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NeLH Development : NeLH Development: content, technology, services

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NeLH Development : NeLH Development: content, technology, services. Colin Gordon Head of Development, NeLH Ian McKinnell Knowledge Manager, NeLH. What is ‘development’. 2 connected themes content development [e.g. pathways database] technical development [e.g. VBLs toolkit]

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nelh development nelh development content technology services

NeLH Development :NeLH Development: content, technology, services

Colin Gordon

Head of Development, NeLH

Ian McKinnell

Knowledge Manager, NeLH

what is development
What is ‘development’
  • 2 connected themes
    • content development [e.g. pathways database]
    • technical development [e.g. VBLs toolkit]
  • inter-working with 3 other teams
    • communications and communities [e.g. CoPs]
    • service delivery [technical; content buy-in]
    • administration [staffing and contracting]
  • 1.5 FTE now scheduled to grow to 4-5
content development know how collections
Content development / know-how collections
  • NSF zones and supporting content on modernisation, improvement, quality
  • Guidelines
  • Care Pathways
  • Audit : CLIP database; NICE ebook special commissioned resources - Diabetes
nsf zones
NSF Zones
  • Quality and quantity - NSFs on the kitchen scales
  • 2001 - NeLH created CHD NSF zone and produced web editions of CHD and Diabetes NSFs
  • now - creating web resources for Cancer and Mental Health NSFs
  • in 2002/3 - 1 zone established for each NSF
guidelines database 1
Guidelines database (1)
  • 7 national guidelines currently being uploaded:
    • RCOG - 4 guidelines including NICE induction of labour
    • RCN - acute pain in children
    • CSP - 2 physiotherapy guidelines
  • Uploading shortly: 4 NICE diabetes guidelines (660 pages of text)
  • Due to add in 2002-3 : 13 other new NICE guidelines
guidelines database 2
Guidelines database (2)
  • Contract issued to create searchable national guidelines index
  • support for NICE guidelines authoring
  • SIGN interested in contributing content and sharing technology
  • Contract with CSW Ltd to internalise XML search technology on NeLH site
care pathways database
Care Pathways Database
  • Restyled database access
  • 200+ pathways from 200+ sites; 81K visits to date
  • New contract with Royal College of Nursing
  • subcontracts to upload local content, create CoP resources
  • dialogue with Workforce Modenisation work on protocols
  • inputs from NHS Scotland and BUPA
  • mapping to RCN classifications
  • study of XML web formats
  • discussions to involve national modernisation stakeholders more closely in governance of this resource
new strands of activity 1
New strands of activity 1
  • Unified Medicines Information Resources
    • Commission following report from Pharmaceutical Press, Dec 2002
    • BNF, Clinical Evidence, Drugs Information Zone and others
    • single portal and index to NHS medicine knowledge
    • pilot due May 2002
new strands of activity 2
New strands of activity 2
  • Working with VBLs: tools and interoperability
  • more flexible common tools
  • migration to single content platform
  • working with VBLs on single content model - with Ann Brice, Communications Team
  • delivering core resources to VBLs and portals
  • VBLs budget levy for shared technical development
new strands of activity 3
New strands of activity 3
  • ‘push services’ for NeLH users (with Phil Vaughan, Service Delivery Team)
  • users register and identify needs and interests
  • users receive periodic and event-driven news feeds (e.g. medicines alerts)
new strands of activity 4
New strands of activity 4
  • NeLH and the Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinics Project
  • - separate project in NHSIA-KM
  • - commisioned by NHSIA for CHD NSF and Information Strategy (Anne Fletcher, Simon Pearson)
  • - pilot for emebedding national knowledge in EPRs
  • - 5 pilots reporting June 2002
technical strategy development
Technical strategy development
  • Content Management in the NeLH Programme
  • option 1: OJEC, specify and buy a service
  • option 2: specify and progressively develop using neLH team and third party tools, skills
  • Team awayday review recommended option 2...
content management in nelh what is involved
Content Management in NeLH: what is involved?
  • 4 essential functions: authoring - workflow - storage - presentation
  • key techniques and services: metadata, indexing, tagging; joined-up search and navigation
  • linking 3 interoperable domains: NeLH central - vbls/communities - 3rd party content (CL, CE*, BNF)
  • content bridges with NHSDOL,, DoH
  • [ *Clinical Evidence benefits realization project]
content management and search some issues
Content management and search - some issues
  • NeLH resources contain multiple indexes and local search functions - how should they connect?
  • delivering full text site search capability - asap
  • defining a quality search service - sensitivity, specificity, granularity
  • evaluation and usability testing
  • scoping what we can afford to do this year
proposals to nhsia new initiatives fund
Proposals to NHSIA New Initiatives Fund
  • 1. ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ project - medicines knowledge to enable safe, effective medication. [with BNF, UKMI et al]
  • 2. ‘Smart pathways’ project. XML care pathways formats for linkage to EPR [with RCN et al]
  • 3. ‘Smart content management’ - making adequate preparations for the NeLH programme [with NHSDOL et al]