Floodlights on over recreation ground
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Floodlights on Over Recreation Ground - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Floodlights on Over Recreation Ground. Floodlight Project Team. Parish Plan Recommendations 7.13. Over should develop a Local Sports Development Plan OCA should consider ways to increase the availability of outside facilities after daylight hours. Parish Council led Sports Development Group .

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Presentation Transcript
Floodlights on over recreation ground l.jpg

Floodlights on Over Recreation Ground

Floodlight Project Team

Parish plan recommendations 7 13 l.jpg
Parish Plan Recommendations 7.13

  • Over should develop a Local Sports Development Plan

  • OCA should consider ways to increase the availability of outside facilities after daylight hours

Parish council led sports development group l.jpg
Parish Council led Sports Development Group

  • Local Sports Development Plan

  • To co-ordinate the delivery of projects highlighted in the Plan

  • To consult with OCA, clubs and community

  • Set up working groups for project delivery

  • Reports to Parish Council

  • No budget

Parish plan achievements so far sports and recreation chapter 7 l.jpg
Parish Plan achievements so far Sports and recreation: Chapter 7

  • New AWS at Community Centre in use

  • Refurbishment of Pavilion on Green

  • New cricket square on Rec.

  • Drainage on Green financial arrangements agreed

  • Additional land - negotiations started

  • Feasibility Study for floodlights in draft

Feasibility study project team l.jpg
Feasibility Study Project Team

  • Core Group

    People with a track record of delivering village community projects

  • OCA and PC representation

  • User representation

  • Advisors

    Football Association and Highlights Ltd

Benefits l.jpg

  • Parish Council

  • Delivery of another Parish Plan project

  • OCA

  • Increased availability of outdoor facilities

  • Potential for provision of evening external events in line with existing licensing framework

  • Potential for increasing revenue streams

Benefits7 l.jpg

  • Over Sports FC

  • Can delay winter kick-offs to 3pm

  • Improved flexibility for mid week fixtures

  • Help achieve promotion ambitions

  • Retain players

  • Increase the number of home fixtures – Cambs Invitation Cup

Benefits8 l.jpg

  • Over Vets FC

  • Increased flexibility for fixture arrangements

  • Opportunity to extend community and charity fundraising activity

Benefits9 l.jpg

  • Cambs Football Association

  • Current under supply of floodlit pitches

  • Potential for Over to host County representative games

  • Over as a football “Centre of Excellence”?

Options l.jpg

  • Senior football pitch only

  • Senior football pitch and training area

  • Full lighting

Senior football pitch l.jpg
Senior Football Pitch

  • FA standards – category F

  • 6 masts – 4 at 15 metres high and 2 at 18 metres high

  • Cost £42,210 ex VAT

  • Power 38.21kw @12p/hr = £4.60/hr

  • Removable perimeter safety fence

    1 metre high c. £10,000

Add training lights l.jpg
Add Training lights

  • Lower standard of lighting

  • Protects Senior pitch from training use

  • Independent switching of lights

  • Cost £7,760 ex VAT

  • Power 12.74kw @ 12p/hr = £1.50/hr

Full lighting l.jpg
Full lighting

  • 2 additional 15 metre high columns

  • Provide for full matches to be played on Colts pitches

  • Provide for floodlit cricket (breaking new ground)

  • Independent switching of lights

  • Cost £14,775

  • Power 12.74kw @ 12p/hr = £1.50/hr

Electricity supply l.jpg
Electricity Supply

  • Community Centre at full capacity

  • Connect to grid. EON estimate £

    Running cost 12p/hr

  • Diesel Generator £12,000 ex Vat. Limited life. Maintenance and running costs extra. Security, safety and noise issues.

  • Renewable energy. Controversial, untested technology in this application, noisy.

Running costs l.jpg
Running costs

  • Electricity consumption 12p/hr

  • Biennial electrical testing (mandatory) £175 per year

  • Insurance (discretionary) £350 per year

  • Replacement lamps £750 (life of 2000 hrs – self cleaning)

  • Benchmark rental is £50 - £55 for football pitch hire.

Environmental issues l.jpg
Environmental Issues

  • Light pollution

  • Visual intrusion

  • Noise

Risks l.jpg

  • Under use or no use of facility

  • Lack of pro-active action by OCA and users to take advantage of new opportunities to increase use of floodlight facilities

Planning issues l.jpg
Planning issues

  • Light pollution

  • Dazzle traffic?

  • No protected trees removed

  • Noise

  • Complaints about proposal

  • Floodlighting Curfew

Financial model l.jpg
Financial Model

  • South Cambs District Council 45%

  • Other grant aiding bodies 45%

  • Community 10%

    (ie users fund-raising and their sponsors)

  • No funding from Parish Council or OCA anticipated unless stipulated as a condition of grant

  • Running costs, including maintenance, to be met by users through hire fees

Conclusions l.jpg

  • Feasible project

  • Expensive

  • Achievable subject to funding and Planning

  • Capable of staged implementation

  • Creates opportunity for new uses for the Rec.

  • Project team to become Implementation Team