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Restaurant and Café PowerPoint Presentation
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Restaurant and Café

Restaurant and Café

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Restaurant and Café

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  1. Restaurant and Café

  2. Introduction • “U grill” is a “fun & family “steak and grill “casual dining Restaurant in the State of Kuwait. • The first of a kind restaurant , where the “Guest” is the epicenter of the Interactive cooking & encouraged to become ‘ Master Griller’s” • The Restaurant houses a unique Shisha with the choicest imaginative flavors of Shisha for the discerning connoisseur. • UGRILL features 3 main areas 3rd floor, fourth floor and the terrace

  3. Concept • Contemporary ambience with relaxed atmosphere. Lighting and colors to play a huge factor in the décor of the Restaurant. • Trade mark Unique “electric grill” embedded on each Table for the guest to grill meat as per his order. A fun “interactive” cooking format to enjoy with friends & families. • Variety of meats of offer ( USDA Prime, Wagyu, Kobe, wild Game meats, poultry and seafood) all freshly flown in. • First restaurant in Kuwait to feature an eclectic “live” to be grilled menu. • The Cuisine on offer features classic American steaks, Memphis famous smoky Bbq ribs, new Orleans prime cuts, Arabian & Turkish grills, smoky grills from the popular Indian sub continent & the more sublime & subtle Grills from Korea & Japan etc.

  4. Restaurant Layout • The Restaurant has a very contemporary and HIP design incorporating latest design standards. • Each Table has the unique “ Trade Mark Grill” embedded. • The Restaurant has a unique 360 deg perspective to it …as it features a selective and sumptuous array of “World Grills”. • The 4 – private dining areas would feature a personal chef, a personal custom made menu and option for the host to be the”Grill master” of the evening.

  5. USP • “U grill” spear heading concept puts it far ahead of its competitor as it is the first live “Grill" restaurant featuring a unique & trade mark grill on each table for the guest to cook the meat ordered retaining freshness & quality and at the same time encouraging a fun environment with the “Guest” playing the role of a “Grill Master” • The unique In house “charcutiere and Meat gourmet shop” is the first in Kuwait and provides a good souvenir for guests to take home their favorite sauces, dressings or marinated meats. • “U grill” - professional team of chefs & service leaders ensures maximum guest satisfaction by bringing to the table – “ the best grill”