Heasarc collaborations and interoperable services
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HEASARC Collaborations and Interoperable Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HEASARC Collaborations and Interoperable Services. Tom McGlynn. Summary. MAST access to HEASARC optical data SkyView The HEASARC in the VO. MAST access to Optical Data. Some missions have instruments in multiple wavebands. Need to ensure that all communities interested in data have access.

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  • MAST access to HEASARC optical data

  • SkyView

  • The HEASARC in the VO

Tom McGlynn

Mast access to optical data
MAST access to Optical Data

  • Some missions have instruments in multiple wavebands.

    • Need to ensure that all communities interested in data have access.

    • XMM, Swift, and possibly INTEGRAL.

    • EUVE precedent

  • XMM senior review and other reviews of HEASARC

    • Effort to provide access to XMM Optical monitor data initiated November 2005.

    • Data made available February 2006.


    • Delivers catalog data

    • Provides optical data in organized form

    • HEASARC continues to fully support all XMM data.

  • MAST

    • Downloads catalog updates and quicklook data

    • Links to HEASARC for lower level datasets.

  • Swift UVOT natural candidate for next mission.

    • Optical data already segregated. Should make access from MAST easier.

Tom McGlynn


  • Introduction

  • Usage statistics

  • SkyView in a Jar

    • demo

  • Plans

Tom McGlynn

Skyview introduction
SkyView Introduction

  • Single simple interface to generate images of the sky from survey datasets.

  • Handles resampling, rotations, coordinate transformations, rescaling, mosaicking.... All the geometric issues in getting an image.

  • Surveys from radio through the gamma-ray regime.

  • CGI and batch interfaces using IDL code-base

  • Re-engineered to use Java.

Tom McGlynn

Heasarc collaborations and interoperable services

SkyView surveys

Tom McGlynn

Skyview usage
SkyView usage

Tom McGlynn

Images generated

2MASS 280119

DSS 116364

NEAT 40586

ROSAT 35291

DSS2 15194

Radio 14897

IRAS 8623

EGRET 4351

EUVE 2078

H-Alpha 1842

UV 1562

SFD 1301

COBE 1155

HEAO 1 A2 933


SDSS 785

RXTE Slew 754

GRANAT/Integral 642

Comptel 523

Images generated

Jan 1-Mar 28, 2006

Tom McGlynn

Skyview in a jar

  • Users can immediately download and run the SkyView engine on their machine.

  • Access to essentially all surveys in the standard SkyView

  • Now has many capabilities not in the standard SkyView

    • better resamplers, image scaling, de-edgng, more catalogs, catalog filtering, more powerful gridding...)

  • Offloads processing burden from SkyView server machines.

  • Demo!

Tom McGlynn


  • Use of the VO to access data.

    • Standard protocol limits problems with data providers

    • Easy to add new surveys/catalogs/...

  • Distribution paradigm

    • Long-term maintenance of package

    • Easy incorporation of community enhancements.

  • Statistics

    • Likely to ‘lose’ large users who dominate request numbers.

      • May have started already.

    • Should we implant tracers?

Tom McGlynn

Skyview grant
SkyView Grant

  • 1 Year, $100K

  • Upgrade SkyView hardware

    • Currently most heavily loaded servers

  • Integration with HEASARC

  • HEALPix and WMAP

  • Standardized resampling libraries

  • Testing of re-visualization

  • Survey publication portal

Tom McGlynn


Enable SkyView to convert data between traditional pixel maps and HEALPix (used primarily in WMAP and other microwave background data)

Tom McGlynn

Revisualization example
Revisualization example

|name |ra |dec |type | bmag|log d|

PGC69263|22 35 58.3|+33 57 59|.SBS4P.| 13.92| 1.31|

PGC69260|22 35 56.7|+33 58 00|.E.2.P.| 14.33| 0.99|

PGC69256|22 35 51.9|+33 56 42| | 14.57| 1.10|

PGC69270|22 36 04.1|+33 56 52|.SAS7..| 13.23| 1.36|

PGC69269|22 36 03.5|+33 58 35|.SBS4P.| 14.11| 1.26|

PGC69279|22 36 20.3|+33 59 07|RSXS0..| 16.70| 0.86

Skyview as a survey publication portal
SkyView as a survey publication portal

  • Role in VO world...

  • Long term support for small to medium size survey datasets.

  • ~3-5 TB storage.

Tom McGlynn

The heasarc in the vo
The HEASARC in the VO.

  • What is the VO?

  • What is the HEASARC doing in the VO?

  • What does the HEASARC get out of the VO?

