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Subject Selection Online

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Subject Selection Online

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Subject Selection Online

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  1. Subject Selection Online

  2. Subject Selection Online SSO 2020 - Access You can use the link from . Go to Programs, Subject Selection Information and then select the SSO Icon. Or via which was provided on the Subject Selection Process letter distributed 11th June 2019. SSO opens Friday 14thJune and closes Tuesday 2nd July 2019. Please do not use Internet Explorer when logging in to SSO. Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your internet browser.

  3. Welcome Page Allows you to select the Pathway your student will be taking – ATAR/General/Certificate course or the VET Connect program. If selecting the VET Connect Pathway you will be requested to complete the Application documentation and submit to the VET Manager Ms Simich. Please email the VET Manager at: or contact Melinda Simich on 9314 9392 to make an appointment to discuss further.

  4. Tertiary Pathway and Possible Career Choices Provides counsellors necessary information to guide students choices.

  5. ATAR/General/Certificates Itemises acceptable combinations relating to Course Selections – Global Rules will appear at the bottom of the screen to help guide you and will disappear once you have met the rule.

  6. ATAR/General/CertificatesCourse Selections Green squares indicate courses are available for selecting. Orange squares indicate your student has not met the pre requisites required for this subject. An override can be requested by clicking on the orange question mark and writing a reason for requesting an override for this subject. You can then see your request has been submitted. If overrides have been requested you will need to make a Counselling appointment where these requested overrides will be considered by a Course Counsellor in conjunction with parents and students.

  7. Override Request will require a Counselling Session in order to progress further At the Counselling Session your subject override request will be considered with available data. The subject selection process will be able to be completed with your Counsellor at this meeting – The form will be printed, signed by parents and a copy given to your Counsellor, and one kept by the student.

  8. Selections Completed Once you have selected your six courses and four reserves in preference number order you can move onto next section.

  9. Book Counsellor Appointment You can now book an appointment to see a counsellor if you wish to discuss your selections. If you do not require an appointment move onto the Next Section.

  10. Student Confirmation Confirmation ensuring your student knows their responsibilities relating to their course selections.

  11. Selection Report Requesting Selections Report to be printed and signed by parents. You can download report or send to your email address.

  12. Further information Should you wish to enquire further, please contact: Jenny Casserly on 9314 9323 or: Email: Jenny.Casserly Should you have issues with SSO software please contact the following: Jo Rich: Kerry Date: