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Rich Seymore Account Technology Specialist Education Microsoft Corporation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rich Seymore Account Technology Specialist Education Microsoft Corporation. Where to look!. Windows 7 site Technet Windows 7 site Windows 7 News

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Presentation Transcript
Rich seymore account technology specialist education microsoft corporation

Rich Seymore

Account Technology Specialist


Microsoft Corporation

Where to look
Where to look!

  • Windows 7 site

  • Technet Windows 7 site

  • Windows 7 News

New os features
New OS Features

  • User Interface

    • Libraries

    • Windows Explorer

    • Taskbar & Custom Switchers

    • Jumplists

    • Sticky Notes

    • Calculator

  • Troubleshooting Platform

    • Problem Steps Recorder – PSR

  • Federated Search

  • Device Control

  • Remote Access for all: DirectAccess

  • Data Protection: BitLocker & BitLocker-To-Go

Rich pivots over files from mu l tiple locations


Rich pivots over files from multiple locations

Windows explorer
Windows Explorer

Arrangement Views

Powerful Instant Search

Federated Search


Easy Previews


Rich Metadata

Taskbar custom switchers
Taskbar Custom Switchers

  • Surface custom UI (e.g. TDI/MDI)

  • Custom thumbnails for each window

  • Appears in your program’s window list

Taskbar thumbnail toolbars
Taskbar Thumbnail Toolbars

Remote-control for a window

Taskbar visual feedback
Taskbar Visual Feedback

Taskbar indicates progress

(Progress Bar)

Notifications appear over program icon

(Overlay Icons)

Taskbar jumplists
Taskbar JumpLists

  • Mini Start Menu for your program

  • Surface key destinations and tasks

Windows scenic ribbon
Windows Scenic Ribbon

  • In-box with Windows 7, redistribution available to Vista

  • Win32 API, COM-based (Wordpad, Paint, etc..)

  • Feature parity (or close) with Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon

Application Menu



Contextual Tab Set

Quick Access Toolbar

Contextual Tab

Dialog Launcher

Group (aka “Chunk”)

Device control local printer default
Device ControlLocal Printer default

Consistent experience across providers

Federated Search

Consistent experience across providers

Make your own connector
Make your own connector

If the search provider supports OpenSearch standards then you can use the following code snippet

to built your search connector for that provider:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <OpenSearchDescriptionxmlns="" xmlns:ms-ose=""> <ShortName>Name of the Provider</ShortName> <Description>Description of the provider</Description> <Url type="application/rss+xml" template="Valid RSS link to search results”/> <Url type="text/html" template="Valid RSS link to search results"/> </OpenSearchDescription>

You can also make your own search provider for any website even if it doesn’t support OpenSearch standards by using Live Search. Here is the piece of code which i used to make a Wikipedia search connector for Federated Search in Windows 7.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <OpenSearchDescriptionxmlns="" xmlns:ms-ose=""> <ShortName>Wikipedia</ShortName> <Description>OpenSearch for Wikipediavia Windows 7 Search Federation.</Description> <Url type="application/rss+xml" template="{searchTerms};count=50&amp;format=rss"/> </OpenSearchDescription>

Simply copy/paste the above code in a notepad file and replace the text in Bold(Red) and save it as .osdxfile extension so that Windows 7 can recognize it as a valid Federated Search Connector file.