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SYSTEMS of CARE. COMMUNITY. ASSISTANCE. RESOURCES. EMPOWERMENT. Community Case Management. Case Management. Case management is a collaborative service that provides: Assessment Planning Facilitation Advocacy

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    2. Case Management Case management is a collaborative service that provides: Assessment Planning Facilitation Advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s holistic needs through communication and available resources to promote quality cost-effective outcomes.

    3. Referralsto Community Agencies 01/01/11 – 02/28/13 As of February 28, 2013 transitional case management staff have coordinated services with 27 community agencies. A total of 347 referrals have been made to these agencies.

    4. As of February 28, 2013 Health & Human Services Transitional Case Management staff, as well as varied community agencies, have coordinated and provided a total of 368 services for Crisis Care Clients.

    5. Physical client contacts refer to actual face-to-face contact with a CCC client. Agency transport refers to transports given to a CCC client by Transitional Case Management with a company vehicle for the purposes of getting to appointments, obtaining food, shelter, clothing, etc. Phone calls/emails made by Transitional Case Management to both the CCC client and community agencies on the clients behalf.

    6. Crisis Care Center/Community Case Management Accomplishments • 1,009 Identified Diversions from County Involuntary Mental Health Commitments • 1,641 Total Self or Community Referrals to the Crisis Care Center • 400 Total Individuals Referred to Transitional Case Management Services • 2,034 Total Contacts and Community Support Services for Transitional Case Management • 27 Total Community Collaborative Partnerships Developed • 347 Total Referrals to Community Collaborative Partners • 368 Total Coordinated Services Provided through Community Collaborative Partners As a result of this INTIAL Community Collaborative process of community networking, the conservative cost savings to the County is: $1,009,000.00 This is REALLY good, but it could be REALLY GREAT!

    7. TODAYS PROCESS Nursing Home 17 Ambulance 256 Crisis Care Center 243 Transitional Case Management Self 65 Family 196 Emergency Department 263 in 2012 2012 CCC Total Diversion Savings: $636,000 Transports to Emergency Department 1,973 Other 499 1,710 of this total only represents individuals going through the Pennington County Process. 402 were dismissed/dropped at the Main Hospital In 2012 CCC had 1,018 referrals of those, 636 were mental health diversions and of those diversions, 263 came from the ED. 1,308 In 2012 Friend 37 Area Law Enforcement 634 RC Regional Behavioral Health 3rd Floor Crisis Care 6 **Unknown 263 The Board of Commission’s original CCC Reserve’s goal is pivotal to the next step in realigning todays process into tomorrow’s successes. **Unknown due to not resulting in a petition

    8. TOMORROWS PLAN: A New Point of Entry Transitional Case Management Self Family Crisis Care Center Diversions to the Crisis Care Center and Transitional Case Management represents a cost savings to Pennington County, our Community, and Rapid City Regional Hospital WHILE changing lives and establishing long term effective solutions. Transport to Crisis Care Center • New CCC Location • New Sustainability Plan • Mobile Unit Discussion • Develop Diversion Team • Marketing Plan Other Friend RCRH ED/Behavioral Health Law Enforcement RCRH Behavioral Health focusing on the severely mentally ill requiring a higher level of care and longer in-patient services.

    9. Agencies Working Together • Motivational Interviewing • Effective Case Managers Creates • Changed Lives • Empowered Clients • Moving to the