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Step by Step Instructions on How to Start a Discount Vouchers Website PowerPoint Presentation
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Step by Step Instructions on How to Start a Discount Vouchers Website

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Step by Step Instructions on How to Start a Discount Vouchers Website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There is certainly a huge demand for coupon codes, promotions, and other money-saving deals. Consider this, about 59% of adults head online to find promo codes before they make a purchase. So making coupons website for affiliate earning is a massive earning business plan. You can make huge profits in the United Kingdom. Connect with 5000 UK stores easily with RevGlue. See these 10 steps instructions to build your own coupons website. Best Of Luck!

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Step by Step Instructions on How to Start a Discount Vouchers Website

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revglue offers four core modules for publishers

RevGlueoffers four core modules for publishers on revenue share model. There is no cost to use these modules for publishers and these modules offer full stack of data and built-in CMS with the RevGlue technology. None of these publisher modules require affiliate network accounts or any designer or developer to help you with website development. Publishers can earn 80% share on each commission generated from user sales with all the publishermodules.

You can view full details of all these modules at

revsocial allows you to share coupons daily deals

RevSocial- Allows you to share coupons, daily deals, banners, mobile comparison, product feeds or even simple store links on your social channels such as Facebook orTwitter.

RevAds– Create unique dynamic ads with RevGlue data sets, customise them with unique colours, fonts, layout and publish them on your website with a single line ofcode.

RevLinks– If you are blogger or running a content website but not sure how to monetise your website contents then RevLinks is your solution that will convert all your website links and keywords into paidlinks.

RevEmbed– This module allows you to create your UK discount coupons website in ten minutes. We are working on other website segments such as mobile comparison, broadband comparison and more and you will see them coming live in the next weeks within the RevEmbedtechnology.

Let’s create a UK coupons website in ten easy steps with RevEmbed technology at Click here to view UK coupons demo website.

step 1


Create a free user account. Click on Sign up link from and provide your email and select a password for you to login to your account. If you already have a RevGlue user account then skip to step 3 below.

step 2 you will receive an email from revglue

Step 2 – You will receive an email from RevGlue to validate your email address. Click on the validation link provided in the email and you are ready to browse RevGlue dashboard panel.

Step 3 – Click on RevEmbed menu from the left side and then projects menu under it. On the right side you will be able to view ADD NEW PROJECT button. As shown in image below

step 4


Click on ADD NEW PROJECT button and a popup will appear requesting you to provide the path of the domain where you wish to setup the RevEmbed coupons project. It could be your main domain such as www.mysite.coma subdomain such as  or  a folder within your domain such as can decide where you want the coupons website to appear.  In my example below I am creating a sub folder as testcoupons/  on my domain at  so I would have to provide full path as

Click on Add RevEmbed button and you will be presented with another popup.

step 5


As shown in the image below. You are provided with a Download file button now. Click on that button to download the RevEmbed  index.php file. Download that file for domain validation on your local computer.

step 6


Once you click on Download file button, an index.php file will be downloading that takes about 1-5 seconds. The popup screen will change to help you understand what to do with that file in the next step.  Don’t close this window and open your FTP software that you use to upload files on your server.

step 7


You can see in the image below that I have opened my FileZilla FTP software and connected it to my domain. I have then created a subfolder in the root folder as testcoupons and then copied the index.php file across to that folder from my computer. Make sure the file is uploaded in the right folder for validation.

step 8


Click on Verify Site button in the other window and RevEmbed module will verify your domain instantly. You can always view the Action column below if your website has been verified. Please don’t remove the index.php file from your server.

step 9


You can click on the link icon or type your domain in the browser to view the Coupons website. I can see mine as shown below.

If you have mod_rewrite enabled on your server then your RevEmbed coupons website will show pretty URLs. My server guys have disabled it so I will see .php file names. Therefore, make sure you ask your server hosting engineers to enable mod_rewrite module on your hosting package.

step 10


Now your website is live but you can still make so many changes to your coupons project. Click on the Edit button on RevEmbed panel in front of your verified domain and update the information as you like in there.

good luck with your coupon projects

Good Luck with your coupon projects.

For more information go to: