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The Following Movie Has Been Approved For All Audiences By No One At All

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The Following Movie Has Been Approved For All Audiences By No One At All - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A. For Anyone Who Cares. All Material Is Inappropriate for Everyone. Intense Humor, Sexual Content, Language, Violence, Al Gore and George Bush Appearances. The Following Movie Has Been Approved For All Audiences By No One At All The Film Advertised Has Been Rated.

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For Anyone Who Cares

All Material Is Inappropriate for Everyone

Intense Humor, Sexual Content, Language, Violence,

Al Gore and George Bush Appearances

The Following Movie Has Been Approved For

All Audiences

By No One At All

The Film Advertised Has Been Rated

from the people who brought you the magic school bus cell parts
From The People Who Brought You

The Magic School Bus: Cell Parts

We Present To You

“The Most Horrifying and Suspenseful Movie Since Happy Feet”

-Richard Ebert(Not Really)


Al Gore


Good evening, I’m Al Gore. You may know me from being the former vice-president, Global Warming’s #1 enemy, inventor of the Internet, Nobel Prize winner, and/or the current ruler of the world.


Now, Global Warming is an increase in the world’s average temperature that can be quite dangerous. Especially to my friends in the north…


Unless Al Gore saves us, yes.

Mommy, are we going to die from global warming?


About that, if we don’t get something done about this, your home will be eliminated. The poles will be one of the first things to go. The rise in temperature will melt the icy surface forcing all of you elsewhere. Good luck.


Psst. Have that penguin eliminated for questioning me.

Yes sir. I’ll have him taken care of.


Wait a second. Are you the guy who’s been sneaking around my house and trying to look in my windows at me? And its blue.


Global warming is caused by multiple things, such as, pollution, burning of fossil fuels, and deforestation. All of these things bring about changes in the atmosphere that has morphed the air into containing harmfully high levels of Carbon dioxide and other harmfully high amounts of other gases. Check this out. It shows that the sun’s heat is being trapped inside our atmosphere because of the greenhouse gases.



As you can tell, the heat from the sun enters through the atmosphere and bounces off of Earth. It is then suppose to return back to space partially. However, the thickness of the air has caused much of earth’s heat to become entrapped inside our atmosphere. It has also been found that it is slightly warmer in the southern hemisphere. This is because there is a greater landmass in the northern half and water retains more heat than land.

Solar Heat


Ozone Layer


Now you may be wondering about the consequences. If we don’t fix the problem, sea levels will rise, the Arctic will shrink, we will see changes in weather patterns as well as catastrophic weather related events.


There are ways to stop this though. For one, we have to find alternative energy and limit our burning of fossil fuels. Also, stopping or limiting deforestation could help. With all these trees missing, much of the CO2 is not being removed. Another strategy recently discussed is the taxing of countries based on their CO2 emissions.


I think its actually around 1.8-5.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Oh and I have more friends than all of you. Back off Tila Tequila.


First of all, this is my presentation, and if I say the earth is on fire, it’s on fire!

Second, you’re bald and I’m better looking. Which brings me back to this…


My hotness level had caused the Earth to catch on fire. I mean seriously, look at this picture. I apologize, and decided to put on a few pounds to counter this effect.


As you can tell, we have flames extending from the earth in every direction, which I think might be causing some heat…


Excuse me, but isn’t it caused by solar heat being trapped inside the ozone layer by greenhouse gases?


Ummm that seems awfully complicating, I think we need to just stay the course and get some fire trucks to put out this big fire Mr. Einstein. Possibly invade Hawai'i, I hear they have a lot of water out there.


Anyway, you are probably right Mr. Einstein. That does seem like a more likely cause, however you do have to admit, I am quite sexy.


Due to the graphic events that follow, we have had to stop this movie where it is at, in order to maintain a respectable rating. Let’s just say what followed only made things hotter on earth. We ask you please enjoy the following picture of Al Gore instead.

special thanks to
Special Thanks To


Because without your greed, overuse of hairspray, & nonchalant attitude towards the world, there would be absolutely NO point in this video. We, being a relatively young species, have managed to screw up the world more than all other animals combined. Way to go humans!

Thank you.