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Inglewood Middle School. April 12, 2011 PTSA meeting. Presentation Outline. Part 1: Reconfiguration – Why? Part 2: Guiding principles and process Part 3: Inglewood Middle School academic model Part 4: Next steps Questions? . Reconfiguration Mindset.

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Inglewood middle school

Inglewood Middle School

April 12, 2011

PTSA meeting

Presentation outline
Presentation Outline

  • Part 1: Reconfiguration – Why?

  • Part 2: Guiding principles and process

  • Part 3: Inglewood Middle School academic model

  • Part 4: Next steps

  • Questions?

Reconfiguration mindset
Reconfiguration Mindset

  • A school serving grades 6-8 is different than a school serving grades 7-9

    • Middle school should serve as a stepping stone for high school success

    • Middle school should find ways to personalize

    • Middle school should help students succeed personally

    • Academic success is critically important for all students

Reconfiguration process
Reconfiguration Process

  • Current LWSD junior high principals defined the LWSD Common Middle School Framework.

    • Defined common student experiences that are guaranteed

  • Inglewood Administration defined several parameters for Inglewood because of our unique situation

    • 360 student class to be broken into smaller groups

    • Health to be taught at 7th grade

    • Core content time present in 6th grade was to be preserved.

  • Inglewood process
    Inglewood Process

    • Building Community Leader (BCL) team developed:

      • LEAP Plan – Wednesday meeting Plan

      • Reconfiguration Decision Making Model

      • Academic Models, bell schedules, and personalization models to be presented at large group meetings and voted on

    Wow this is complex
    Wow! - This is complex

    • Eat the elephant one bite at a time

      • Academic Model

      • Bell schedule

      • Personalization strategy

    Decision making model
    Decision Making Model

    • Building Community Leaders (elected by staff) developed a new “Reconfiguration Decision Making Model”

    • Important parameters:

      • Had to make decisions quickly and efficiently

      • Had to be inclusive of elementary teachers that wanted to participate

    Reconfiguration decision making model
    Reconfiguration Decision Making Model

    • Ratio of 2/3 Inglewood and 1/3 Elementary of whomever wanted to vote

    • Could be 4th grade or 9th grade teachers if they want/have a vested interest at IMS

    Part 2

    Specific examples of schedules for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders that show how you are meeting the agreements defined in our Common District 6-8 Middle School Framework

    Part 2

    Bell schedule info
    Bell Schedule Info

    • Personalization is NOT yet included

    • 4 minute passing periods

    • 266 minutes average minutes per class per week

    • Schedule is similar to current IJH schedule

    • Includes upside-down days

    6 th grade
    6th Grade

    • Incoming group will be roughly 360 students

    • Broken into three groups of 120 students in separate houses, or teams.

    • 4 teachers within each house.

    • Students will see 2-3 of the teachers

    • Language Arts and Social Studies taught by one teacher (Blocked)

    • Science and Math Taught by one teacher (Blocked)

    6 th grade student perspective
    6th grade Student Perspective

    • LA/SS Block (One Teacher)

    • Math/Science Block (One Teacher)

    • Enrich and intervene taught by teacher with house/team structure

    • Students move as a group within core content classes

    • PE, Elective Exploration, and Enrich and Intervene will mix student grouping

    Pe cue

    • Year-long class

    • Students experience a 4 week rotation

      • PE – Elective – PE – Elective – PE – Elective – PE – Elective

    • Intro to electives

    • Cue is largely undefined

    Core enrichment
    Core Enrichment

    • Flexible

    • Taught by the teachers within the 6th grade house

    • Directly related to the core content being taught

    • Allows for Interventions

    7 th grade
    7th grade

    8 th grade
    8th grade

    How inglewood s school structures and schedules reflect our middle school belief statements

    How Inglewood’s school structures and schedules reflect our Middle School Belief Statements

    Part 3

    Inglewood believes that alignment with the current belief statements does not come from bell schedules or from academic models. Alignment to these beliefs comes from a deep seated desire of the leadership team and staff members to guarantee middle school student success through supportive activities and interventions.

    What our structures do
    What our structures do… our Middle School Belief Statements

    • Transitions students from their elementary experience to their high school experience

    • Keeps the number of teachers seen by 6th grade students very low

    • Allows for 6th grade to enjoy the benefits of flexible scheduling

    • Encourages teacher teaming around students at the 6th grade level

    • Provides common prep time for 6th grade teams

    • Provides a 7th and 8th grade experience that is very similar to the high school experience students will have.

    Questions answers 10 minutes
    Questions & Answers – 10 minutes our Middle School Belief Statements

    • Clarifying questions

    • Wows and Wonders