Anabolic Steroids
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Can you name any illegal drugs? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Anabolic Steroids. Solvents. Cocaine. Ecstasy. Tranquillisers. Speed. Can you name any illegal drugs?. Heroin. Poppers. LSD. Cannabis. Crack. Magic mushrooms. How is it taken& what does it look like? What does each drug do? and What are the side effects?.

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Can you name any illegal drugs

Anabolic Steroids






Can you name any illegal drugs?






Magic mushrooms

How is it taken what does it look like what does each drug do and what are the side effects
How is it taken& what does it look like?What does each drug do?and What are the side effects?

Cannabis grass blow weed spliff ganja dope hash
Cannabisgrass, blow, weed, spliff, ganja, dope, hash

  • Smoked (joint)

  • Eaten

  • Makes you relaxed and more friendly.

  • Giggly and chatty.

  • Paranoia (makes you think people are talking about you)

  • Panicky and anxious

  • Makes you confused and more likely to have accidents

  • Blood shot eyes

  • Dry mouth

  • Hungry and tired

  • Dizzy and sick, especially when mixed with alcohol

  • Like tobacco, causes bronchitis and lung cancer

Can you name any illegal drugs


Gas, glue and aerosols

  • Fumes are sniffed, sprayed in the mouth

  • Feels like you are drunk

  • Can give you a high and make you laugh

  • Some people see things that aren’t really there.

  • Feel dizzy, sick or drowsy

  • Lose control of balance

  • Sniffing by putting a plastic bag on your head can cause suffocation

  • Passing out and choking on vomit

  • Mixing with alcohol is very dangerous

  • Sniffing or spraying can cause instant death!

  • 2 young people die a week

  • It’s illegal to sell to under 18

Ecstacy e pills mitsibushis rolexes
EcstacyE, pills, mitsibushis, rolexes

  • Tablets, different shapes and colours

  • Swallowed

  • Gives you energy

  • Feelings of closeness and love

  • The energy buss is usually followed by a feeling of calm

  • Panicky and frightened feelings

  • Feeling ‘spaced out’ which is when accidents can happen

  • Taking E and dancing for hours causes the body to over heat and dehydrate

  • People have died from taking 1 pill.

  • Tired but unable to sleep causing a ‘come down’ (low feeling in the days following taking drugs

  • Evidence supports that it causes depression and mental illness

Cocaine coke charlie snow c
CocaineCoke, charlie, snow, c

  • A white powder, bagged or in paper or cling film

  • Can be snorted through the nose, injected or rubbed in the mouth

  • Gives you confidence

  • Energy

  • Uptight and panicky

  • Feeling sick

  • Afterwards, feeling tired and depressed, upsets sleeping patterns

  • VERY addictive

  • Expencive

  • Cause heart problems

  • Damage inside of nose

  • Causes convulsions

Lsd trips acid tabs microdots
LSDtrips, acid, tabs, microdots

  • Small paper squares with a picture (tabs)

  • Licked or swallowed

  • See unusual shapes.

  • Colours brighter

  • Things speed up or slow down

  • These strange effects are known as a trip!

  • Once a trip has started it can’t be stopped

  • Hear strange voices

  • You may feel hot, sick or dizzy

  • A trip can last hours and if you have a bad trip it might make you feel panicky and afraid

  • After using LSD you may have flashbacks

  • Using LSD a lot can make you mentally ill

Can you name any illegal drugs

Discuss as a class…How much of a problem do you think drugs are among your peers, and what problems do you think occur because of drugs taken by teenagers?Do you think you have received enough education about drugs in your school so far?Do you think that cannabis should be a legal drug? Why?If any, which drugs among your age group do you think are used the most?Devise a questionnaire to research your age group, to find out the opinions on drugs in your area. The questions should asked so that you can get a yes/ no answer. This will make it easy to chart your results.