY

Project Liftoff: MO, MI, OK, NE and KS

Systems Planning:


Currently expanding:


Continued investment and growth
Continued Investment and Growth

  • Noyce Mott Partnership will continue to grow over the next three years

  • Networks looking for partners to deepen afterschool/summer STEM system building

What does the data say
What does the data say?

  • NAEP scores show distinct impact of “hands-on” and “out-of-school-time” science activities

  • Research supports potential

  • Role of OST in inspiring STEM interest increasingly recognized

Outcomes of stem learning in afterschool
Outcomes of STEM Learning in Afterschool

  • Quick study done in Fall 2011 from evaluation reports of afterschool STEM programs.

  • Found 3 main outcomes:

    • Inspiring and engaging kids

    • Building skills and proficiencies

    • Inspiring kids to pursue STEM majors and careers

Delphi study on afterschool stem outcomes
Delphi Study on afterschool STEM Outcomes

  • Just concluded study looked at specific outcomes, indicators, and sub-indicators field can deliver.

  • Includes practitioners and “supporters”

  • Outcomes:

    • Developing interest in STEM and STEM learning activities

    • Developing capacities to engage in STEM learning activities

    • Coming to value the goals of STEM and STEM learning activities

Delphi study on afterschool stem outcomes1
Delphi Study on afterschool STEM Outcomes

  • Indicators – asked to rank in order of how field best positioned to impact

    • Active participation in STEM learning opportunities 

    • Curiosity about STEM topics, concepts or practices 

    • Ability to productively engage in STEM processes of investigation 

    • Awareness of STEM professions

    • Ability to exercise STEM-relevant life and career skills (6)

    • Understanding the value of STEM in society (5)

Afterschool alliance resources
Afterschool Alliance Resources

  • On Our Website:

  • Policy Issues

  • Research

  • Funding Sources

  • Curricula Resources

  • Partners and Allies

  • Assessment & Evaluation Tools

  • **NEW**

  • Funding guide

  • Advocacy guide

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