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Jennifer Volkman MPCA, Statewide HHW Coordinator 651-297-8357

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Jennifer Volkman MPCA, Statewide HHW Coordinator 651-297-8357 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Minnesota’s Household and Small Business Hazardous Waste Collection Infrastructure and Regulatory Structure. Jennifer Volkman MPCA, Statewide HHW Coordinator 651-297-8357 April 30, 2008 MN PPSI meeting. 1985: In the Beginning….

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Minnesota’s Household and Small Business Hazardous Waste Collection InfrastructureandRegulatory Structure

Jennifer Volkman

MPCA, Statewide HHW Coordinator

April 30, 2008 MN PPSI meeting

1985 in the beginning
1985: In the Beginning…
  • MPCA staffed collections with county support
  • Event collections only
  • Hazardous Waste Rules dictate program operational requirements

= LQG level of regulation

1988 regional and metro program development
1988: Regional and Metro Program Development
  • §116A.96 states MPCA may subcontract with public or private entities for collection activities
  • MPCA helps organize Regional Programs—14 regions today
  • §473.804 states 7 Metro Counties must establish their own programs by 1992
hhw program growth
HHW Program Growth
  • 1990
    • 14 Counties with collection opportunity
    • 5 Permanent Facilities
    • ~ 5,000 Households Served
  • 1994
    • 87 Counties with collection opportunity
    • 40 Permanent Facilities
    • ~ 80,000 Served
current infrastructure
Current Infrastructure
  • 87 Counties
  • 55+ facilities
  • ~250,000 participants/year
  • ~$12.7 million total program cost*
  • ~11,100,000 lbs/ 5550 tons collected (excluding electronics)
  • *includes $ for electronics management
event collection in mn
Event Collection in MN

~200-300 event collection days each year in MN

Majority are run by HHW Programs, with waste transported back to permanent site

Few combo HHW and business events

combo permanent and event map
Combo Permanent and Event MAP

Thank you to Jane Onorati, MPCA GIS Staff for the map!

metro hhw stream distribution chart
Metro HHW stream distribution chart





1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

Paints and solvents



Lab packs

Propane and other compressed gas cylinders

Other, includes electronics

Reprinted from 2006 Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board Re-TRAC™ Report

latex paint transportation and recycling
Latex Paint Transportation and Recycling
  • Latex paint is considered to be non-hazardous in MN
  • Transport by common carrier
  • Amazon Environmental, latex paint recycler located in MN
  • Currently all latex paint shipped from collection sites is transported by HW transporter to Amazon
oil based paint generation
Oil Based Paint Generation
  • All HW generated by households, once “collected” must be managed as HW

(MN Rules 7045.0320)

  • All HW generated by any sized business generator must be managed as HW per MN Rules Chapter 7045
  • Businesses generating less than 10 gallons per year are basically handled as household generators (no tracking or licensing in Greater MN)
oil based paint transportation and management
Oil Based Paint Transportation and Management
  • Transportation from businesses to collection sites by businesses under DOT MOT* regulations
  • Transportation from event sites by Program to permanent site, MN Rules
  • Transportation from collection sites to RCRA TSDF** by licensed HW transporter
  • Currently all oil based paint is shipped from collection site by HW transporter to fuel blender/burner

*Department of Transportation, Materials of Trade

**Resource Conservation and Recovery Act; Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facility (EPA terminology)

paint collection
Paint Collection
  • Latex only collection from businesses and households—no regulation by state or county
  • Latex and oil based collection from businesses and households is regulated in MN
  • VSQG* Consolidation Sites and HHW Collection facilities are regulated at RCRA LQG** level, per MN Rules (7045.0310, 7045.0320)

*Very Small Quantity Generator, equivalent to Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG)

** Large Quantity Generator

retail paint collection regulatory structure goals
Retail Paint CollectionRegulatory Structure Goals
  • Preventative, protect the environment, employees and public
  • Less stringent than existing MN rules
    • Paint only
    • Limited quantities
    • Knowledgeable staff
  • Transferable to other States
  • Consistent with DOT and Fire code
general level of regulation for licensed oil based paint consolidation sites lopcs
General Level of Regulation for“Licensed Oil-based Paint Consolidation Sites” (LOPCS)
  • Equivalent to RCRA Small Quantity Generator level of regulation
  • Licensed by MPCA or Metro County
  • Initial employee training (HW, DOT, OSHA)
  • Post emergency contacts
  • Container inspections
  • Recordkeeping
  • DRAFT! is under review