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julia barrett is l.
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Julia's Awesome Brand Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Julia's Awesome Brand Plan

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Julia's Awesome Brand Plan
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Julia's Awesome Brand Plan

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  1. Julia Barrett is...

  2. Mission Statement I am an outgoing, creative, and personable individual who facilitates success by connecting people with one another on a professional, social and artistic level.

  3. Goals • To encourage the mutually beneficial connection of professionals and artists. • To create and manage relationships among artists to aide them in professional and artistic success. • To have a successful and rewarding career.

  4. Key Messages • To give is to receive. • Working in a positive, supportive environment ensures happiness, loyalty and productivity from employees. • For every door closed, there is a window opened; it is up to those to find the window and see it as the opportunity that it really is. • Genuine relationships create ties that will help you develop as a professional and person.

  5. Strengths and weaknesses • Strengths: I am... • Outgoing, spiritual, loving, creative, friendly, professional, driven, focused, creative, empathetic, imaginative, musical, trusting, thoughtful, playful, caring, encouraging. • Weaknesses: I am... • Insecure, aggressive, opinionated, procrastinator, anxious, stubborn, self-doubting, trusting, an analyzer.

  6. Opportunities and Threats • Opportunities: I am... • Well-connected, open-minded, a fast-learner, focused, driven, lucky, affluent. • Threats I am... • Self-defeating, stubborn, indecisive, restless, scared of what lies ahead, emotional.

  7. Channels of Communication • Twitter • Wordpress • Myspace • Reverbnation • linkedIn • Facebook • Google Reader • Aime Street • Buzznet • imeem • Last.fm • MOG • Soundpedia • Supernova.com

  8. Strategies • Create connections between artists and myself • Encourage people to utilize their individual talents to help one another achieve their artistic and professional goals. • Attempt to create a positive and supportive environment for co-workers.

  9. Tactics • Utilize personal connections and social media applications to become aware of artists. • Start an online network for people to join and discuss future collaborations. • Attend independent art festivals and create connections. • Contact professionals already in the entertainment industry and ask their advice.

  10. Mentor I have yet find a mentor for my personal brand and career goals. I am looking for someone who can collaborate with me on my goals and attempt to find a comfortable medium between literal presence in the independent art scene and online.

  11. Critical Path • Week of Nov 9th: presence on all social media channels • Week of Nov 23rd: contact and relationship with Mentor • Week of Nov 30th: creation of social media network with members. • Week of Dec 7th: create discussions about future projects of artists • Week of Dec 14th: have networking event.

  12. Julia Barrett is... I want to help take the mandatory projected image out of the music industry. There has been a move from large music organizations into independent artists who record their own music or at independent studios and release their own CDs. I want to help the artists who wish to build a career through their own efforts and funds by connecting them with other people with similar goals and talents.