perseus and and andromeda l.
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Perseus and and Andromeda PowerPoint Presentation
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Perseus and and Andromeda

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Perseus and and Andromeda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Perseus and and Andromeda. Examine the painting carefully. Composition. Depth. Colours. Composition.

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Perseus and and Andromeda

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perseus and and andromeda

Perseus and and Andromeda

Examine the painting carefully


Two figures form a triangle, the apex is Andromeda’s head, the other two angles enclosing the dead monster to the left and the head of the Medusa to the right. The figures, together with the monster and carefully rendered rocks, stand out against an indistinct background


The hero and the princess are in sharp focus against the background, and with this and also the careful use of highlighting and shading, the artist has achieved a naturalistic effect

  • The play of light and shadow in the drapery of Andromeda’s dress is accurately depicted
  • The musculature of Perseus’s body is emphasised, the treatment is sculptural

The most noticeable feature is the strong contrast between the flesh tones of the two figures. Andromeda’s skin is pale, while Perseus is suntanned. This reflects the Greek ideal of the virtuous woman (kept indoors, protected from danger and temptation); the hero, naturally, leads a full and vigorous outdoor existence