leprosy a living death n.
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Leprosy : A living Death

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Leprosy : A living Death - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leprosy : A living Death. By Marisela Esparza. http://www.risingstaroutreach.org/images/India191.jpg. What are names for Leprosy?. Hansen’s Disease Mycobacterium laprae c. A living death d. Tuberculosis e.only a & b. Origens. First records In Egypt around 600 B.C

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Leprosy : A living Death

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leprosy a living death
Leprosy : A living Death

By Marisela Esparza


what are names for leprosy

What are names for Leprosy?

Hansen’s Disease

Mycobacterium laprae

c. A living death

d. Tuberculosis

e.only a & b

  • First records In Egypt around 600 B.C
  • Everywhere in the Bible
  • Alexander the Great in rome 62. B.C
  • Middle Ages
  • Present

Also called Hansen’s Disease in 1869 he discovered it was a bacteria and not hereditary as most people thought

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFp0z3ml154 :36-1:10

what is it
What is it?
  • Mycobacterium leprae
  • Chronic infectious disease that affects the skin and peripheral nervous system and the mucous membranes
  • Progressive


unsolved mystery
Unsolved Mystery
  • Transmission?
  • Where it occurs the most?
  • Who is most susceptible?
  • WHY?
Contact with armadillos increases the risk of leprosy in Brazil: A case control study.(Original Article)(Case study).
  • Case study : armadillo contact causes leprosy in people?
  • 506 leprosy patients 594 controls
  • 68% of people contracted leprosy after exposure
  • What other contacts can lead to leprosy
  • Naturally occurring bacteria in the soil
  • Isolation
  • Injecting Chaulmoogra oil
  • Antibiotic Dapsone
  • MDT
  • India accounts for 73% of all leprosy cases
  • Most occurring leprosy cases in India, Brazil, Burma, Indonesia, Nepal, Madagascar, Etheopia, Mozambique, D. R. of Congo, and Tanzania.
  • Few cases in U.S: California, Louisiana,Florida, and Hawaii.
  • 1.2 million cases worldwide
  • Every year 600,000 more cases
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFp0z3ml154 :36-1:10

Short answer question:

Explain Leprosy. What it is caused by, and what does it affect in a person’s body

Leprosy is a bacteria that is transmitted through the respratory tract. It affects the peripheral nervous system and mucous membranes causing loss of sensation and progressive degeneration of the skin and body.

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