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Welcome Back to School!

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Welcome Back to School! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Back to School!
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  1. Welcome Back to School! Miss Cheri First Grade Teacher El Morro Elementary School Room #23 A Great Place to Be!

  2. Contact Information • Cheri David • 8641 N. Pacific Coast Highway • 949-497-7780 • cdavid@lagunabeachschools.org

  3. Student Expectations • Behavior -El Morro students are expected to embrace the three components of our schools climate plan, Respect, Responsibility, and Kindness. • Homework- Comes home on Monday, is returned on Thursday. Nightly reading for 10 minutes is a minimum requirement and an important part of nightly homework. • Behavior Progress Reports- Comes home on Friday and needs to be signed and returned on Monday. • Class work- Thursday folders contain general school news and flyers, in addition to your child’s work for the week. Only return the papers with a teachers note attached.

  4. Parent Expectations • Parent’s responsibility-First grade is a year of extreme growth and children progress at different developmental rates, refrain from comparisons. Be supportive and encourage your child to do their best. • Homework procedures-Plan on sitting side by side with your child Monday-Wednesday for homework. The investment now will set the groundwork for the future. • Conference requirements-Parent Teacher Conferences are required for December 3rd-6th and as needed for March 20 and 21st.. These are minimum days for students. If concerns arise about your child, please contact me at school to talk, don’t wait until a concern becomes a problem. • Attendance- Tardiness is a disruption to the learning environment, see climate plan for consequences. Early out Wednesdays should be used for dentists/ doctors appointments etc. If your child is sick, kindly let them rest at home. • Request Volunteers-Parent communication and participation are an important part of creating partnerships in learning. Please enroll during BTS night. Room parents are my parent volunteer coordinators.

  5. Teacher Expectations • We are a community of learners that embrace and celebrate the differences and various cultures each student brings to our classroom. We strive to create a “safe-to-try” place to learn. • It is my belief that All children can learn. • Children don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. • My job is to share directly and indirectly that belief thereby setting expectations for success. • Discipline with Dignity • Individualized instruction. • Small reading groups • Progress reports

  6. Discipline Procedures • “Effective discipline does not come from the quick mastery of techniques or the implementation of a packages methods. Effective discipline comes from the heart and soul of the teacher.” Richard Curwin • Establish clear and specific guidelines for rules that are mutually agreed upon ,communicated and posted in the classroom. • Misbehaviors are greeted with specific consequences. • We start fresh everyday. • Use humor whenever possible and appropriate.

  7. Supplies • Supply lists were supplied with the Welcome letter, other lists available. • Supplies are communal and do not need to be marked with student names. • Please be sure to only bring the designated items, space in the desks are limited. • No toys or special fancy pencils please. .

  8. Special Events/Highlights • Great things that are going to happen during the school year! • Field Trips-In cooperation with Ranger Winter Bonin and Mrs. Goodman’s class. • Marine Institute • Crystal Cove State Park • Los Truncos Tidepools • Jog-a-thon Day • Science -On –The- Go • Imagination Machine • Colonial Days • Boo Blast

  9. Other Important Information • Our day begins at 7:55 • First Recess is 9:45 • Lunch is 11:30, Lunch tickets can be purchased in the main office or the District. • Absences need to be called in and reported each day the child is out. • Bus passes can be purchased at the district office and are mandatory. • See the Climate plan for the Dress Code. • Our day ends at 2:17 and students will be walked to the bus or pick-up area. Please do not come to the classroom.

  10. Let’s work together to have a great school year!