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Saskatchewan in 1905 PowerPoint Presentation
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Saskatchewan in 1905

Saskatchewan in 1905

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Saskatchewan in 1905

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  1. Saskatchewan in 1905

  2. Moving out West! Pack up your bags! You and your family are moving out west! Why did people move to the Prairies?

  3. The Dominion Land Act of 1872… free homesteads of 160 acres were offered to farmers who cleared ten acres and built a residence within three years…

  4. What are the results of people moving to the Prairies? Let’s say everyone here was moving to a new planet … what would you bring? Language Food Clothing Shelter AND… Sports!

  5. Football Curling Soccer Basketball Baseball Lawn Bowling Broomball Volleyball Hockey Tennis Swimming Figure Skating Speed Skating Track and Field Wrestling Gymnastics Karate Baton Ringette Waterskiing Rugby Table Tennis Sports in Saskatchewan In Saskatchewan there are a lot of sports that everyone can play! BUT… did you ever wonder…..

  6. Activity…Name that Country! Read the sport and the clue to find the origin of that sport…

  7. Curling CLUE: Bag Pipes and Kilts are popular in this Country…..

  8. Scotland The first Game on Record is from the year 1565! That is 445 years ago!

  9. Lacrosse Clue: This Country has a big party on July 1 every year to Celebrate becoming a country….

  10. Canada The first games have dated back to the 12th century! That is 900 years ago! It was played to give thanks to the Creator. It was played by First Nations people with teams ranging from 100 people to 1,000 people. Games would last from sunup to sundown for two to three days.

  11. Soccer Clue: Where is Soccer player David Beckham from…

  12. England…but also Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Ancient Greek, Persian and Vikings. The Chinese played "football"  games date as far back as 3000 years ago. First Association was in England in 1893.

  13. Rugby Clue: Where would you find the Buckingham Palace?

  14. England In 1823 William Webb Ellis took the ball in his arms and ran with it. He was sick of the football (soccer) rules! The name of the school William went to was called Rugby School and was located in the town of Rugby, Warwickshire.

  15. Hockey Clue: This country hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010 and the Ice Hockey team from this country won…

  16. Canada From oral histories from the Mi’kmaq First Nation state that they played a hockey like game. The first indoor Ice Hockey game played in Canada was in 1875 in Montreal. There were other forms of hockey that were played in Ireland, England and Scotland too!

  17. Baseball Clue: Where would you find the City of London…

  18. England…but also… Romania where a baseball type game was played and Dates Back to 1364. Russia Also played a game with a bat and pitcher. But they say that the Baseball we play today is Similar to an English Game called “Rounders”

  19. Basketball Clue: The Capital of this country is Ottawa…

  20. Canada In 1891, gym teacher, James Naismith invented Basketball. The first game ever played had a score of 1 – 0!

  21. Golf Clue: If you go to this country you might find the Loch Ness Monster…

  22. Scotland The modern game dates back to the 12th century when shepherd would hit rocks into rabbit holes! There are also ties to the Roman Empire and China!

  23. Broomball Clue: Other sports from this country includes Lacrosse and Hockey…

  24. Canada Although some people say the game started in Saskatchewan, it seems that many provinces played variations of this sport… They say it started when people would use their brooms to clean the ice for curling!

  25. Great Job Everyone! As we have learned, the sports we play in Saskatchewan have come from all over the world!

  26. Popular Sports in Saskatchewan 1905 • Think back to 1905…what sports do you think were the most popular? • Hockey • Curling Why do you think this is? Is it something about our climate that make these sports different from the others?

  27. Group Activity! Rules: Answer for each picture: • As a group you have to work together to answer the questions… • As a class we will share our answers once we go through all the images and questions! • What sport do you think is being played? • One thing that is different. • One thing that is the same.

  28. Sport #1

  29. Sport #2

  30. Sport #3

  31. Sport #4

  32. Sport #5

  33. CURLING!

  34. RUGBY!



  37. HOCKEY!

  38. A pair of hockey skates • A bicycle • Soccer ball • Boxing gloves How much was…. As a group discuss how much the following items would cost in 1905 and how much they would cost today….

  39. 1905 Sports Equipment and Costs Hockey Skates with boots and blades - $5.75

  40. 1905 Sports Equipment and Costs Bicycle - $25.00 Soccer Ball - $2.25 Boxing Gloves - $6.00

  41. Today Sports Equipment and Costs Hockey Skates $39.99 - $400 and UP! Bicycle $49.99 - $699.99 and UP!

  42. Today Sports Equipment and Costs Soccer Ball $14.00 - $149.00 Boxing Gloves 19.98 - $89.99

  43. Compare… 1905Saskatchewan 2010Saskatchewan • Population • 91,279 • 16% of people lived in cities • 84% of the people lived on the farm • Transportation • 22 registered cars in ALL of Saskatchewan • Population • over a million • 64 % of people live in cities • 36% of people live on the farm • Transportation • 740, 554 people have cars

  44. Saskatchewan Sports in 1905 The End 