Tom McGlynn

What is the vo
What is the VO?

  • International collaboration of scientists and programmers for sharing data, services, and scientific expertise.

  • International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) has 16 members (see http://ivoa.net)

  • US effort, the National Virtual Observatory (NVO) primarily funded through NSF grant 2002-2007. Joint NASA/NSF AO anticipated Spring 2006 (see http://us-vo.org)

  • Defines standardized protocols, for data queries, and data interchange, provides references software implementations, forums for interchange of ideas and software, training, ...

    • Does not police archives or set policy

Tom McGlynn

Some key vo elements
Some Key VO Elements

  • Data protocols:

    • Standardized table format

    • ConeSearch and SkyNode protocols to access catalogs

    • Image (SIA) and Spectrum (SSA) protocols to access data.

  • Registry of astronomical resources

  • Software tools: DataScope, WESIX, WCSFixer, Aladin, VOPlot, VOStat, TOPCAT, ...

Tom McGlynn

Heasarc role

  • Member of the NVO team.

    • Funding through USRA with HEASARC forgoing office overhead (~1 FTE)

    • HEASARC contribution of time.

    • Lead in applications area.

    • Data discovery and multi-archive browsing tool

    • Summer school

  • Helped define VOTable standards and data access protocols

  • Leader in the implementation of VO standards.

Tom McGlynn

What do we get out of it
What do we get out of it.

  • HEASARC access to data.

  • New markets for HEASARC data

  • Integrated archive access to NASA/ground data.

  • Using HEASARC data in standardized tools.

  • Cross-pollination with other VO providers.

  • HEASARC leadership in the community.

Tom McGlynn

Vo protocols help us get data
VO Protocols help us get data

  • SkyView: New tools use SIA and Cone search to access remote archives and catalogs (SDSS, Galex, NED, ...)

    • Portable software distributes capability, VO standards distribute data.

  • Registry access for new Browse keyword search interface (for Vizier metadata)

  • Need to:

    • Provide SkyNode capabilities for Browse which will enable general cross-correlations and access to SDSS and GALEX catalogs

Tom McGlynn

New protocols enable new users to get to our data
New protocols enable new users to get to our data

  • HEASARC datasets are visible in many new venues:

    • Service registries at ST, CalTech, NCSA, UK

    • DataScope

    • Links from VOEvent services

  • A large fraction of registered VO queryable resources are at the HEASARC.

    • Leading the full implementation of VO access to our data.

    • Registries provide new ways to select interesting Browse tables.

  • Usage: > 10K catalog queries per day from VO sources (>40% of all Browse queries) but most of these are exploded from much smaller number of queries from DataScope and similar services.

  • Greater visibility of gamma-ray burst information through generalized VOEvent services

  • Need to:

    • Provide Image and Spectrum access to HEASARC archival data as well as SkyView surveys.

Tom McGlynn

Integrated access to nasa and ground archives
Integrated Access to NASA and ground archives

  • DataScope tool.

    • Provides answer to simple question of what data is available at a given point.

    • Summarizes image surveys, observations, objects known, ...

    • Links inside HEASARC, NED, MAST, SIMBAD, ADS

    • Ships data to VO enabled services: Aladin, MAST, VOStat, VOPlot

    • VO data/software broker

    • Usage ~900 req/month but each request checks hundreds of resources.

    • Need to:

      • Make clearer, more efficient and responsive

  • Some similar capabilities in VO registry search tools and applications like Aladin.

March 2006 through 3/27.

Tom McGlynn

Use of heasarc data in generic tools
Use of HEASARC data in generic tools

  • VO Registry Searches for HEASARC resources.

  • VO has built effective standards for astronomical data tables.

    • Aladin, VOPlot, VOStat, Mirage, VOStat, ... can all analyze HEASARC tables and query results.

    • TOPCAT demo.

  • Need to:

    • Make these capabilities visible to users

Tom McGlynn

Cross pollination

  • Browse keyword search interface inspired by efforts at NOAO.

    • Dynamic response to user entry (AJAX)

    • Database of words used in metadata

    • Use of VO registry

  • SkyView-in-a-Jar uses same delivery protocols as Aladin, VOPlot, TOPCAT

Tom McGlynn

Heasarc leadership in the vo
HEASARC Leadership in the VO

  • HEASARC is seen as one of the major sites in a key activity for the community

    • NASA leadership role

    • Decadal review

    • AAAC report lauding NVO and recommending further action

  • HEASARC leadership of NVO Summer School

  • Need to:

    • Parlay this into a significant role in NVO facility.

Tom McGlynn