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Home Handyman Perth for Landlords - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Judd\'s Handyman Service is a home handyman Perth service that is not only efficient and competent but also experienced in giving you peace of mind as far as your rental maintenance services are concerned. Read More: http://juddshandyman.com.au/

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Home handyman perth for landlords


Home Handyman Perth for Landlords

If you have a real estate property in Perth and you live in a

different place, it would be extremely difficult to maintain your

property, especially when the lease has run out and the occupants

are vacating the place. You would need a reliable home

handyman Perth who would take care of the maintenance of the

property. There would be a need for a lot of running around or even

major repairs that a Perth handyman has to fix.

Having a second or third property in Perth is a good investment as

it would provide you with extra income in the form of rent. But as

lucrative as the idea is of an investment, maintaining a house that

is constantly being leased out can be a pain. Occupants moving in

and out of the house and using it as a temporary dwelling is bound

to cause disruptions to the existing structure. The disruptions may

be minor or major.

If you, as the landlord, are outside Perth, it would be doubly

difficult to take out time from your regular life to oversee the

maintenance operations in your investment. There are going to be

regular requirements for getting the house painted, the tiles fixed,

the windows repaired or even the gutters and drainage cleaned.

Doing it yourself may not be such a good idea as you may have to

spend precious time looking for a plumber, electrician, mason, etc.

to do the odd fix-up jobs.

A better idea for you would be to hire a handyman in Perth who

would be able to do all this for you at a reasonable fee. On your call,

a handyman Perth would visit your premises and check out the

Home handyman perth for landlords

structure totally and advise you as to what all is the task on hand.

If your occupants are vacating the premises, you can send over the

handyman to estimate the extent of damage and the amount of

money that has to be spent on correcting the damage. You can

then demand this money from the occupants or deduct it from their

security deposit as your terms may be.

This way, you can not only keep your premises in proper shape but

also minimise the extent of your loss due to the wear and tear that

occurs when occupants typically cause some damages to the house.

Also, this would see to it that your house gets a good rent always

as tenants are always willing to pay that little extra when the house

is in a good condition.

A handyman Perth WA is almost a must for you, if you are a

landlord based outside WA. Even if you are in WA, having

handyman services at your call would eliminate wastage of time

that would occur, if you would have to personally supervise

maintaining your house. Judd's Handyman Service is a one-stop

shop when it comes to any kind of fix-up services like plumbing,

tiling, window and door repairs, painting and such other odd jobs.

Our reliable and trustworthy services would allow you the

convenience of being able to look after your rental premises

without having to personally visit them.

Judd's Handyman Service is a home handyman Perth service that

is not only efficient and competent but also experienced in giving

you peace of mind as far as your rental maintenance services are

concerned. Just visit http://juddshandyman.com.au to know more

about how we can help you.