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Nixon Agonistes

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Nixon Agonistes. Focus Question:. When, if ever, should a president be impeached?. Richard M. Nixon. Hard-nosed politician Highly suspicious of others Earned a reputation as a staunch anti-Communist. Nixon’s Political Career. Elected to Congress as a Red-Baiter Leading member of HUAC

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Presentation Transcript
focus question
Focus Question:

When, if ever, should a president be impeached?

richard m nixon
Richard M. Nixon

Hard-nosed politician

Highly suspicious of others

Earned a reputation as a staunch anti-Communist

nixon s political career
Nixon’s Political Career
  • Elected to Congress as a Red-Baiter
    • Leading member of HUAC
    • Led investigation of Alger Hiss
  • Served as Eisenhower’s Vice-President
  • Narrowly lost to Kennedy in 1960
  • Lost California governor’s race in 1962
    • “Retired from politics”
election of 1968
Election of 1968

Democrats in disarray

Race riots throughout American cities

Stalemate in Vietnam

The Republicans campaigned as the Law and Order Party

“Secret Plan to end the war in Vietnam”

nixon s first term
Nixon’s First Term
  • Governed as a moderate
    • Expanded Social Security
    • Expanded “Affirmative Action” policies
    • Established federal protection agencies
      • OHSA
      • Environmental Protection Agency
      • Established price controls
utilized detente
Utilized Detente
  • Nixon negotiated with the Soviets and China
    • Pushed strategic arms limitations
    • Used talks to forge links
  • Practiced “Vietnamization”
    • Turned war in Vietnam over to the Vietnamese
southern strategy
“Southern Strategy”
  • Adopted a cynical political policy
  • Pry white conservatives from the Democratic Party
    • Appoint conservative judges
    • Promote grassroots political organizations
    • Weaken enforcement of various Civil Rights policies
election of 1972
Election of 1972
  • Democrats imploded
    • Leading candidate had to pull out
    • First Vice-Presidential nominee had to remove himself
  • War in Vietnam winding


  • However Nixon laid the seeds of his downfall
watergate break in
Watergate Break-In
  • Attempted break-in of the Democratic National Headquarters in Washington DC
    • Five burglars “White House Plumbers” attempted to bug the Democrats
    • All five were employed by CREEP
    • Story pursued by the Washington Post
investigation cover up
Investigation Cover-Up
  • Nixon put up blocks on any official investigation
    • Similar actions carried out by the Administration
    • “Dirty Tricks” approach to politics
patterns discovered
Patterns Discovered
  • Secret tapes revealed
    • Nixon refused to honor a Senate subpoena
    • “Saturday Night Massacre” October 20, 1973
  • United States v. Nixon
    • Tapes revealed to have massive gaps
    • One did have him order a cover-up

The House drew up three articles of impeachment

Senior advisers informed Nixon

he would be removed

from office

Nixon resigned, August 8, 1974

impact on the u s
Impact on the U.S.

Increased distrust of the national government

Deepening sense of the Southern Strategy

Democratic Party maintained a false sense of popular support


Identify the main charge against the President

Why would this charge be seen as intolerable to Congress and the people?

Select three passages which stand out.

Identify two questions which may arise from this article